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New Eyes Upon Him

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WEll, this is the next chapter. I forgot to put a disclaimer on the first chappy, so I DO NOT OWN ANY CSI CHARACTERS! =D Happy now?

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"Yea, do you know where he is?" He asked

" He has the graveyard shift down at the Crime Lab. He won't be back until morning." She replied

"Oh. Ok. Thanks." He thanked her and sat down to wait.

The neighbor came over to him.

" Do you want to come inside my house? You look pretty cold, and your going to be waiting for quite sometime." She asked.

" Are you sure?" He said

" Positive. I need someone to talk to." She told him
"Ok, thanks." He said as he got up. They walked over to the next house and she opened the door for him. Inside was so warm, he immediately was thankful that he took her offer.

" You can sit down if you like." She offered.

"Ok." He replied and sat down

" You look awfully cold, why don't you take a hot shower in my bathroom." She said

" You're just going to let a strange kid come into your house and use your shower and couch?" He asked

" Uhhh.....yea. Anyway, you seem like a relative of Nick's. He is a really great neighbor and invites me over once in a while. It's the least I can do." She replied.

" I'm not just a relative, I'm his son." He explained. " My mother ran away before he even knew about me but she is dead now."

" Really?" Was all she could say.

" By the way, I'm Oliver Decker, well, technically Oliver Stokes. What's your name?" He said matter of factly.

" I'm Lacy Greens, and I am a grocery store owner." She replied

" Cool. Thanks for everything Ms. Greens. You're a very nice lady."

" Call me Lacy. Are you going to live with Nicky?" She asked

" Maybe, if he accepts me." He said doubtfully

" Your father is a very polite, caring man. He won't just dump you. He has a fiancée
, and I met her. She is very sweet, and I think they work together. But, I think you have had a long day, so I will show you how to work the shower." She reassured him.

While he was in the shower, Lacy wrote a note explaining that a 'friend' of his was over at her house, and he could come over when he got home. Then, she took it over to his house and taped it on the front door.

Oliver POV

He turned on the shower and hopped in. He let the hot water sting his skin, until he was completely warm, then he washed his hair and rinsed off one more time. He didn't want
to waste a bunch of hot water, it wasn't his to use. Then he got out the extra clothes that he brought and put them on.

When he walked out of the bathroom and into the kitchen, Lacy had already made a plate of food for him. He never thought chicken could taste so delicious. Then he chugged down the tall glass of ice water. He was pretty dehydrated from walking in the desert all day. After that, he helped her make a mini bed on the couch, and he laid down and immediately fell asleep. Lacy took the fleece blanket and draped it on top of him. Then she stroked his hair softly a few times. She always wanted children, but she never found the perfect man.
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