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A Promise to Keep

by Lourdes 2 reviews

The Sequel to "For Them... And for Us: The Strength of Twelve". Over a year later and the group has slowly been healing, exciting times giving them cause to find happiness once again. Yet just wh...

Category: Naruto - Rating: R - Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Romance - Characters: Chouji, Gaara, Hinata, Ino, Iruka, Itachi, Jiraiya, Kakashi, Naruto, Neji, Rock Lee, Sakura, Sasuke, Shikamaru, Tenten, Tsunade, Other - Warnings: [!!!] [V] - Chapters: 7 - Published: 2007-02-10 - Updated: 2008-05-23 - 33246 words - Complete



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