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Say A Prayer But Let The Good Times Roll

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JJ-1 Pete-0

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"AANSAAA YA DAYUM PHONE!" a high pitched nasaly voice yelled at me. That means one thing, my celli. I rolled over out of my spot. "AANSAA YA DAYUM PHONE!" shhh I hear you!
"Ello?" I stuttered out still trying to wake up
"HEY MAAIIING! WHAT ARE YOU DOOIN?!??" the chipper voice of Kandi sang on the other line
"Uhh gettin ma dick sucked what are you dooin maing?'
"Pshhh lucky"
"Oh chickie I got bad news, Im sleeping with your lover boy."
"OH EM GEE YOU SLUT!!!" she squqealed in a preppy voice then giggled
"I know I love you too but its all his fault he didnt have my room togather by the time I got here" next thing I know I get whomped with a large pillow and it knocked me off the bed. "OOOWWWWAAAHHH!" I held my head for a minute then saw Pete grinning innocently. "Hold on a minute"

I was having a regulular convo with JJ when all of a sudden I heard. "PETER LEWIS!!!!" "JAMIE ANN!" "YOU ASSHOLE!" smack "OWWAH!" THUD! OW NO NO NO!! PETE YOU TURD BURGERLER!! NOOOOOOWAAAH!" "Turd Burgerler what the hell?" giggling, crash, JJ screaming,"ha ha ha that will teach you next time smart ass!"

After I beat the crap outta Pete, the door bell wrang. It must be the boys they know Im here. I missed then two nut cases so much. "Petey Pie you better go get that" He walked twords the door turned around and gave me one last look of defete and walked down the stairs. OH SHIT!! I ran back to the phone and picked up. Kandi was laughin hysterically and long with another framilar laugh
"Well he listen Imma have to call you when things settle down.
"JJ its the Wentz house hold things never settle down."
"True that " I let out a small laugh "Oh well bye loves Ill call later I swear!"
"Bye" the there was a dial tone.I set my phone down and walked to the bathroom.Lauren walked out the same time I walked in and shook her head at me. I just let it go brushed my hair and attempted to look prestenable. I was at the top of the stairs when I heard Pete say something that tagged my interest."yeah she's kinda of a non-sociable weirdo and only comes down after midnight to eat. That asshole! I walked down stairs as usual and I was caught of guard by one of the cutest guys Ive ever seen. there he stood 5'4 reddish blond hair stickin out of his truckers hat, bright and heautiful green eyes that where cover by thick black framed glasses, he was wearing girl jeans a flannel shirt and a denim jacket, and a smile that truned my insides to jello and make then jiggle. I regained my compsure walked right up to him and stuck my hand out took his and shook it.
"Hi im the non-socialbe wierdo that only comes out after midnight to eat" I smiled sweetly"But you can call me JJ"
He looked taken aback but then shook my hand back "I uhh Im Patrick, Just Patrick nuthing else"
This ncounter gained a roar of laughter from everyone in the living room. I walked out into the kitchen just as I got into the archway of the kitchen I turned around and smiled sarcasticlty "Oh by the way Peter Its not nice to lie didnt your mother ever tell you that" eveveryone just looked at me quizzicly
"What do you mean?" Pete asked somewhat lost and confused
I continued on out into the kitchen"The beast huh?" I said loud enough for everyone to hear. "Sweet pie I may have been asleep but Im not deaf you know" I finshed pouring my coffe and when I truned around everyone was in the kitchen doubled over laghin like a pack of hyeena's. Pete looked so pissed/ emmbaressed. I walked over to teh table set my coffe down and turned to look at Pete.
"Whatcha gonna do? release the beast one me?" I said in a mocking tone of voice.
"NO even better." He said smiling mischeiviously walkin twords me. Oh no Oh NO!. The he pcked me up and slung me over his shoulder makin a gruntin noise as headed for the back door.
"on no no my dear I think not." he stated cooly while chucking

Patrick POV
I watched Pete carry JJ outside. Gawd JJ was so beautifull, there she stood at the end of the stairs I thaugh I was gonna fall face down and stutter like and asshole, she was 5'2 had shoulder lenght black hair in a messy bun, the left side of her lip was peirced she had a little stud there, deep hazel eyes I could seriously get lost in, and the perfect curvatuois hour glass figure. If heaven had a face it would be hers. Oh shit! I gotta stop thinking like this. She problly with Pete. Hes bragged so much about her. She seems like his Type to. Oh well. Hmm I wonder what hes gonna do to her.I herd JJ scream every obscene word you could think of. I looked and Andy, Joe and Lauren who where just shooton the shit and talkin as if nothin happened. I spoke up
"Hey are they umm togather?
Andy and Joe looked at eachother then at Lauren and laughed at me. What? I dont see whats so funny its was just a question. the Lauren got up off the chair and walked twond the couch I was sitting on and sat on the arm of it and patted my head.
"Patty boy, you havent been around long enough but you soon learn, this is normal them two are married yet they just dont know it."she shook my head and walked back to her chair and presumned her convorsation. What the hell is that supposed to mean? Oh well. I heard the back door slam and Pete laughin hysterically. JJ's scent quickly filled the house. She must have gotten wet perfume usually amplifies when you get wet, but dot damn she smells so good.

Normal POV

After a fuckin loverly dip in the pool I took off like a bat out of hell after Pete. We where slippin on the hard wood floors. he fell face down. YES! heres my chance to get him. I picked up the speed and grabbed his ankles and pulled him closer to me, Pete squirmed and flaied his extemities the whole time. I was quick to sit on top of him pinning his arms down over his head grinning wickedly.
"Now Mr. Wentz say your sorry and Ill let you go"
"SAY IT OR IT WILL ONLY GET WORSE!" I applied more pressure to his wrists.
He did he what he was told and'Sorry"
"What are you sorry for?
He mumbled something I could'nt understand, SO I applied more pessure on his wrists
"IM SORRY FOR THROWNIG YOU IN THE POOL!" just then he had a look of desire and lust in his eyes This caught em off guuard,. hes never looked at me this way, ever, I let him go and I got up and ran over to the couch and flopped down on Andy and Joe who where in mid convorstion. The both let out and grunt and smiled as I got up hugged them both. The I saw Patrick so sweet, shy and quiet. I have to do it. I got of of Joe and Andy and ran twords him full force. He looked like a dear trapped in heed lights. I flopped on on top of him squealed. I KNOW IT ONLY BEEN FIVE MINUTES BUT I MISSEDED YOU TOO SWEET PEA!!" And I hugged him tightly and kissed him on teh cheek, got off of him and climbed the stairs in search of clean dry clothes. Then it was off to the U-HAUL trailor to unload all of me and Laureny stuff. Wich of course the boys where no help at all.
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