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Gone Fishing

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Delirium reaches out. (Fullmetal Alchemist crossover, Delirium/Sloth.)

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Gone Fishing
by Melissa the Sheep

Del reaches out. (Fullmetal Alchemist crossover, Sloth/Delirium.)

(Smutty applications for their respective, uh, tricks. Spoilers for said tricks and for Barnabas' identity. 350 words.)


She's nothing like you've ever seen before and you've seen a lot of things in your realm like electric absinthe checkmarks and screwdriver kittens and goose-necked purple tomatoes. Her chest is all watery and you can't remember how much water is in the human body or whether earthworms take naps when it's hot out, but she has more water than she should and when you touch her your fingers leave a trail of shimmering fishes floating and gurgling between her jelly ribs.

She stares at you in surprise like they do sometimes when they didn't know they were yours, and then she reaches out and winds thick clear tendril arms around you like a rope snake vine octopus ribbon and pulls you into her body. Your hands and arms and legs and rainbow-oil-slick hair float languid in her torso and there are currents inside her like little rivers and they squeeze and stroke, and you can't breathe inside her but it doesn't matter anyway because you don't need to really. You let out tickling fishes and thrumming froggies and gentle kissing bubbles and she moves faster harder wetter more around you, and you wonder where Barnabas is because you haven't seen him in maybe a week or three hours or eighty three hundred and eleven years, and she groans and squeezes one last time and melts away and leaves you sitting on the floor.

The air is cold and you're wet and it's a neat trick to be water like that and you want her to belong to you always. You offer to make her able to look at anybody's kitchen sink and know all the names their parents decided not to call them, and then you offer to make her always hear pretty music whenever she wriggles her pinkie fingers and angry voices whenever she walks too fast, and finally you ask her if she wants to remember what it was like before she was born and she says yes she'd like that, and you smile and give her a few more teal frogs and an identity complex that you found in your pocket but you keep the pocket lint for yourself, and you wander off to see if you can find your doggie.


[ End ]
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