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Dark Valentines.

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Please just read it's not written by me it's written by my older sister Alexa and it's form her site but I have permission from her and my other sister to post all this stuff on ficwad.

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Dark Valentines.
By:Alexa Overy

There is a day that comes once a year

And each year,that day,i dread

For it was the day i lost my love

and "sorry" was all that was said

It happened on Febraury 14th

The day of boundless love

The day my boyfriend left me

and went to the heavens above

It was two years ago,around three

That my boyfriend knocked on my door

He said he had a surprise for me

I asked "is it roses?" he said "no,something more."

I grabbed my shoes and coat

and together we got in his car

we drove off down the street

but we didnt get very far

It seemed like it was all a dream

because when i opened my eyes

I no longer saw any roads

all i saw were dark grey skies

I looked aound,my boyfriend was bleeding

I felt as if i wanted to die

he didnt see me,yet his eyes were open

for he too was looking up at the sky

This all happened on Valentines day

In the hospital is where it was spent

I no longer know of true love

True pain is all valentines meant

Now you know why this day i truly dread

All i can ask is why

Why was our love ruined?

why am i left here to cry?
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