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The Meeting

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Elliot had never meet Toni, until she is 29 years old and walks in to SVU and confronts him. She is also a mother of a 5 year old. with Bf Nick Carter. How will Elliot take meeting his daughter for...

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(I own Toni Ann and her son Nickolas)

Toni walks in to the SVU (Toni is in a blue top and knee high black skirt, she was a cute blond with baby blue eyes.) Olivia says to Toni. " Can I help you?" Toni smiles at Olivia " yes Hi im looking for a Detective Elliot Stabler", Elliot stands up and walks over and holds out his hand. " That would be me how can I help you miss?" Toni looks at him for a good 5 mins not sure what to say or how to acted " Is their a way you and I can go some where to talk alone?" Elliot looks at Toni then to Olivia then says " sure fallow me.
Elliot Guides Toni to a room to speak alone " have a seat" Toni sits down when he sits down she says " Detective do u remember a Ms Smith?" Elliot looks at her unsure who she was or why she was asking him this " No why should I?" "Well Mr. Stabler Ms Smith happens to be my mother, until about a year ago I never knew who my father was. On her death bed she told me about you, She told me you and her where in the military together, when they found out she was pregnant and would not give up the name of my father they made her leave" Says Toni as she looks at Elliot. " Why should I care?" he asks starting to get a little worried.
Toni pulls out a photo of her mother and Elliot together 29 years before and says " Detective you're my father" Elliot jumps up and says " WHAT THE FUCK!" "there is no way I can be ur father, if that was true I would have known What is ur mothers first name?" asks Elliot as he stares at the young women. " Her name was Jasmine Smith" says Toni.
Elliot Passes back and forth as he starts to remember Jasmine tears ran down his face, he could not believe he was finding out he had a daughter 29 years after the time Jasmine and him made love. They had dated for one year even thought by the military's rules they could not let anyone know. " Your mother never told me she was pregnant" says Elliot as he sits down looking at his daughter " I know Detective, mom never told me who you where till last year right before she died but I was to up set to even come looking for u then, I had just gotten marred, and my son was doing sports and my husband he is a singer and we travel a lot"
Elliot smiles at Toni. " So your married?" ask Elliot. Toni smiles back at him " yes I am been married a year now, to the father of my son, my sons name is Nickolas his father is Nick Carter, who happens to be a Backstreet boys" Elliot give her a look " Your Marred a Backstreet boy?, my son-in-law is a Backstreet boys hahaha"
As Toni stands she looks at her father and says " Elliot, I would love for u to meet them why don't u come over for dinner tonight say about 7:30-8" "I would love to Toni and if u want u can call me dad." Says Elliot. "Ok dad, so ill see you around 8" They hug and Toni leave

(Up coming chapter Elliot tells the gang about Toni and also meets his Son-In-Law and Grandson. Sorry this chapter was so short but just came to me will work on more later. Hope u all enjoy. Toni)
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