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The Lantrisi

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The Second War is about to begin, with Voldemort gaining power, and the Ministry denying his return. Ron&Hermione are looked as the ones to destroy HIM, but no one saw the return of the Savior they...

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Chapter 2: The Lantrisi
Chapter 2: The Lantrisi

It was a bright, sunny day on the densely inhabited capitol of the Lantrisi, the planet Lantus. Since its colonization two thousand years ago, this planet had changed into one of the most advanced planet in the quadrant. At first, a colony of the Terran Alliance, the Lantrisi eventually became independent due to the restrictions on research imposed to them by the Alliance. Their unique thinking and alternative view on science gave them a technological advantage that the other races in the quadrant couldn't match. Almost the entire planet was covered with huge buildings, and all sorts of vehicles flew between and above them. Even in orbit the planet was crowded, with many space stations, satellites, and ships going to and from the planet. Its two small moons were made into massive shipyards a millennium ago and new ships emerged from them regularly.

Felar was a young Lantrisi, only thirty years old with short light blond hair and cheery brown eyes, and relatively low in their hierarchy, the only reason he got the job he had now because he was one of the Deathhand clan, so, when he walked trough one of the many parks after work, he didn't really expect anything unusual. Therefore, he was shocked when his nose caught the scent of a human. Or he thought it was. He had never met one, as the Terran Alliance was their enemy, and no human had set foot on Lantus in four hundred years. In fact, it was only a century since the war between the Lantrisi and the Alliance ended. So, curious, he cautiously followed the scent to a nearby tree, only to find a sleeping child that looked around one. Searching trough the collective memory the Lantrisi shared, he managed to confirm that the smell he got from the boy was indeed human, so now the question was how did he get here? This was too big for him to handle. He couldn't have come with a ship, even the most advanced cloaking technology their enemies had couldn't evade their sensors. So, sighing, he sent a message into the collective network 'Found a human infant in park 342 on Lantus. Requesting instructions.' The collective was in disarray in seconds. Felar was getting a headache from the many requests to explain, before a mighty voice echoed trough the network 'Silence.' At once, not even a whisper was heard. 'Felar, bring the child to the Council Seat at once.' Having received his order not only by the head of his clan, but their leader and oldest Lantrisi alive, Felar quickly picked up the sleeping infant, and rushed to the nearest transporter station.

He reappeared in the transporter station of the Council, and was met by two guards.

"Follow us. His Lordship is expecting you." He nodded, and followed, trying to hide the feeling of dread that rose in him. He was going to meet Lord Deathhand himself. Even amongst the oldest Lantrisi he was a legend. He was much older than any of them, and far more powerful. So, it was with great awe that Felar walked into the room where his Lord waited. Once he entered it, he noticed not one, but two people in the room. One was a tall, dark haired man dressed in a standard officer uniform, and was currently looking out the large window that took up the whole wall. Next to him sat a young woman with the same hair color, but hers was much longer. She had a beautiful face, with sharp, predatory lines, and a cold, calculating glance. This time, Felar let out a gasp. He stood in the same room with the two most dangerous people in the galaxy. The great Lord Lanus Deathhand, and his daughter Sophia, the commander of the Order of Death, the elite group of Lantrisi spies, saboteurs and assassins.

His sigh caught the attention of the pair, as the woman stood up, and the man turned to face him. For those who knew nothing about the Lantrisi, they would say that the two people facing Felar were twins. They appeared to be the same age, and had the same, cold, predatory features, and the same, piercing, calculating stare.

"Ah, Felar, I am pleased you have come so fast. It shows a great sense of duty; you'll go far with that." He heard the mental voice of his Lord. The Lantrisi preferred mental communication, finding talking to be primitive and ineffective.

"I merely followed your orders sir. Nothing more." Felar said humbly.

"Modest too. Yes, he has great potential. But enough of that. Is that the human you found?" A female voice joined them.

"Yes. What should I do?" Felar asked.

"Give him to me." The woman took the boy from him, and took him to a small table nearby. "Let's see how our friend got here." She then proceeded to pass various instruments over the infant, her face showing more confusion with each scan.

"Father, this child is... I don't know really, this is really strange. He is human, but he's not. His DNA is not a perfect match. I mean, for anyone but us, he would be just another human, but look at this. See this pair here and the one here..." She pointed out at the scan results. Felar was never good at genetics, so he simply waited for the pair to draw out the conclusion.

