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This is a poem I had wrote a while back... Its about how I liked this guy and he never saw me and dated someone who would have hurt him badly... By the way... I wrote this in like 6th grade... so i...

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As my gazes runs past the lot
I see you standing near

I would give almost anything
For just a conversation

But every time I try to move
You turn and look away

Now you're dating someone
A person I can't stand

No matter what I try to do
You won't look my way

I guess I'm just invisible
Someone you can't see

But I wish you would
Just give me a chance

So you can truly see
The difference between two things

The girl you want and the girl you've got
She has played you like a game

And if you don't stop and listen
You won't find out in time

Now open your eyes and take a look
And take the girl you truly want

Even if that girl isn't me
Just get away from that little devil

She isn't what she seems
Not even close

So please listen to me
And get out now
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