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Night muffles

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"Gee?" I turned my head carefully around the corner "Gee?" I asked again as I walked near the sound I stopped short of his bunk and then I knew for sure that it was him I heard "Gerard?" my head...

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I sat on the checkered red and black seats of the tour bus waiting for everyone else to load on.
"Keya?" frank stepped in
"Do you know what's up with Gee? He hasn't been... well, right since we've been together" he plopped his booty next to me
"I don't know. Earlier this morning I was asking if he could help with the luggage and he opened the door and he was one big depressed blob"
Then it hit me; Frank is right; Gerard hasn't been right since we've been together; was it because he is protecting frank; or is it because he likes me?
"Well I better go help the guys with the luggage; see ya sweet pea!" frank yelled as he walked out the door
"See ya" I was still looking at the floor when he left
What could be so wrong with gee?

1 month on tour

I stayed lying on the soft covers of my bed listening to Frankie lightly snore and the bus move across the light bumps on the road
This wasn't one of the best tours I've been to
Gee as progressively gotten worse
He has been doing killing drugs and drinks almost all the time
Every night I listen to him cry in the pillow
It tears me apart to know that he is doing stuff that is killing him deep inside
"Keya?" frank mumbled beside me
"Hmm?" I rolled to look at him
"You alright?"
"Well; if you need anything; I'm right here"
"I'll do that" and I gave him a peck on the cheek
I rolled back over on my left side and stared into the black nothingness
I slowly closed my blue violet eyes and went into a deep sleep

"Ugh" I mumbled on my belly as I woke
I turned over to the clock and it read


'Why so early?' I thought through my racing mind
As I woke up I knew my throat was dangerously dry
I through my legs over my bunk and walked down the pitch black hallway
I put my hand on my throbbing head and walked down the hall; careful of what I step on
I stopped ten steps short of the kitchen when herd muffled sounds
"Gee?" I turned my head carefully around the corner
"Gee?" I asked again as I walked near the sound
I stopped short of his bunk and then I knew for sure that it was him I heard
"Gerard?" my head peered through the bunk stairs as I walked up
"Gerard; what's wrong?" I was now crawling beside him and put my hand on his trembling back
He looked over at me and I saw his blood shot eyes and his lip was trembling out of control
"Nothing" he tapered
"Gerard; why are you crying?" I asked again
He turned his head away from me and took in a deep breathe
When he exhaled; the smell of alcohol filled the air
"Gee..." I waited
"I have no purpose in life! It has no meaning!"
"Gee; there are millions to billons of fans that love you to death; why do you think that?" my face got closer to him
"This girl I love is taken and I would kill to be with her" he muffled out of tears
"Oh Gee! Who is it; maybe I can help. Is it that girl that you saw at the autograph signings?" I hugged his waist
"Yea; sort of"
"Well who is it?" I begged
He opened his mouth to answer and the answer shocked the hell out of me

Sorry its short and not one of my best but hey! I felt like being evil!!
R&R please (And yes; i mean both!)
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