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How It Used To Be.

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This is sort of MCR! well MCR influenced it i just don't mention any names.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Angst, Drama, Horror, Romance - Characters: Gerard Way - Warnings: [!!!] [V] - Published: 2007-02-11 - Updated: 2007-02-11 - 425 words - Complete

I sat and waited. How long was it going to be before you came in again? Drunken and violent.
My heart started to race as I heard the key in the lock. I heard you stumbling around downstairs. You shouted for me to come.
I got up and walked down the stairs to where you were. You shouted that I had been cheating on you and that I was a worthless slut. My cheek stung as you slapped me across the face. I fell to floor.
I got up and began to run upstairs. You screamed at me not to turn my back on you. You grabbed my hair and pulled my down half a flight of stairs.
You kicked and punched me until I stopped struggling. Then you went upstairs to bed and left my lying unconscious at the bottom of the stairs.
When I woke up it was pitch black. I did not dare go into our room encase I disturbed you. I had learned my lesson after doing that once before.
I still had the scar. The doctors said I was lucky. I'm sure that they didn't believe I had fallen down the stairs.
I walked into the bathroom and took the pills out of the medicine cupboard. I also picked up my razor. I sat on the toilet seat and stared off into space.
Maybe if I had told you I loved you more often you wouldn't have started drinking. Or perhaps you just hated me and didn't really love me at all. I love you. Those three little words are all I want to hear when you come home at night! Not abuse and names! Just those three words. I love you with all my heart even though you hit me so much.
I heard you stirring in the room next door. I picked up the razor and cut deeply. Diagonally. It didn't hurt anymore. It used to, a long time ago but not anymore.
I felt life slowly ebb away from me. I needed to go quicker. I could already here your grumblings and curses because I was not where you left me.
It was only a matter of time before you saw the bathroom light was on. I downed the whole bottle of pills. I was knocked unconscious.
I felt weird when I came round. I felt like nothing could hurt me. I looked down. Only then I realised why I felt like this.

I was looking down on my own body with you bending over it screaming.
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