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Cahpter 9

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Gees gotta go to the doctors. Did someone just say needle?

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Over the next few days Gerard continued to get worse.
His fever spkied and he didn't have the strength to leave bed.
Adie was constantly at his side.
Even Frank managed to calm down enough to stay with him.
Billie came over as much as possible.
Gerard kept refusing to go to the doctor.
Though Adie feared when they finally did go it would be to the emergency room.
Now Adie sat at his bedside.
He had to be watched constantly incase anything happened.
They sat in silence.
"You havn't been...doing drugs have you?"
Gerards eyes shot open.
"Well, I know you used to and you stopped, but I have to take everything into consideration. Even if I don't want to."
Gerard sighed.
"No I havn't been doing drugs."
"Okay, good."
Adie ended their conversation there not wanting to disturb him anymore.
The next day Adie managed to herd Gerard into the car.
Frank sat next to her in the front and Mikey beside Gerard in the back.
"Where are we going?"
Gerard asked.
"Uhh, somewhere."
Adie said not taking her eyes off the road.
when they arrived at their destination Gerard screamed.
"No I don't wanna go!"
"Gee, you need to see a doctor, your sick."
Adie said.
"But they have...needles!"
All color in Gerards face drained at the word needle.
"Oh my god, Gee. They're not going to give you a shot."
"How do you know that?"
"They're just going to get you some medicine, now c'mon."
They didn't have to wait terribly long.
When the doctor joined the four in their room Gerard sent him death glares.
Adie thumped him on the head.
He pouted and continued to glare at the doctor.
"Well Mr.Way I think you have a little cold."
Gerard snorted and crossed his arms over his chest.
"Were you faking that sickness?"
Adie growled her features taking a dark turn that promised pain and possibly death.
"Hell no!"
He said.
"What sickness?"
The doctor asked.
"He was weak and had a high fever."
Adie said glaring at Gerard.
"Hmm, he may have had the flu, it just cleared up. But he needs a tetnis shot."
Gerard screamed.
"You lied to me! Damn you Adie you lied!!"
Adie smirked in spite of the situation.
Her sick mind liked to see peoples faces contorted in fear like that.
Gerard began crying.
It took Adie, Frank, Mikey, and a nurse to hold Gerard down long enough to give him the shot.
He screamed bloody murder and kept cursing the world even after everyone condemmed him to a lifetime in his room.
"Next time I'm just going to shoot him."
Adie growled watching laying her head in Franks lap and watching Hellboy.
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