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Random Ice-Skating With DS Folk

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Yeah so it's the DS peeps ice-skating. pretty crap but R&R. Not really funny but oh well.

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Kinky Sex Rap Thingy
That I Stole From Becca Emm.
Sex is a sensation,
Caused by temptation,
When a guy puts his location,
In a girls destination,
To increase the population,
For the next generation,
Do you get my explanation?
Or do you need a demonstration?

A.N. Hullo my nearest and dearest. For Erin and Bex. You Rawk everyone's sawks. Yeah not as fluffy as I would have hoped but oh well I can't really do fluff. Sort of got the idea from Dancing on Ice. It's pretty crap but I couldn't think of anything.
Disclaimer: I own nothing Mr Shan owns.

"I haven't been ice-skating in ages!" Darren said excitedly while putting his skates on. The other vampires shared a worried glance. "Okay. Let's go skate!" Darren exclaimed jumping up and going over to the rink. The rest followed him over except Seba, Harkat and Vanez who thought they should sit it out. Well they did have good excuses (Seba was old and had a bad leg, Harkat couldn't risk being seen and Vanez was blind.) The others weren't as lucky to get out of it though and had to go ice-skating.
"Who do you think will be the last one standing?" Seba mused.
"Arra." Vanez said surely.
"Yes, but Mr Crepsley... and Mika... won't want to... look bad in front... of her." Harkat said.

"Gavner you aren't getting to hold onto my arm." Arra sighed trying to shake him off.
"Fine. I'll hold onto the side." He moaned grabbing hold of the edge and then muttered, "At least the side won't moan about it"
Kurda stayed with Gavner. Arra and Darren were in the front because they were the best. And Larten and Mika were stuck behind. Gavner was the first to fall, even though he was holding onto the side, because a little kid went straight into him. He nearly pulled Kurda down with him but Kurda let go of his arm.
"Right Darren you owe me a fiver." Arra said skating up to Gavner with her hand out. Darren sighed and handed her the money.
"You two were betting on who fell first?" Gavner asked holding onto his waist as Larten pulled him to his feet.
"Yes. And I won." Arra said proudly. There was very few people on the rink at this time. Everyone was probably away for tea. And in about 15 minutes it was just the vampires on the rink. Gavner was better when there was less people about. He did stumble but so did everyone at one point. They all went round together and they were laughing and joking. Darren had stopped to tighten his laces and when he started again he couldn't stop and he ran right into Larten! Darren didn't fall but Larten did and he landed on top of Arra. Everyone stopped and stared Larten went bright red but Arra just smiled. It was a very dodgy position. Mika was practically green with envy. He didn't like Larten too much.
Larten pulled himself up and held out his hand and Arra took hold of it. Once she was up they decided it was time to go back to the hotel they were staying at. Darren, Arra and Larten went for the dinner and went for a DVD. The rest all went back to the luxury hotel. Arra linked arms with Larten and he smiled. Darren looked up at the couple and he felt like he was part of a family again.

A.N. I can't write one shots. If you think this can have some more chapters review. I know its not that good but R&R anyway. Christine x
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