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Chapter Five: "Nice Tie Sir!"/"This Is NOT Ray Toro!"

"We must stop this...this...this..." Bald, ugly, fat, boring, suit wearing Labour Party (Tony Blair's political party) Man #1. stuttered in an attempt to find a word to describe the ground-breaking scene he had just witnessed in the field? in London where both Matt Bellamy and Gerard Way had delivered speeches that rivalled such fantastic ramblings of many effective prep talks from such famous and historical battles as 'The Battle Of Hasting -1066AD' and 'The Battle Of Bannockburn-1314AD' in effect.

"This...atrocity?" Labour Man #2. supplied questioningly, blushing slightly as he realised that all the focus of glass-panelled conference room that the group of some 27 Labour Party Devotees had retreated to after Mr. Way's speech in order to discuss the out of hand political rebellion, had turned to him and his supplied description of the events.

"Yes! That is exactly what it is my fellow Labour Devotee! And it MUST be stopped!" Man #1 answered causing man#2 to blush even more profusely and all other surrounding men to glare enviously at man #2.

After this, the plans for stopping the dubbed 'atrocity' began and they all thought that it was entirely foolproof and so they decided to indulge themselves in a couple of chocolate biscuits and a glass of fine Scotch each.

All 27 of the men were, however, completely oblivious to a 28th presence in the room, or at least in the cupboard at the side of the room. Regardless of the exact position of the twenty-eighth person, she still heard every single word that was spoken and she grew angrier and angrier as her ears drank in the 'foolproof' plan to stop her saviour 'Matt' from reaching his full powerful, proficient political potential.

"Where do we keep the Scotch and the biscuits again?" asked the new voice of Man#3.

"In the cupboard just to the side there." Various voices of different numbered men answered simultaneously. The girl inside the cupboard gulped theatrically and began breathing slightly heavier and more nervously than she had been before as she heard footsteps approach the cupboard.

"What the.....?" The man who opened the cupboard gasped as he saw a girl crouched into the small area; a bright pink t-shirt adorned by the words "Join The Matt Parade!" in black lettering and when she jumped out of the cupboard, "M4PM!" covered her back. Glancing around, she realised that she desperately needed to make it out of the glass-panelled conference room alive in order to save Matt's campaign.

The girl grabbed the closest Labour man and held him roughly by his red and yellow striped tie. "You're gonna let me out of here, you're not gonna stop me! Or I swear by the power vested in me by The Matt Parade, I will cut this man's tie into shreds!"

A chorus of shocked breaths met the girl's ordinarily harmless threat (Business men take their appearance very seriously).

"But the chancellor of Venezuela gave me that tie for my birthday!" The man pleaded pathetically as the girl looked frantically around the room for a pair of scissors. Finding a pair, she snatched them up and held them threateningly to the clashing material.

"You cannot do this girl!" another man shouted as he made his way towards the girl who was skilfully manoeuvring herself towards the door, all the while holding the man's tie at scissor point.

"My name is Laura! And if the robots can't get me, then fat, bald men sure as hell can't!" and with that final statement, she ripped the tie from around the man's neck and dashed out of the conference room disappearing from the men's sight.

"Well, shit!" twenty six Labour men breathed where she left them; the twenty-seventh was sobbing on the floor, mourning his tie.

"They say music is the most influential form of art, I do not see anything wrong with combining music and politics. People listen to rock music because they believe in something different...something more!" Matt told the TV interviewer enthusiastically, "The people that vote for me are the people that believe that and strive for that. I'm going to help them."

"Do you not think that maybe you are just exploiting your status as a rock star to achieve power in one of your hobbies? Will you still be interested enough, if you were to win the election, to carry out all the promises you have made?" The interviewer asked snarling slightly and gaining an evil glare from Silvana, who was just out of shot, which made them shift uncomfortably.

"Of course he will!" defended Gerard who was sitting on the couch next to Matt, legs crossed and holding his knee.

The interviewer was about to ask another question when the doors to the studio burst open and a girl wielding a ghastly tie in one hand and Ray Toro's shirt collar in the other (obviously Ray Toro was wearing his shirt and so she was dragging him with her.) ran forward, attempting to shout something important, but she'd run too fast to be able to.

Matt and Gerard ended the interview and rushed over to where the girl was half-collapsed with a scared looking Ray beside her, still tightly in her grasp. The interviewer stalked of in a huff as her bitchy tirade against Matt was cut-off. Silvana gazed at her loathingly before making her way over to the girl.

"Who are you and why are you trying to choke poor Ray?" Gerard asked once she looked like she had gotten the ability to breathe back.

"I am SafeFromRobotsDAMN a.k.a: Laura!" she sighed, relenting her hold on Raymond only slightly, "And this..." she motioned to Ray, "Is NOT Ray Toro!" she resounded proudly.

Everyone looked at SafeFromRobotsDAMN in confusion, especially Ray who was attempting to keep breathing. "He is an impostor, employed by the Labour Party to sabotage your Campaign Matt."

"No he isn't!" Frank Iero shook his head at the girl who frowned slightly while the rest of My Chemical Romance trudged through the door, all looking tired and stretching.

"My really is uncanny." She dropped Ray and walked to Frank where she began to study him closely, "You really do look a lot like the real Frank!" she said, which earned her odd looks from EVERYONE!

"I am the real Frank!" he shouted. "And he's the real Ray!" he pointed angrily at the heap of curly hair on the ground that was just about breathing healthily again.

SafeFromRobotsDAMN took a few steps back and glanced around at all the people staring at her as if she were insane; Matt, Silvana and the whole of My Chemical Romance. When her eyes locked on the remaining members of MCR they all raised their hands before rushing they said, "We're the real people too!"

She sighed as she glanced at the tie in her hands before putting it around her neck and ignoring the strange looks, she rubbed her hands together, "Well, you gotta wear a tie when you're interrogating someone!" she looked around seriously, "Gerard, be a doll and fetch a lie detector!"

All of My Chemical Romance gulped as SafeFromRobotsDAMN looked them over sceptically and Gerard looked to Matt, confused an kind of scared, as he wondered where he'd find a lie detector...and what the hell it would be used for!

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