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Chapter twenty two

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It does not go well with Harry Potter. In order to increase Harry's magical power, Dumbledore infects Harry and two girls with a disease. And his power surges.

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Beta reader for this story is Oli


Then there were three of them

Ron laid on his bunk in his dorm. He heard the party going on in the common room of Gryffindor, and he wanted to join them very much. But he did not like the association with Potter and Hermione. When he saw Hermione on the dance floor, his heart was melting. He knew that he still was madly in love with her. He knew that Harry had done something to bind Hermione to him, maybe a very strong love portion. Ron knew also that Harry had invented the curse to give him the excuse to steal Hermione from him. He must win Hermione back and kill that bastard Potter. Even when it was the last thing he would do!

He closed his eyes and tried to sleep, but it was impossible with all that noise from the party. He decided to look at what was going on. He stood up and went to their common room. Dean and Seamus were dancing on the tables with Lavender and Padma and having a lot of fun. Dean had a bottle of fire whiskey in his hand and was trying to fill a glass, not succeeding much. In the corner near the door he saw several first years sitting together and giggling. In the other corner, he saw some third years with Katie Bell and Justin Dorenbourgh, both 7th years Ravenclaw, holding hands. In the back of the room he saw the rest of the Gryffindors sitting, laying and some were dancing. Ron walked towards the Gryffindors, until he noticed Ginny. Ginny was kissing Colin, a very sensual and slow kiss, while dancing very close together. Ron changed direction and went straight to the dancing couple. He felt furious! How could Ginny fall so low as to kiss that ahole Colin? He could kill Colin! He reached Ginny and grabbed her arm, holding it tight and dragged her from Colin in the direction of the Gryffindors.

"What are you doing, Ron? "Ginny screamed. Are you totally nuts? "

"you will not dance like that, what do you think? I don't want to see that my sister kisses like that, and in public"

"Ron, I am not little anymore, I'm 16 years old and that is enough for you. let loose of me, let me go! COLIN IS MY BOYFRIEND!"

Ginny was so angry, her eyes were flashing like fire. She grabbed her wand and pointed it to Ron. "IF YOU DON'T RELEASE ME, BY MERLIN I WILL HEX YOU STRAIGHT BACK INTO THAT HOSPITAL"

Ron was impressed, so he released Ginny, who was holding her arm where Ron grabbed her. "If I have bruises because of you, by Merlin I will go to McGonagall and report you. What DO YOU THINK you ARE doing? Colin is my friend and you think that you can go in like this? You are still sick, Ron. Go back too the hospital and stay there, Get out of my life! "

Ron stood thunderstruck in the middle of the common room. In the mean time, everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at the drama. Colin walked to Ginny and drew her into his arm protectively. "Ron, you are not yourself, why don't you go to rest in your bed or even take a walk. "Colin sounded very reasonable, but for Ron this was killing. Slowly Ron grabbed his wand from his robes and pointed it to Colin. "If you touch my sister like that once more, I am going to hex you into convulsions. "

Something very strange was happening in front of Ron's eyes. A strange glittering transparent green screen appeared around Colin and Ginny.
"Capto Ginny" Ron screamed and he expected that Ginny would fly into his arms. A silver beam appeared from his wand towards Ginny. But the beam bounced from the screen back to Ron, who flew backward to the ground. Ron's eyes were wide in fear and confusion.
Parvati stepped in front of Ron. "Do you really think that we did not learn anything this year, Ron? We did. I warn you here in front of everyone. If you ever lift a finger to Ginny, Colin or anyone else in Gryffindor, we will all hex you into convulsions. Now go away, out of our dorm and come back tomorrow when the party is done and over with. We cannot use you here; you are too dangerous and too crazy. "

Ron stood up, and all wands pointing to him followed. Ron walked to his room, but was blocked by Dean, Seamus, and Neville. Ron said nothing, turned, and exited the dorm. This would be a long night for him.

