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Tidy Bug

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Haru comes for a visit, sending Aki and Natsu into a chaotic cleaning frenzy. Poor, poor, Mark!

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Tidy Bug

"Don't touch that, Mark!" Aki cried from the kitchen. Confused, her "boyfriend" slowly backed away from the coffee table. "Okay," he said. "Sorry." You see, Aki got an e-mail from Haru. She was in such a panic that she screamed loud enough to wake the dead all over Japan. Mark quickly ran into her room. "What?" he asked in a panic. "What's the matter?" Pale-faced and silent, Aki pointed to the screen. Her "boyfriend" walked to her laptop and slowly read the open message. Here is what the terror message said:


I'm coming today! I hope your dorm is clean! I will be there by this afternoon. I'll see you then.

Love, Haru Shoji

P.S.: No strange men with you.

Mark turned back to his "girlfriend." She was just trembling in complete terror. "So," her "boyfriend" said at last. "Your infamous sister is coming today." Aki just screamed again in fear.

Thus, the reason Aki cleaning like a mad woman. She had been doing so since she got the message. All Mark could do was stand around and watch. His "girlfriend" occasionally yelled at him if he was too close to touching something and making a small mess again. "Oh!!!!" Aki cried out from the kitchen. "This display in the sushi is not turning out right!!!!" Sweat drop on Mark's head as he sighs

Then suddenly, the door opened. The "couple" both looked up at once. Natsu stood in the door smiling. "Hi everybody!" she chirped aloud. Aki became pale with terror. "Take your shoes off before you come in!!!" she screamed out. "Okay..." Natsu said confused. Then she did so slowly. "Why?" the girl asked softly. "Haru's coming today." Mark said annoyed. Natsu's eyes grew big in panic. "Today?" she asked. "When?" "This afternoon." Aki answered from the kitchen. The girl looked around frantically. "Where's the mini vac?" she asked aloud. "In the closet." Aki answered. "Thanks!" Natsu called. Then she rushed to the closet and got to work. "But Aki just vacuum the floor, twice!" Mark protested. But both girls didn't hear him. They were both too busy with work. Sweat drop on Mark's head as he sighs again "Jesus!" he thought annoyed. This was going to be a long day!

Moment of truth

Mark, Aki, and Natsu sat on the couch waiting. Time seemed to be dragging. All three were dressed up to look like cute dolls. Mark shuffled a bit in his seat. "Uh...." he spoke up. Aki and Natsu turned to him in a snap. "Shut up!!!" they snapped. Mark went quiet again. The wait was too painful to bear. Mark began counting the patterns in the ceiling. Both sisters sat there in worry. Something would have to get and soon!

Finally, a knock came on the door. All three looked up at once. "You open it." Aki said to Natsu. The girl instantly went pale. "Me?" she asked in a panic. "You answer it, you're the oldest!" "No, she's the oldest!" Aki protested. "Haru's the oldest, I'm the second oldest!" "Oh, so I should be the one to die?" Natsu snapped. Aki nodded. "Yeah." she replied. That didn't really help. "Oh that's really good!" Natsu snapped. "Sorry." Aki said as she shrugged. "It's not right!" Natsu shot back.

As the sisters argued on, Mark rolled his eyes and walked straight to the door. "Who are you?" a female's voice asked aloud. Both Aki and Natsu looked up in terror. Now, they were in the belly of the beast. Haru's visit seemed to take forever. She was just incepting everything. Aki and Natsu stood nervous. "Did you clean every inch?" Natsu whispered to her older sister each time. "Yeah." Aki always answered. Tenses rose high. Mark was growing annoyed with each passing minute. The wire had become so thin...

"How long are you going to keep doing this?!?" Mark shouted at long last. All three females stared right at him. "He's done it now!" Aki and Natsu thought together in fear. Haru walked strongly over to the Scottish man. "Why?" the woman asked. "Does it bother you?" "Yes!" Mark said strongly. Haru raised her slender eyebrow. Her younger sisters watched on in fear. "Oh?" Haru asked at last. "Yeah!" Mark said boldly. Haru stepped closer. "Should we save him?" Natsu asked. "How?" Aki asked. Both went quiet really fast. "And who are you?" the older sister asked. Mark stood strong. "I'm Aki's boyfriend!" he answered. "But we haven't slept together yet!" His "girlfriend" felt sick all of a sudden. Haru looked over at her sister. "Is this true?" she asked. Right then, her sister found her strength. "Yes!" Aki answered. Silence passed. "I see." Haru said flatly.

The rest of the visit was somewhat weird. Lucky for them, Haru didn't stay for dinner. Normality returned when she left. Natsu and Aki saw Mark with new eyes!

Next Day
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