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Rain and Fluff

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While 'joking' around Billie says something, that causes Tre hurt. A nice h/c with fluff story! SLASH!

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Billie sipped a little at his beer. He was sitting in his lounge watching television; though nothing good was on.
He tried to doze off but the rain, pattering against his roof, kept him awake.
"Billie, you need to get to bed." Tre said, appearing in front of the T.V.
"No I don't Tre." He replied, grinning drunkely.
"Yes you do." Tre said, returning the smile.
"Aww... Why did I agree to let you share my apartment?" Billie said groaning a little.
"Because my bitch of a girlfriend kicked me out." Tre said nonchalantly.

Billie looked up at his friend and saw tears at the corner.
He was about to wrap Tre into his arms when the phone started ringing.
"I'll get it." Billie said as he headed towards the phone.

"Hey, Billie! It's Mike. Just calling to see what's going on." Mike said from the other side.
Billie groaned a little. While Tre and him were stuck in the apartment, Mike was at a beach in Florida, soaking in all the fun and sun.
"Nothing much is going on Mike." Billie said, refering to his question.

"Oh... Well, you still have feelings for our drummer? Especially now since he's living with you in your apartment?" Mike said giggling into the phone.
Billie chuckled a little. Sometimes he wish he had never told Mike who he had a crush on.
Billie decided to make a little joke.
"No, I don't have feelings for Tre. He's just a friend, who needs to know how to get up onto his own feet." He said, never noticing Tre behind him mouth agape.

'He doesn't have feelings for me? I've been such a jackass.' Tre thought sadly as he sprinted down the hallway, out the door.
"That's a little harsh Billie, even if you're supposed to be funny." Mike said sternly.
"Yeah, but..." Billie began but was stopped by hearing his front door slam close.
'Oh no what have I done?' He thought.
"I'll call you tomorrow Mike." He said as he hung up on his friend.

Tre ran around the small community park, slipping a little in the drizzle of rain.
'I always get things mixed up. I never good at anything.' He thought while not knowing what he was really running to.
Then it came fast; one minute trying to run, the next sprawled out on his back in the cold wet grass.
Tre tried to realize what had happened, and when he did he burst into sobs. A cold wind rustled is way around the park, making the drummer cry more and curl himself into a ball.

'Oh shit, what have I done?' Billie thought as he scanned the park for his drummer.
"Tre? Tre where are you?" He yelled around.
"Go... Away..." A voice, very softly tried to yell out.
Billie followed the voice until he found Tre on the ground getting soaked.
"Oh Tre..." Billie said as he got on his knees to be with Tre.
"I don't deserve your pity." Tre said, tears rolling down his cheeks.
"Shh... Tre, I didn't mean it. It was a joke." Billie said as he started to kiss the tears from Tre, away.
Tre stared at Billie with confusion all over his face.

"Tre, I've always had feelings for you. I just didn't know if you did..." Billie said as he turned away, tears going down his cheeks as well.
Tre sat up, looking dumbfoundly at Billie. 'He has feelings for me!' He thought smugly.
"And I didn't know how to show..." Billie said, still trailing off.
Tre smiled to himself before wrapping his arms around Billie's form.
He brought the singer down to the ground and as Billie turned around to look at him, Tre caught his lips with his own.

The two moaned out in pleasure in each other's mouth.
Billie made it interesting when he thrust his tongue into Tre's mouth.
Tre's eyes got wide and his tongue played happifully with Billie's.
Tre then closed his eyes, he tried to stop it but it came.
As Billie's mouth started kissing down his neck Tre sneezed out loud.
Billie stopped kissing and gazed at Tre.
"What?" Tre asked, wishing Billie would continue with his kisses.
But Billie didn't.
"You're going to get sick if we stay out here." Billie said faltly as he pulled Tre and himself up.


Tre changed into a pair of boxers and sat on Billie's bed shivering.
Billie came out of the bedroom in his pajamas.
"Tre! What are you doing in my room?" He asked in shockness.
"I'm sorry Billie, but I feel cold..." Tre said.

Billie nodded his head and switch his over-head light off.
He then climbed into bed and pulled Tre against him.
Tre shivered a little, but gradually started to warm up.
"Thanks Billie." Tre said.
"Anytime Tre." Billie said as Tre rolled over and had his head pillowed on Billie's chest, and his hands fisted into Billie's pajamas.
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