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This is just a little bit of a drabble I wrote. Designed to make you think - be eternally grateful if you read *smiles* Not really a fic, more of an insight.

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A/N: This is just a random piece I wrote because what it's based around suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks today in the middle of my P.E. lesson. Dedicated to Gerard Way - who isn't just my hero.


For a minute I couldn't believe what I was seeing...Gerard Way - My Fucking Chemical Romance in Sugar in Sugar's Lad Mag no less. Sprawled across an article made for giggling teenage girls used to pouring over topless pop stars not one of rock's most loved cults. No one else can understand why I'm so shocked to see them there, in all their misfitted glory standing as proud as an all conquering band should - for a second I almost hate them, hate them for standing in front of smirking reporters who'd probably want to know more about their sex life than what their new album is about. They're misfits...perfect ridiculed misfits who were bullied at school, bottled at Reading, learnt guitar from their heroes on MTV and abused drugs and alcohol for half their summer holidays. They're my heroes, my hope and my glory just being different and reaching into not just my dark and twisted teenage heart where emotions battles life and religion but into the hearts of all the shattered misfitted kids across the globe. MCR - who give us a break from our fucked up little existence and give us something to scream to, something to cry to...something to really, truly love from the bottom of our black hearts. And they're standing there on that glossy, lipstick smeared page. The girls who would pour over it may have never heard My Chem, never even given the article or their beautiful concept any thought - and worst of all they won't have thought about this amazing band's message to their adoring fans, that it's okay to be fucked up because they've got through it and so can we. All will echo from their lips is 'Urgh they're /emo/!' or possibly 'Isn't he gorgeous!"
Gorgeous. He's not gorgeous - it makes him sound like a little kid, or even worse a puppy...a little defenceless animal to be petted by their pink painted nails and fussed over. Not a real person - not Gerard Way who has become almost a rock god whose motives and twisted life story have become the kid of things people are PROUD to know about. Whose lyrics have been sung from the hearts of thousands and have made the kids who sit alone in corners cry their eyes out as they realise how wasted their lives have become.
As for the rest of the band they may as well not exist, maybe Frank'll get some attention but as for Mikey, Ray and Bob you may as well be talking a foreign language.
So disowned for being freaks, disowned for apparently going 'mainstream', disowned for wanting to take their message of hope to the world what are My Chemical Romance? Well I'll tell you what they are - they may be freaks, they may be heroes, they may even be rock gods but past all that they're people. Real people and for those of you who care enough to watch 'Life on the Murder Scene', who care enough to learn their lyrics, who care enough to still love Gerard what ever colour his hair happens to be just remember - your heroes are people...not puppy dogs and if that can hit you...well you really are a My Chemical Romance fan.


A/N: Okay I don't know what you'll all think of that and it was in no way shape or form meant to offend anyone, it's just how I felt. Hope you enjoyed and that it did make you think.
I hope they brought you all as much hope as they did me.

Rock on guys - and remember, never be afraid to walk this world alone
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