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The White Room

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Their stuck in a white room. They have no idea how they got there or why they're there. What chaos shall endure?

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-Disclaimer- i own nothing. i DO however own the white room. smiles and nods yep.

okay this is my first ever Green Day story. so please don't hate me if i don't get the information right. i don't really know them that well...and well ya know what why don't you just read it. i'll stop my babbling...ENJOY! smiles

Billie stirs from his slumber, "Ohh...fuck where am i?"

He opens his eyes and cries out a little at the brightness of the room. He shields his eyes until they adjust. He looks around at a white room. Nothing more, nothing less. There was a black leather couch in the middle of the room. The walls were bare, the lights were bright, and he was lying on the floor.

He sat up slowly holding his head. He had on the clothes from the night before; a pair black jeans, a three row studded belt, a black and red striped shirt, and his leather jacket over it all. His converse were on his feet as he sat up. His makeup was smeared slightly as well.

Billie's eyes rested on where Tre was, "Tre! Tre! Wake up!" He crawled over to where Tre was and slightly shook him, "Tre wake up!"

Mike turned over shielding his face, "Whaz goin on?" He sounded tired.

Billie replied, "Mike! Help me wake up Tre." He looked over to where Mike was.

Mike waved his hand and turned back over falling back asleep. He was wearing black jeans like Billie's, a pair of black adidas shoes with a white strip down them, a red button up shirt and a black and white striped tie.

Billie sighed and tried to wake Tre up again. Tre had on a pair of khaki jeans and a plaid polo shirt. His shoes were black with a white stripe down the middle.

Billie said yawning, "Come on Tre wake up!"

Tre didn't stir from his slumber.

Billie yelled this time, "Tre wake the fuck up!!!"

Tre finally turned over, "Wha?" He shielded his eyes from the brightness of the room they were in.

Mike said, "Billie shut up! I'm trying to sleep!!!" He curled into a tighter ball.

Tre sat up after his eyes adjusted to the brightness of the room, "Where the hell are we?"

Billie shrugged, "Mike wake up!"

Mikey replied with a small grunt and tried to fall back asleep.

Tre sighed and yelled, "MIKE WAKE UP!" His voice echoed from the walls. "Hey cool..."

Billie smiled a little and then went over to Mike, "You need to wake up Mike."

Mike groaned, "I don't want to!"

Tre jumped on him, "Wakey wakey Mikey Mikey!!!"

Mike yelled, "AH!! GET THE FUCK OFF TRE!!!"

Tre and Billie were laughing as Mike sat up and he adjusted to the room's brightness as well, "Where the hell is this?"

Billie and Tre gave him blank stares. Mike sighed and looked around.

There were bright lights on the ceiling, everything was white excluding the black leather couch in the middle of the bare room. There was a door that was windowless and it was bolted and padlocked shut.

They didn't know where they were. They didn't know how they got there. And they didn't know why they were even there.

Soon enough they would find out...

okay so you like it? right? well tell me how i did. for a first Green Day one i think i did pretty good...okay well read and review! reviews make me feel warm and fuzzy inside! hehe...okay byebye! =)
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