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Coming home

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This is a pretty long story; or the longest i wrote so you are going to have to read it to find out whats up! Oh and this is a fantisy chapter; so don't leave a flame saying that it can't really ha...

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I heard a steady beeping noise as I woke
I had tried to open my eyes but they would not open
I had tried to scream, but nothing came out
I had tried to move; but I stayed still
"Help" I would say over and over in my mind; but my lips were sealed shut
When my eyes opened in my mind; there was nothing but rain and cold bitterness
"Help" I would say again; still, my mouth, sworn to secrecy
I looked around the destined area; nothing in sight to shield the rain
"Help" I'd say once more
Why can't I go to the real world? Why am I stuck in my head? Why can't I go to were I'm loved? My mind was racing until I heard a voice from up above
"How is she doing doc?" Frank's voice echoed throughout this cold world
"FRANK!! I'm in here!!" I would yell hoping he could hear
"Not so good" the doctor answered
"NO!! I'M FINE!! SEE??" I would yell again
"She has a very bad infection in her lower back; her head was hit pretty badly; and it seems she will live but we are not sure if she will ever wake up, talking might help, but it seems she is out cold"

Damn doctor

"Oh" was all frank would say; he must still be mad at me
"Frank. I'm so sorry! I deserve this! I have hurt you" the heavy rain was the only thing shielding my tears
I felt him grab hold of my lifeless hand and say words of god; how he wishes for me to come back
Why would he say these things? I have hurt him so badly and he still loves me?
"Frank..." I would look up into the sky "Oh how I miss your warm loving hugs, kisses, notes, emails; why do I have such a tortured life?" my face would become bitter and cold and my hands numb and white
I heard him pry beside me and hope to god I would be safe; that I am happy were ever I am in the world; and that he hopes that I come back were I belong, a place were I am loved to death
I warmed me up inside and this dark rainy world was become clear and sunny; warm a beautiful; loving and thriving; a place that is what I think of when I am around Frankie.
He would pry to god that I am safe; that I see everyone that I love; that there is hope and peace; there is nothing to stop me for what I am diving for
But most of all; he prayed that I would not die; that I would wake up soon and jump back into his arms
He said that five long time before finally breaking down crying
"Frank" I would say; reaching for the sky
"Frank, I miss you, so much" I started crying with him
"But don't cry for me. I have caused you so much pain; I don't deserve the kindness that you give me; so much love and care; I have not returned." I cried more and reached out for him, but nothing happened. I wish so badly that I could see him and hold him and tell him how sorry I was for all the things I have caused him
I called his name more than I could count before I finally gave in; I couldn't get out of this world; I was trapped in it and there was a never ending emotion going on
I curled up in a ball and sang to myself
"I need you like water
Like breath, like rain
I need you like mercy
From heaven's gate
There's a freedom in your arms
That carries me through
I need you"
I took in the sent of fresh air and laid on the soft grass
"Frankie" I would whisper over and over
"Huh? Keya?!" I would here Frankie yell from my loving world
"Frankie??!!" I sat up
"KEYA?!" frank yelled
"FRANKIE!! I MISS YOU!! It is so scary here!!" I'd talk; though I can't see the real world; move in the real word; or cry in the real world; all I wanted is to talk to Frankie
"Keya? You can hear me?"
"Yea, I could hear everything; the prays; everything" I cried
"I miss you so much" I heard him choke on tears
"Me too! I thought I'd never say how sorry I was; or how much I love you! But now I can! Frankie, I love you more than anything in this whole world! And you could never add up the amount of how sorry I am!"
"Shhh, it's okay, I forgive you. Gerard told me everything"
"He did? How'd he take it though??"
"He's okay; he said if you get better he'll become sober for good" I could feel him smile
"Yea, how'd you know?" I asked
"You're smiling"
I too a gasp and smiled to myself; i was coming home; i was coming to my senses and away from the nightmare
"Frank, I'm coming back!" I was feeling the joy trickle through my body
"From what?"
"This cold dark world; from this nightmare; going home to were you are" I reached my arm up and I could start to smell the sent of frank going into my lungs; I could start to feel the cold world going to an end; I was coming home for good now, and i don't plan to leave.

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