"Our young friend is a variation of humans, just like us, it seems. Not quite as extensive as we are, but he is different, no doubt about that. What about the rest of the scans?" Lord Deathhand replied, actually speaking this time.

"They are a bit confusing. There is some form of energy that his very body seems to generate. It is faint, but from what I can tell, it will increase as he ages. The strangest part is this scar, though. It is saturated with energy that is similar to the one in his body, but there are differences. And also, I detected faint traces of artions." Sophia turned to her father at the last.

"Artions? That raises just as many questions as it answers. We had speculated that artions were a byproduct of the interaction of two universes, but it was never proven. Until now, that is. This child is a bigger mystery than I had believed. So, the question remains what to do with him?" The tall man looked at the young boy who looked at him with childish curiosity.

"Felar, you are married, yes?" He turned quickly to the recently forgotten guest.

"Yes, sir. Her name is Andrussa, level 164, of your clan. She is currently applying for military training." Felar replied honestly.

"And you are level 160, also a Deathhand, working as a class four administrator. You are both a prime example of our race, hardworking, loyal, and dedicated. That's why I have decided to give you a special mission. I want you two to raise this child as a human." The Lord smirked at Felar's shocked face.

"You want us to do what, my Lord?" The man finally ground out.

"Become this boy's parents, and take care of him until I decide otherwise. You will quit your job and your wife will drop her application while you are caring for this child. Once he's old enough, I will reassign you as a class two administrator, and also accept your wife in the military, with a possibility for officer training, should she prove herself. What do you say?" Felar quickly turned away under the man's stare. What could he do?

"I accept this duty with pride sir. He will be raised well, I promise." Felar replied firmly.

"Good. I don't want you to spoil him, but also, don't be too harsh to him. Of course, do not treat him as inferior because he's a human. Consider him as your own flesh and blood. Now, all we need is a name for our little guest here." They all turned to the boy, who gave them a smile and a short gurgle, before going back to attempting to chew his toes.

"Oh, I know. How about Daroth?" Sophia said with a smile at the child.

"Lightning. It suits him well. Now then, Felar, take him. You will be provided with all you need for this." Felar picked up the young human, and departed with a short bow.

"I suppose you had a reason to spare the boy's life?" Sophia looked at her father.

"More of a feeling than a reason. I believe he will be useful in the future. He is here for a reason, and until I discover what it is, he stays alive. It could even prove useful to allow him to become one of us. Now, let's continue our talk from before. With the Alliance fighting the Gorash Empire..." While the pair that led the Lantrisi nation discussed matters of state, Felar teleported to his home, to find his wife waiting for him. Andrussa was a few years younger than him, but they fell in love at first site. Ever since that day they bumped into each other at one of the many parks, they had become inseparable.

"Felar, you're late. You know I was planning a special dinner for our anniversary. Why..." She suddenly stopped at the unknown smell that accompanied her husband, and a moment later, she saw him enter carrying an infant, and from the scent, she knew it was not a Lantrisi.

Suddenly, realization dawned on her. "Is that a human child? Felar, what have you been thinking? You know you can't keep him. What if people find out?" She barely refrained from shouting in front of the child.

"Calm down dear. Yes it's a human, and yes, we'll keep him. This is an order from Lord Deathhand himself." Felar looked at his wife. She was a petite redhead, with a very cute, almost childish face that he simply adored. Her temper however, was a completely different matter. He learnt early not to get on her bad side.

"You met the great Lord in person?" Her eyes widened.

"Not only him. The Lady Sophia was there as well." He smiled as her eyes almost fell out.

"Now my dear, come here and meet your new son. His name is Daroth, the Lady named him herself." He handed the boy to her and smiled as the child gurgled happily as he reached for her face.

The next few years passed in relative calm for the unusual family. The Lantrisi pair had to learn a lot about human children and how to take care of them, seeing how Lantrisi children were very different. This wasn't always easy, but they did their best. They could proudly say Daroth was happy, and he was also a very talented and intelligent child, as by the age of four, he could already speak properly, and read plain text. The Lantrisi language however, was too complex for a human to learn, and also, there were several sounds a human was incapable of speaking, so all the books he had were written in Terran English. His parents also used the same language at home, and also used verbal communication for his sake. Then, when he was five, something happened that would change everything for his adoptive race.