Ginny was crying bitter tears and Colin did what he could to comfort Ginny. "Maybe it is a good idea to send an owl to McGonagall to say what happened. And maybe it is even better to owl your mother, Ginny? "

"No! When I send an owl to my mother, she will worry again so much, and McGonagall is a problem, because we sent him outside, which is not allowed at this hour. Remember, we have curfew! "

"I forgot, and Harry said that he would monitor the castle. That means that they will have a confrontation! "

Harry saw immediately on the Marauder's map that Ron left the Gryffindor dorm. Ron was moving towards the great hall.

"Hermione, look at this. It is Ron, and he is leaving the dorm. "

Hermione approached the map, but said nothing.

Ron left the castle via the great hall. Harry and Hermione decided to follow him and see what he was up to.

When Harry and Hermione were outside, they did not see anything of Ron. They looked everywhere, but still no Ron. Harry packed his map into his ropes. "I have no use for the map anymore, because the map does not reach outside the castle. Where is he? "

Hermione frowned. "I think he is in the forbidden forest! "

Harry and Hermione went to the forest. They still could not see anything, because the forbidden forest was very quiet except the noise of the night animals, but still no Ron. "No sense in browsing through the forest, because it is too big and we would loose him anyhow. Let's go to the cabin of Hagrid and see what is there. "

They moved over to the cabin of Hagrid. Harry knocked on his door, but nobody answered. The cabin was threateningly quiet, something cold and heavy in the air. Noises started to quiet down. "Harry, I don't like this. Something is coming here or something is happening. "
Harry pointed his hand to the door and softly said "effringo effrego". The door of the cabin opened. Hermione pushed the door slowly open, her arms at ready. The cabin was dark inside. Harry entered the cabin very warily. "Be careful, Harry. "

Harry walked slowly inside the cabin, mumbling "LUMOS". The cabin's darkness was replaced by a bright shining light from Harry's hand. The first thing they saw was Hagrid lying on the ground. Harry checked on Hagrid, while his eyes were scanning the rest of the cabin. Harry did not feel any pulse on Hagrid! "Hermione, something is very wrong here. It looks like Hagrid is dead!

"Let me"

Hermione checked on Hagrid as well. He was indeed dead. "Oh my ..."
"Epistula amitto" Harry mumbled. "I sent a message to Madame Pomfrey and professor Dumbledore. Let's hope they come fast.

"Harry, send also the same message to professors Snape and McGonagall!"

"I will do, and after several seconds ... "Epistula amitto"

"Now we will wait and see. Let us secure the area. Do you think that Ron has something to do with this? "

Harry had no idea, but Ron had changed so much for the bad, he had no idea what happened. "I don't know, Hermione. I would not be surprised if he would be involved, but on the other side, Ron would never do this. I am so confused. "

Harry and Hermione were in a shock. Harry's eyes felt like they were burning, tears streaming on his cheeks.

In the meantime, they were scanning the surroundings of the cabin, but found nothing.
Hermione stood utterly still, her hands stretched open and wide. "Indo vestigium"
Everywhere around the cabin, yellow, red, green, blue, and brown lines appeared which were pointing to the forbidden forest and to the castle. "What is this, Hermione? "

"This is a tracing and tracking spell, which displays traces of creatures from the direct past within the range of the spell. The yellow traces are the most recent, and then green, red, blue and brown with brown the longest in the past. The time range of the spell is one hour in the past. "

"There are an awful lot of lines here. That means that there were a lot of people visiting the cabin the last hour. Is there any way to determine individual lines? "

"No Harry, it does not. "

"You see the traces, who are going to the forest? There are two brown traces and three blue ones. It might be two are coming to the cabin, and three left to the forest. There are a lot of green and red traces connected with the castle. Well, it does not learn us much more. "

Professors Dumbledore, McGonagall, Lupin, Snape, and Madame Pomfrey appeared at the cabin. "What happened?"

"Hagrid is dead. We do not know what and why. "

"What are those lines? ", professor Lupin asked.

"Those are the lines of the "indo vestigium" spell, which displays traces of creatures from one hour in the past.

Madame Pomfrey kneeled down at Hagrid and checked on him. "Professor Dumbledore, Hagrid is indeed dead. "

Professor Dumbledore looked shocked and hurt. "How did he die? ..."

