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I Don't Want A Lot For Christmas

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My first story; a Panic! one shot. It's about Brendon. And It's very cliche; I'm aware, trust me. Read and Review Please.

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Kyleigh [Ky-Lay] sat on her bed with her laptop and checked her e-mail for the 4th consecutive time in the last five minutes. Damn, nothing yet. She started to bite her thumbnail out of habit. She had been waiting ever so patiently for an e-mail from her brother to arrive, since he was her and her sister Selia[Seh-lee-uh]s legal guardian, and was in England with his lame band, The Alien Messiah.

She had always been kind of an anxious girl, since about 3 years ago, when she was 15, her parents got in a plane crash. Her sister was 16 at the time, and their brother was 20, so he was given full custody. Their mother died instantly underneath the wreckage, but they were able to extract her father and keep him on life support with internal bleeding and a persistent coma for about 2 months before he slipped away in his sleep. Her mothers final words to her were, "Shut your mouth, you worthless whore!" and her father's were, "I will always love you, angel," which tells you her relationship with her late parents.

She heard a faint knock on the door and mumbled a quiet, "Come in," as she stared directly into her screen. Did I mention she hadn't left her room in 3 days? Her eyes never left the screen as another body occupied the room. It was that of her 19 year old sister Selia, who walked over to the bed and put her hand on Kyleigh's shoulder. Kyleigh twitched and looked up.

"You, my dear sister, need to leave this room. I know it will be difficult since that laptop has been glued to your thighs since Wednesday, but I think with our help, you can manage," Selia said laughing.

"Our?" Kyleigh questioned scrunching up her face and staring at Selia. Just at that second, her laptop beeped and said "you've got mail, honey" in Angel from RENT's voice. "You know what? Hold that thought," she said as she rapidly clicked and buzzed and whirred until she finally reached the message. It read:

Don't freak out. I'm fine. We're having a great time. The band is doing great. We should be home in a week or two. I'll e-mail tomorrow.


P.S. Learn to breathe like a normal human being for me, kay?

She took a deep breath and laughed triumphantly before looking back at Selia. "As I was saying, Selly...Our help?"

Selia shook her head and said nothing, but pointed at the door. In walked a skinny boy with long bangs and spiky soft hair.

"Hi, Ryan," she said waving. Selly turned around and kissed him quickly, as Ky looked away with a face full of mock disgust.

Ryan laughed, "You need a boyfriend almost as much as I need a new straightener."

"Love you too, Ryan," Kyleigh smirked. She held up her index finger and clicked away aimlessly, finding a website, clutching her chest laughing. She turned the computer around, sharing the screen's contents for the first time since school on Wednesday. Ryan sported a new shocked expression as his eyes grazed the web page.

"I have a fucking website?!?!?" he exclaimed. The aptly named had become the most popular website for the underclassmen. A new sophomore by the name of Farrah Daniels started the site as a proclamation of love, with biographical help from our dear friend, Spencer Smith. Since its initial creation in April, and the final publication in late May, the site had generated 201,957 hits.

"Yep. I've been waiting forever for the most appropriate time to show you, and now just seemed to be that time. It's been up since, oh, May," Kyleigh replied smugly.

"And...And you're telling me in December???" he queried, before turning to lock eyes with Selly, "Did you know about this, Selly?" he asked her as his gazed quickly softened.

"Well, I saw her surfing it in September, but that was the first time I'd seen it. Promise, honey," Selly replied, kissing his cheek. "Baby, did you know it has a social events calendar?"

"Shit, that reminds me, I, well, we have to go to Brendon's party tonight," he said.

"...Who's Brendon?" Kyleigh asked, scrunching her face in confusion, "Is he that kid you hang with all the time? The one who uh, sings a lot, and um, is really loud and really good and sortakindamaybetotallycute?"

"That would be the one. And uh, you think he's cute?" Selly said, grinning.

"Mayyyybe." Kyleigh replied, blushing redder than blood, "So...can we go to this party? I kind of want to talk to him."

"Sure, it's in an hour or so...dont wear anything fancy," Ryan noted, leaving the room. Selly followed closely and coyly waved back at her sister before exiting as well. Kyleigh stood up immediately and began to ravage through her dresser. Things flew out at warp speed, piling on top of each other on her now messy floor. She finally ripped out a yellow t-shirt with a heart on it, some skinny jeans, and some fuzzy boots.

Ryan knocked on the door three times and then opened it ever so slowly. He looked at Kyleigh's outfit, and as she put her hair in a messy bun and she placed her thick rimmed blue glasses on her face, he smiled in approval. He gestured for her to come, and yelled for Selly to hurry. She emerged wearing her bleach blonde hair up in a knot and her bangs clipped back. Her shirt was dark red and off the shoulder, and she wore a denim skirt with opaque black tights and her red fold-over converse, folded up.

"Baby, you look beyond Aphroditic, now let's go," Ryan said as he placed his arm around her waist and kissed her lightly. The three of them walked to the car, and Ryan being the oldest, he drove them to Brendon's house. Kyleigh emerged from the car and clutched her arms. Ryan got out and opened the passenger door, gesturing for Selia to get out.

At the same time, Brendon walked out of his front door, clutching a red plastic cup. He waltzed over to their car, when Selly smiled, and Ryan high-fived him. "How's it going, Bren?" he asked.