Felar had given him a stuffed animal toy for his birthday; however, when Daroth saw it he told him that he hated the color. Felar of course, insisted that he had to keep it, so after several minutes of arguing, Daroth took the toy, and stared at it angrily, before the most incredible thing happened. The toy's fur changed color. Just like that, before their very eyes. While Daroth seemed happy for this, Felar simply stood there, too shocked to move, before he managed to snap back to reality and inform his Lord of this shocking new development.

Lord Deathhand was more than surprised to hear this. He was very old, and had seen many things, and liked to believe that he was not easily shocked, but what Felar told him caught him by surprise.

This was an ability he had never encountered before, and he felt confused. This had to be studied, and analyzed. There was a possibility they could utilize this to their advantage, and he wasn't going to let an opportunity like that pass up. Over the years, Daroth was monitored closely, in order to find out how he could do the things he did.

Eventually, they discovered that he could manipulate the energy inside him to affect changes in his surroundings. They also noticed that he could only do it only when he was feeling a very strong emotion, telling them it was powered by will.

They were however unable to explain why he could do it, eventually coming to the conclusion he was born with this power, and that it was the small difference in his DNA that granted it. They had begun to work on this, so by the time Daroth was twelve, they had managed to isolate what would be one day known as the 'magical' gene.

When Daroth turned twelve, he met for the first time the leader of his adoptive race. This meeting became the turning point of his life, and the first step on his way home.

The young boy shifted nervously under the man's gaze. He knew all about him, and fear was starting to grow in him. As if sensing this, the man spoke calmly, but still a little roughly, as he, like most Lantrisi, rarely spoke.

"Do not fear me child, I won't hurt you. You have caused quite the riot here these past few years. Ever since your miraculous arrival, you have never stopped to surprise me. But the time has come to make a decision about you." He looked at the boy for a moment before he continued "What do you know about the Lantrisi, Daroth?"

"Only what I have learnt from the historical files, sir. I know that you originate from humans like me, but nothing more." Daroth said respectfully.

"Yes, that's right. As you know, we keep most of our knowledge in our collective mind. It's safer from spies that way. I believe you have also learnt that we are not on the friendliest of terms with humanity and their allies." The man smiled at the boy's nervous nod.

"Well then, let me tell you why. Our race is old, but not as old as humans. I would say that seven thousand years is not a long time for a race to exist, but it is how long we have been around. And I have been there from the start. Yes, I was the first Lantrisi. We were not always called like that; in fact, it was only recently that we gave ourselves a name. The humans gave us many names, and I will mention a few, like vampires, blood fiends, blood demons, etc." The man smirked at the boy's shocked expression.

"I take it you have never seen your parents drink blood?" The boy waved his head shakily.

"Trust me, they do drink it. And to answer the question you're no doubt going to ask, no, we don't need to eat normal food. But you try eating the same thing for seven thousand years and see how you like it. Especially something as distasteful as blood." The man grinned.

"Why are you telling me any of this?" The boy asked shakily.

"You know that you have come here from another universe. Right now, we have no idea how to send you back, and it might take us centuries to figure it out. You will not live that long, and the fact remains that you have to return. You cannot remain in this world; you are not a part of it. So, I am offering you to become one of us." The man stared at the boy.

This caught the boy by surprise. He knew that no human had joined the Lantrisi in five centuries. He didn't understand exactly what the text meant by that, but he did now. What he was being offered was an incredible honor.

"Not to sound rude, but why are you asking me to accept. Couldn't you just done it when you found me?" Daroth asked carefully.

"We could have, but we didn't. You were an unknown element at the time, and I didn't want to risk it. Besides, the transformation is offered, not forced. We turn people by force only when we need to. So, what is your answer, yes, or no?" The man sounded impatient.

"Yes. I accept. What should I do?" The boy said calmly.

"Take this. The guards outside will take you to a place where you can safely transform. I'll speak with you after you wake up." He handed him an injector unit filled with what Daroth knew was his Lord's blood, and noticing the dismissal, quickly left the room. The guards outside silently led him down the corridors, and his new future.

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