"It was the death curse. There is nothing we can do for him. "

Madame Pomfrey levitated Hagrid into the air to the castle. The rest stayed at the cabin.
"Where is Ron, Harry and Hermione? "

There was an uncomfortable silence for a few moments. "He left the dorm and went outside. We could not find him outside and have no idea where he is "answered Harry his question.
Professor Snape was busy searching Hagrid's cabin.

"Albus look what I have found in his cabin! "

All eyes looked at professor Snape. Snape held up a wand.

Harry took the wand from professor Snape and nodded to Hermione. "Yes, this wand is from Ronald Weasley. "

Professor Dumbledore took the wand from Harry and studied it. He held Ron's wand in his left hand and with his own wand in his right wand, he cast a spell towards Ron's wand. A green light appeared out of the wand. "That is the Avada Kedavra curse! The last spell used with this wand was the Avada Kedavra. "

Now everyone was quiet and looked at each other. All of them were very shocked, how could Ron have murdered Hagrid? What happened to Ron and why did he become a killer like that?

"But why should he throw away his wand, when he would kill Hagrid? That sounds so impossible! "

Let's go to the castle and we will see what is going to happen next. We need to inform the ministry and the aurors. Harry and Hermione, can you inform Ginny, and then I will inform his parents. "

"We will inform Ginny immediately, professor. "

They all hurried to the castle.

Harry and Hermione went to the Gryffindor tower, entered the common room and saw Ginny and Colin dancing on two tables. Ginny was making very suggesting movements and Colin was totally drunk, trying to imitate Madonna with his fingers.

Hermione smiled sadly, and went to Ginny. She grabbed Ginny's hand and pulled her softly from the table towards her. "Ginny, we need to talk to you about Ron, something happened. "

Ginny looked afraid and shocked to Hermione, then to Harry. "What happened? Did he do something stupid again? "

"We are not sure, but come with us to our dorm, there we can talk in peace. "

The three of them went to Harry and Hermione's dorm and sat down. Harry and Hermione's faces were releasing tears and looked very upset. "We saw Ron come out of the Gryffindor tower, he went outside. From there we started to follow him, but we lost track of him. We went to Hagrid's cabin and found Hagrid dead. We do not know if Ron did this, but the professors found the wand of Ron in the cabin. The last spell the wand had used is the Avada Kedavra curse. Professor Dumbledore is informing your parents and the aurors are being informed as well. That is the full story from our point of view. "

"Hagrid is dead? " Tears were streaming from Ginny's cheeks. "And do you think that Ron killed him? "

Harry looked down to the coffee table. "I have no idea, and I don't know what too think. When I saw Ron's wand left behind, but no Ron, and that wand is used to kill Hagrid, I would say that somebody is framing Ron. If Ron really would murder Hagrid, he would never leave his wand behind. And not only that, why should he murder Hagrid? ... Moreover, Hagrid saved me from those dreadful Dursley's; he was the first wizard I saw. He was so special to me. Always listened to me; he loved me, for Merlin's sake. "

And Harry was crying, tears streaming uncontrolled. Ginny broke down at that moment as well, crying and rolling her self up in a foetus position, her knees under her chin, her wide open eyes were not seeing anything, making soft noises.

Hermione did her best to comfort Harry and Ginny. Harry's eyes became alert and with resolve; a halo of power started to radiate from him. "Ginny, you cannot go back to your dorm, you will sleep here. Do you need to have a sleeping portion? "
No reaction from Ginny, she continued to look into that shocked state. Hermione took a blanket from the sleeping room and wrapped it around Ginny. She levitated Ginny into the spare bedroom and put her to bed.

Hermione came back to Harry after an hour and hugged him, but said nothing. Both of them went to bed. While lying in bed, they were holding each other very tightly and fell asleep.

Harry felt something warm sliding against his back, but it stopped right there. "That's Hermione," he thought.

He fell asleep again.

