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Our Dear...

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Another fic to make you think

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A/N: Wow, I'm writing a lot tonight! Oh well...guess I shouldn't really be complaining! Another fic to make you think.

Our Dear...

Do you know who you are?
You're a freak
A social outcast
A misfit, loner, weirdo
Outsider, exile, rocker kid
Rebelling against their sad existence

Do you know what they think?
Why they laugh?
Why they point?
Goth, nonconformist
If you want to be posh
Blocking out jeers and comments

But they don't know you at all
They'll love
Adore and bow
Only care and worship
When you preach the nations
All because you've hit the big time

So who are you
Hero or villain?
Lover or hater?
Preacher or rebel?
What would you say?
If you knew they worship you now?

But you don't care, still the artist with the chin length black hair and the love for comics and dungeons and dragons. You'll make the nations cheer, you'll mend the hearts of the millions but you're still a misfit.

Our dear conformery nonconformist.
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