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I'm coming back home

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I stayed up in bed thinking about Keya 'She was too young to leave this earth' I switched from my right side to my left and stared at nothing but a pitch black hallway "Keya" I whispered to myse...

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I stayed up in bed thinking about Keya
'She was too young to leave this earth' I switched from my right side to my left and stared at nothing but a pitch black hallway
"Keya" I whispered to myself "I love you"
With that I fluttered my eyes closed and took in a fresh sent of the sheets that she used to sleep in

Keya POV

This place was nothing but peace
The grass behind me was green, soft and lush
The sky was a powerful blue; vibrant and beautiful
The sun was setting over the oceanfront as I sat on the beach sand
Seagulls populated the sky and made the calming noises
The ocean was a pure see through blue
There was no one around and it was peaceful silence
All my cuts and bumps fanished away
It was like a miracle and I love it
But to me; this was no home
I have been hearing frank over and over in my head; he really missed me
"Were am I?" I said to myself
"Heaven. Were else?" someone echoed through the place
I turned my head sharply behind me and looked around
"Who are you?" I looked around
"That is not important right now. Do you really want to go back home?" the voice boomed
"More than words could say" the soft breeze blew through my silk hair as I stood
"Is that what you are sure of? This place is were you could stay; or you could go back were you belong" I stood still as I let the warm ocean water cover my feet
"I am sure. I want to be back with the one I love more than ever. He has been prying ever since I left this world; I could hear his words of hope"
There was a silence until the voice filled the world again
"If that is what you want; I will set you were you wish to be. Think hard about the real world and your body; leave the rest to me"
I thought harder than any other thing I've ever done
I felt me whole body lift and rise above the beautiful world
'The only home I have is with Frankie' I thought before my whole body disappeared

Hospital (Doctor POV)

Another hard day; another good soul lost
"Night Bella" I waved to the nurse
She waved and started to walk off when she turned back around
"Aren't you going home?" she asked
"Yea soon; I just want to see her one last time" the nurse knew exactly what I meant
"Go ahead; I haven't locked it up yet"
I walked down the blue and white tiled floor and through the two oversized doors
I walked past a few beds until I reached hers
"She had such a pure soul" I looked at the pale body below me

All of a sudden the paleness turned peach
"Uhh..." I looked down
Next thing I know she takes in a huge gasp of air and her eyes flew open
"Oh my god!" I dropped my coffee and it spilled all over the floor

Keya POV

I flew my eyes open and the first thing I see is the doctor
"Thank you so much!!" I yelled and jumped up to hug him
"Uhh... you're welcome?" he hugged me back
"You helped me come back from heaven; see look!" I turned around so he could see my cut
"All gone! I want to thank you so much!!!!" I hugged his large body once more before taking off through the open doors
"Thank YOU!!" I yelled as I ran through the entrance doors

I was running so fast I didn't even care that I was still in my hospital gown
My long red hair was swaying behind me and I could feel that I was near the love of my life; the person that cared about me even when I was dead; the person who prayed for me every second of his life; I was coming home.

"FRANKIE!!" I yelled
I was ten feet away from the bus and I was excited

My body was shaking and trembling but I didn't care; he was 10 seconds away from me and I don't care what happens to me now; as long as I see him
"FRANKIE OPEN THE DOOR!!" I banged on the bus door over and over again until I heard the rattle of the lock
I was huffing and puffing but I could still see that I was going to see my lover boy through these doors

"Huh?" the person sounded half asleep but I knew it was Frankie
"FRANKIE!!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!" I screamed
His face showed through the door and the tiredness turned into surprise as he saw me huffing and puffing right in front of him
Frank walked slowly down the steps; taking each one carefully; making sure I was for real
When he was right in front of me; my smile was huge.
Frank carefully took his hand and placed it on my cheek; caressing it
"You're for real"
I nodded my head
"Frank; you don't know how much I missed you!" my tears were pouring out of my eyes and into his hand
"It was so beautiful in heaven; but my home is were you are" right then I couldn't take it anymore
I jumped into his arms and wrapped my legs around him as he grabbed me too
I cried into his shoulder and stayed there
"I thought I never was going to see you again!" my voice muffled by his shoulder
"I know" he cried "Me too"
"Frank; for my whole life; I am never going to leave you again! That was horrible not having you around" I cried out
He just kept silent and held me close to him; not wanting to let go.
"I love you more than words could say; and there is nothing that could ever change that!"
He put me carefully down on the ground and knelt on one knee
"If you love me so much" he took a breath as I looked down at him "Then Keya Elizabeth BeCarter would you be my wife?" he held out a box with a huge diamond ring in it.

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