He felt a warm hand stroking his belly, slowly and sensual. "I am dreaming ..." the hand was touching him ... slowly and smoothly and he felt his heat going up. The hand made circles, sharp nails made little scratches, very exciting ... and it went inside his underpants! The hand grabbed his member, which was stirring alive ... stiffening fast. The hand started slowly to jerk him off.

Harry was murmuring "Hmm ... Hermione ... What are you doing? ... "

He opened slowly his eyes, and saw the outline of Hermione, who was lying close before him. Suddenly he was aware of a second body pressed against his back. He could feel soft breasts pressing against him, and felt her hips covering his bum. Very clearly, it was her hand, which was bringing up the heat. Oh Merlin, that was Ginny!

That moment the eyes from Hermione snapped wide open and looked at him. Harry and Hermione were staring at each other for several seconds. He was very surprised and did not know what to do at that moment. He did not want to frighten Ginny, but he also did not want to continue like this, before everything went out of control.

Hermione very slowly took the hand of Ginny and lifted it from under the underpants. Hermione came closer to Harry and pressed her self against him. Now Harry could not move anymore, because Ginny lay against his back and Hermione against his front. Hermione started to take off her nightdress and her slip and moved closer to Harry. "Two amazing looking girls were lying against me from both sides! " Now Harry was very and completely awake. He also noticed that it was fully light, and noticed long, red hair falling over his side.

He felt the hand of Hermione softly stroking his sides and upper legs, while Ginny's hands were stroking his upper arms and torso. Her hand moved from his upper arm to the back of Hermione, where her hand came to rest. He felt that Ginny lifted her head up to look at Hermione, and he saw Hermione smiling sweetly too her, nodding. Ginny's head came back to the pillow and continued moving her hand softly over the back of Hermione. Hermione's hand moved ... from the hip of Harry ... to the hip of Ginny and was caressing her.

Suddenly he felt Ginny moving away from him. She started to pull off his underpants. Harry tensed and started to protest, but Hermione's fingers were pressed against his lips. He could say nothing. Ginny and Hermione were busy pulling his underpants down, and it disappeared somewhere outside the bed. Now he was very naked, but so were Hermione and Ginny! The girls moved Harry from his side to his back, and both hands were stroking his inner-sides and upper legs. Now his heat was rising very rapidly. Ginny was using her nails and Hermione her full hand. In the mean time, Hermione was licking his ear very slowly and sensually, Ginny sucking his earlobes. Harry's was overheating, he felt like his senses were exploding ... he slowly relaxed, everything wet now.

"Harry, you wet my hand," Hermione whispered.

"My hand as well" Ginny whispered in his ear.

Hermione moved her head down and started to dry him ... Ginny helped her.

Harry got again an erection, bigger than ever. "Guys, stop! Please stop. This does not go all right, I think that we need to have some rules here and I am not sure if it is a good idea to have two beautiful women in one bed with me. "

Both girls were giggling, but they stopped. "Let's all have a nice and cold shower", Ginny said. "That is an excellent idea" Harry exclaimed and jumped from bed straight into the bathroom. He switched on the water as cold as possible and put his head under the streaming water. Very soon, he felt the ice-cold water streaming over his skin, thinking back what happened this morning in their bed. He had a very uneasy feeling about this. The door of the bathroom opened and both girls came in and joined him in the shower. Hermione moved to him and whispered, "Let us Harry. I think we both need it. Can you be so sweet to let us use you, Harry? Do not ask questions; only enjoy your self with us. "

Hermione had a beautiful body; she was slim with soft swellings at the right places. Her breasts were straight and beautiful, not large, her nipples small and light brown. Her hips were formed in beautiful curves and promised to be tight, with public hair in a small triangle. Her butt was a piece of art, so smooth and tight and a very good feeling when he touched it.

Ginny's breasts had a bigger base, were heavier and her nipples were large and pinkish. Her hips were wide, curving the perfect V-form of her red public hair, but larger then Hermione's. Both of them had amazing legs, long and very sensually formed. Ginny's butt was truly a piece of art, it was tight and very well formed, and he never touched it. Her skin was oh so smooth.

