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[Ino/Kiba, one-shot] If you asked Ino why she was with Kiba, she would tell you about the sex.

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If you asked Ino why she was with Kiba, she would tell you about the sex.

How Kiba was warm, and enthusiastic, and playful, and completely willing to press his tongue into her body just where she wanted it, to lick and suck and bite when she needed it. How his hands were strong and fit nicely around the curve of her hip, her inner thigh. Maybe she would have told you about the slightly wild scent of the forest that was underneath the unfortunate smell of dogs clinging to Kiba's hair and skin.

She might have told you about sweating and straining and fucking without complications or formalities, on her knees in his bed while he bent over her, his panting loud in her ears and warm on the back of her neck.

She might have told you about that, if she wanted to make you blush.


What Ino wouldn't talk about, is the way it felt to have Kiba's complete and total attention. How he would react to her, to every little thing she did.

If she yelled at him, he would yell back. If she scolded him, he would fuss and scowl and make a scene. If she insulted him, he would engage in a ferocious battle of sharp tongues until one of them closed the other's mouth with a searing kiss, a nip of teeth against the chin and a head lowered in temporary submission. When she walked into a room, she felt his eyes narrow and lock onto her body, raking up and down, taking in the swell of her breasts against her shirt and the line of her legs up to her thighs.

She could see his nostrils flare and knew that he was picking up her scent, somewhere underneath the perfume and the stain of the flowers she had handled all day at the shop.

She liked the way his canines flashed when he discovered her arousal, the change in her scent when she looked at him.

She liked that he would tell her off when she was being bratty or bitchy, and maybe threaten her with a spanking, which wasn't much of a threat at all.

She doesn't talk about how powerful it makes her feel when his pulse quickens under her fingertips as she presses against him.


Ino won't tell you about the nightmares, where she sees Asuma's broken body, his blood on her hands, and how she pours chakra into him that isn't doing anything at all because Ino's useless, useless, useless and was never cut-out to be a medic-nin in the first place.

She won't tell you about how it felt to just watch her sensei die, right before her eyes, knowing that there wasn't anything she could do to keep it from happening, or how it scares her to see Shikamaru's eyes now, looking straight past her and Chouji and into some place where Asuma's ghost still exists.

Ino doesn't like to think about those nights she wakes up with her hands pressed close to her tear-stained cheeks, just so she can feel her body and know it hasn't faded away into nothingness.

She doesn't say a word about showing up on Kiba's front step at two in the morning, shaking and pushing her way into his sleepy but welcoming embrace.

He doesn't say a word about that either.

That's the real reason why Ino stays.



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