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Her True Love

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Christine is married to Raoul and is leading soprano at the Opera Populaire. All is well...until Erik returns

Category: Phantom of the Opera - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Characters: Erik, Raoul, Other - Published: 2007-02-08 - Updated: 2007-02-08 - 518 words

The wind whistled softly around the abandoned cemetery in which he stood. He was alone again, waiting for someone to hear, someone, anyone...Forever striving and yearning to cast himself into the world without the scorn and disgust he was constantly greeted with...once it had been different...someone used to hear him, but one did. And no one ever would.

Christine, the Countess de Changy sat impatiently across from Raoul, the Vicomte de Changy, waiting for him to give her an answer.
"Come on, Raoul...where are we going?"
"I can't tell you, or it wouldn't be a secret anymore."
"Why does it have to be secret?"
"Because, what's the fun in life without a little secrecy?"
"Nothing. There is no fun with secrets. Secrets don't make friends." She said wisely.
"Christine, that's completely off the point. What I will tell you is..."
"Ooh what?"
"That we are leaving in two weeks."
"Raoul, we got married a year ago. Why have we not gone on our honeymoon yet?"
"Because I was busy, darling." He replied. "I didn't have time."
Christine sighed. "Alright. But promise me that we're going in two weeks exactly. At eleven o'clock in two weeks I expect to be on our way."
"Of course." Raoul kissed Christine lightly and stood up. "If you'll excuse me for a moment. I'll be right back."
Christine nodded and stood up also, walking in front of her dressing room mirror. She fluffed her impossibly curly hair, titling her head.
There was something about the mirror, something strange she remembered. She frowned, looking at her reflection. Then she relaxed, remembering Raoul had advised her to not think too hard.
"I don't want you to hurt yourself," he had said.

Meg Giry sat alone in her dressing room, quietly brushing her hair. She closed her eyes, and his face swarmed into view, smiling, looking at her, into her eyes. Meg sighed and put the brush down, pushing his image away. She told herself that he was married to her best friend, and if Christine ever realized what she was thinking...
Meg shuddered. Lately, her thoughts about Raoul had gone from friendly to romantic, and she dreaded the day Christine might find out. Guilt shredded her insides as she tried to concentrate on something else.

Raoul paced the hallways. He couldn't tell Christine the real reason he had postponed their honeymoon so long. She would feel awful, mistrusted, unloved. He was afraid that early in their marriage, when their love wasn't quite secure yet, that he would swoop in and take her away, make her love him again, and Raoul couldn't have that. He wouldn't lose Christine to someone like that. Raoul knew that Christine was very naïve and could easily be seduced by anyone, particularly him. She had frequently fell victim to him, to his tricks, to his captivity. Raoul didn't want that to happen, he couldn't let Christine slip away from him again. So he waited to make sure Christine fully loved him with all her heart, which she did, before even thinking about planning anything.
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