Harry was studying them while they were all under the cold shower. He changed the taps from cold to warm and all three of them came closer to each other. "Let's have a breakfast in our dorm and talk over the breakfast. " Both girls smiled mysteriously, but agreed. Nobody moved though. "What are you two waiting for ... ", asked Harry with his eyebrows up.

"Kiss us first, then we go" Ginny asked.

Harry hesitated, and then kissed Hermione deeply. He felt the hand of Ginny on his butt and started to stroke him. He got the next erection and quickly ended the kiss with Hermione. He looked uneasy to Hermione. "Harry, go on. Kiss Ginny! "

Harry kissed Ginny on her lips. He did not want to do the same as with Hermione. However, Ginny grabbed him, opened her lips, and kissed him full. This kiss was a long and deep kiss.

They left the shower and went back to the bedroom. They helped to dress each other, and Harry escaped to the common room with only his underpants on. He had his clothes in his hands.

He used the message spell to send a message to Dobby to ask for breakfast for three people and continued to dress. Now that the two girls came into the common room of the dorm, breakfast appeared on the table. "Wow, that is service" Ginny exclaimed happy.

"Ginny, what happened last night and how did you come into our bed? "

"Even that I felt safe in the bedroom here, I was so sad and depressed. I needed someone. Hermione explained to me yesterday evening when she brought me to bed, what you two have together and with each other. If I would have that as well, it would help me to restore my self. There are so many things happened the last months, such terrible things, I feel so sick of everything. Having so many big brothers is a pain. And especially it was bad when I heard that jerk of my brother Ron making himself and me a fool in front of everyone. It was terrible. And maybe that jerk killed Hagrid, and Hagrid is dead. He was my friend too "

"But Ginny, why didn't you come to our room and talk to us? ", Harry asked.
"I did, didn't I? It was cold, and the two of you looked so much more inviting. I still have the crush on you, Harry, that has never changed and I cannot help it. You both are so beautiful and I think I wanted to share what I have with the two of you.

I talked with Hermione, and she does not mind. She also does not mind if I stay tonight ... "
Harry was quiet for a long time.

"What do you say, Hermione? I do not know about Ginny, but we are still virgins. "

Ginny colored slightly. "I am a virgin as well. But there are other forms of sex, which are as exciting as having the sex conventionally, someone told me. "

"I thought that Colin Creevey is your boyfriend? "

"No, he is not my boyfriend. I have nobody now, and Colin is only an ex-boyfriend. Nevertheless, I felt so lonely for weeks already, and he is sweet to me. He knows it does not work between the two of us, so sometimes we kiss or simply relax. However, I do not love him, and obviously, he does not love me. "

Hermione was looking at the both of them. "Let's experiment with all three of us. Maybe it is a good idea that we all go to the castle in the weekend and see to where this may lead us. What do you two say? "

Ginny looked happy. "That is a deal. "

"But I love Hermione with everything that I have. How can I make love with you Ginny, when my heart is with Hermione? "

Hermione looked to Harry with a sweet smile on her face. "Harry, we want to stay virgins, and that means that you don't make love with any of us. "

Harry looked at Hermione, then Ginny. "In my perception, I make love with you even when I touch you, Hermione. It comes from the heart. What we can have with the three of us is lust ... it will change everything. "

"Harry, can you do something for me? ", Hermione asked him.

"Everything, Hermione ... I will do everything for you. "

"Let's stay all three of us together for the time being. We sleep together, we see each other naked, we touch each other, we kiss each other, we have lust together, we will eat together, make homework together, and maybe we might even get to love each other. I know that you are attracted to Ginny; you cannot hide that from me, Harry. She is sweet and sexy and she loves you! So please, can we simply enjoy each other? "

"This is the weirdest conversation I have ever had. ", Harry exclaimed. He looked to the girls. He bent slowly over to Ginny, kissed her slowly and tenderly on her lips; his hand reached Hermione's face and keeping it there, caresses her cheek softly. He ended his kiss and bent over to Hermione, kissed her softly, tenderly, while caressing Ginny's cheek.

"I will do what you ask me to do with love and pleasure. I am yours and you both are mine. "


Beta reader for this story is Oli
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