"BBU! Gah, kid, how've you been?" Selly, asked, hugging him.

Kyleigh stood awkwardly to the side, watching her sister hug her crush. She felt a hint of jealousy, even though Selly was there with her boyfriend. Ryan noticed how out of place Kyleigh felt and he nudged her to go say something to him.

"What's in the cup?" she asked quietly, nervous he'd be angry for her 'accusations'. He looked up from the small talk with Selia and met Kyleigh eyes. He stared for a second or two, and then he smiled and walked over closer to her.

"Do you want some? I mean, it's only Sprite. I don't like drinking very much," he said, laughing and causing a smile to appear on her face, "I'm Brendon, by the way, what's your name?"

"I'm Kyleigh, Selia's little sister. Well, younger by a year. How come she calls you BBU?" She asked, once again clutching her arms and rubbing them. She had forgotten a hoodie and she could see her breath in the cool December air.

"It's my initials, only pronounced. Bee-Bee-You. Come on, you look freezing, why don't the four of us go inside?" he said, putting his arm around Kyleigh's shoulder and leading her inside as Ryan and Selly followed.
About an hour later, Ryan and Selia had consumed several drinks and Kyleigh was aiding Brendon in entirely neglecting his own party. He was so engrossed in what she was saying that neither of them noticed the number of people practically reproducing on his several couches.

"So, Bren, you're into music? That's so cool. What do you do?" Kyleigh asked, resting her chin in her palm and her elbow on the countertop they sat by. Her eyes got warm and big; she was interested.

"Well, I sing a little bit, and uh, I'm kind of considering being in a band with Ryan and Spence. It's in the early phase, we're in the basement stage still, but it's worth it to be around those guys all the time. So what do you do for fun? You seem really interesting," he replied flashing a white smile.

Kyleigh was just about to answer [mind you she was blushing like an idiot] when Selia came over, pissed drunk, and lay herself all over Kyleigh's shoulders. Brendon laughed inwardly, and smiled a little. Selia laughed obnoxiously and smiled big, before saying, "BBU! ZOMG! I...I, uh, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha...I wish I could talk. Haha, how've you guys been? Have you been hitting on my sister yet? Isn't she a hottie?? I'll uh, hahaha, I'll see you guys later, kay?"

She stumbled away, laughing even harder than before, and managed to make her way into Ryan's arms, as they fell over onto one of the unoccupied couches. Ryan could barely stand as it was, and having his very beautiful girlfriend sprawled on top of him, with the both of them drunk wasn't making it any easier. She looked at him and smiled coyly, putting her index finger in her mouth and straddling him. He omitted a tiny burp, and giggled, as he lifted his head to meet her lips. She leaned over to meet him in the middle and they started to kiss.

Kyleigh looked away, disgusted, as the kiss began to develop further. The look on Brendon's face, however, was priceless. It was a combination between fear and uncontrollable laughter. Kyleigh saw this and smacked his side.

"Brendon! That's my sister, making out on your couch. Can you say grody?"

"Uh, grody?" Brendon answered tentatively, holding up his index finger at Kyleigh before walking over to the couch from where they sat. He poked Selia on the shoulder and waited patiently before tearing them apart. Selia glared at him and Ryan just lay there clueless, as usual. Then with a completely deadpan face Brendon pulled out a condom from his back pocket and said, "Sell, I love you, but I think you two may need this more than I do."

Kyleigh stifled a laugh still sitting over by the counter in his kitchen, but walked over to the couch slowly where Brendon stood.

Selia took it from his hand and looked closely at it for a few minutes, and then playfully [and still very drunk] smacked Brendon's arm. "BBU, naughty, naughty. Why do you have one of these? Were you thinking of getting it on with my sister?"

Kyleigh's expression turned from laughter, to utter shock to a deep red blush. She had made her way over to Brendon which he could see out of the corner of his eye. Selia had big, 'deer-in-headlights' eyes, as if she was honestly waiting for an answer.

He formulated a response in his head, very slowly, and then smiled mischievously before saying, "Mayyyyyybe," and turning around to cup Kyleigh's face in his hands. Before she could even tell what was going on, he pressed his lips against hers and he felt the warmth of her blushing skin.

Selia bounced up and down joyously, still straddling Ryan, clapping her hands and smiling like a 5-year-old. Ryan grunted and she stopped and turned around, grabbing his hand and leading him to Brendon's room for some privacy.

Brendon pulled away, embarrassed, and he started walking back to the kitchen, head facing down. Kyleigh stood there, placing a finger to her lips, stunned. After 3 seconds she ran after him and grabbed his shoulder, turning him around.

He looked straight into her eyes and whispered, "Kyleigh, I'm really sorry, I just thought you might've liked me, but at least I have nothing to regret about tonight. Since I'll probably never see you again...Merry Christmas."

She looked directly at him, her eyes burning into his, and she did the most impulsive thing she'd ever done. She took his face in her hands and she kissed him lightly on the lips. He smiled into the kiss and wrapped his arms around her waist. She pulled away seductively and said, "All I want for Christmas is you, BBU."
[A/N: Cliches scare me so much; hence the irony of my name. Sorry it sucks?]
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