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Is That a Finger?

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Rin runs into a pretty interesting scene. What happens when she asks Sesshoumaru about it? Oneshot. Daughterfather scene.

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Disclaimer- I do not own Inuyasha, no way, not one single bit.

Is That a Finger?

It was late afternoon and in the middle of spring, the mating season. Rin was ahead of the group skipping and singing. Sesshoumaru's ears perked as he caught a small `eep' from the girl.

His steps quicken and soon left the clumsy frog-youkai behind. Sesshoumaru halted to a stop when he saw the sight before him.
Rin stood there wide eyed staring at the sight before her.
Two usagi-youkai (rabbit demon) were at it. Moans and grunts emitted from the two.

With a look of cold disgust Sesshoumaru turned away from the sight.

"Rin, let's go," he stated clearly and walked off.
A few moments later when Rin's footsteps were not heard he turned back.

"Rin," Sesshoumaru forced.

The young girl had no notion of ever hearing him. The female usagi let out a squeal. The feeling of annoyance flashed through his face. With a flick of his wrist the two busy youkai dropped dead to his poison whip.

The sound of bodies thumping to the ground woke Rin from her trance.

"Rin, let's go. This Sesshoumaru does not like to repeat himself."

Rin turned her head to him with a smile. "Hai Sesshoumaru-sama."

Sesshoumaru walked off with Rin trailing behind him. Jaken caught up in a while's time. His screechy voice rang. "Sesshoumaru-sama. Sesshoumaru-sama. Why did you leave me for a useless ningen (human)?"

Sesshoumaru glared at him and Jaken quickly bowed. "Forgive this lowly one for questioning you Sesshoumaru-sama!"

Sesshoumaru disregarded him; his main concern was for his young ward. She had been quiet ever since the sight of the pathetic mating youkai. Sesshoumaru came to a stop at a clearing.

"We will stop here for tonight, Jaken go fetch some food."

"Hai Sesshoumaru-sama," Jaken screeched and scrambled off.
Rin seated herself under a tree wrapped in her own thoughts.
The silence was deafening.

"Sesshoumaru-sama,' Rin questioned looking at him.
He turned her head slightly. Rin took it as a sign he was listening.

"What were they doing," she asked with innocent eyes.
Sesshoumaru nearly scoffed. "You should not concern yourself with such things."

"But that man's big finger was going in that woman."

Sesshoumaru could not prevent himself from releasing a snort. "It is not your concern," he repeated.

"It looked like fun," Rin continued. "The woman kept making funny sounds."

Sesshoumaru kept silent, not knowing what else to say.


He turned his head towards her. Rin's innocent face stared back.

"Maybe Sesshoumaru and Rin can have fun like that someday."

Sesshoumaru's eyes widened in shock, he fought had to keep the blush down. With his usual voice he calmly stated. "You do not know what you are saying."

"But it looked like it was really fun!" Rin whined.


Before Rin could say anything on the subject, Jaken arrived with food.

Sesshoumaru was saved from any further embarrassment.

A/N: I had to write this. I got the idea and just had to write it. It was cute.

Just to mention, Rin is still young so she didn't know what she saw. She thought it was a game.

I hope you enjoyed that.
White Alchemist Taya (W.A.T)
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