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A story about a girl in Japan, in pursuit of somthing

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(NOTE: This is my first story...always have room for opinions)Japan is an island located off the Pacific Ocean on the east of China and Korea, stretching from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to Taiwan in the south. It is composed of over 3,000 islands. The largest of which are Hokkaidô, Honshû, Shikoku, and Kyûshû. Most of Japan's islands are mountainous, and many are volcanic; the highest peak is Mount Fuji. (If any of ya'll don't know yet my story takes place in Japan)

Chapter 1- Good Bye... Forever?
"Sakura, remember that you have to stay with the neighbors from tomorrow morning for a few days. Goodnight my little cherry blossom" said Sakura`s mother.

"Goodnight, mama" said Sakura.

Sakura was an eight year old girl that had the most beautiful features. She had short black hair that she would sometimes tie up. She had fair skin and a pair of the most gorgeous ocean blue eyes, that only her mother and her shared. Sakura`s mother called her "cherry blossom" because of her rosy pinkish red cheeks. She was very thin, because of the lack of nourishment, but her kind heart for people remained strong as a thousand warriors.

Every night Sakura would think of a big sister, who died when she was cutting logs for the fire that winter. The saw had a loose bolt that caused the death of her loving and caring sister. That night Sakura went to bed sad and depressed like she always would. She had experienced a lot in her life. Her father, whom she had never laid eyes on, had left her mother, her sister and her. She put her night lamp on very slowly, so that her mother wouldn't notice and took out a picture of her dad. She had always dreamt of seeing her father. Sakura had never seen her father and hoped that she would find out where he lived some day.

When she got up in the morning it was cold as ever. It was so cold that they woke up, and wrapped themselves up with a blanket. They had green tea for a breakfast and some extra hard bread that was left over from the previous days` lunch. Sakura and her mother would only eat one proper meal a day, because they did not have enough money. After breakfast her mother picked up her nap sack, which Sakura had packed the night before. Sakura had packed the picture of her dad, a little bit of money and her blanket. Sakura found the nap sack in the garbage, but it had caught Sakura`s attention with a bright shinny butterfly, which reminded her of spring and the cherry blossoms. Although the bag now is worn out and looked shabby and the butterfly was just at the peak of ripping off, she still loved it and wanted it as much as she did when she first laid eyes on it.

"Sakura, do not worry, you are going to stay with your neighbors", said her mother.

Sakura had something else on her mind. Something big, that you could see it in her eyes. She was determined to do something, but no one knew what she was going to do... (Commit suicide? run away?)

( ... Wht do you think happens next?...Stay Updated for the second chapter)
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