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Dont You Fake It.

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Never mix business with pleasure.

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The studio was dark. The only light that illuminating the room was the light coming from the controls on my recording console. I was sitting in the sound room waiting to finish the last tracks for the album that was yet to be titled. I had lost track of time and it was sure to be god knows what hour in the morning. I was sitting on a leather tall back chair with arm rests and resting my head on my left hand. My eyes were getting heavier and heavier by the minute as I was sitting there watching Elias lay down the last of the back up vocals for the songs. It was only him and I in the studio right now because the rest of the guys opted to go home and get some sleep before they had a meeting with the record label tomorrow. I let them go because I didn't mind sitting here waiting with Elias to get done, and there really was no need for them to be here bored out of their minds watching him take tracks over and over again.

My cell phone started buzzing, it wasn't unusal for it to go off since I was in the business where I needed to be constantly in contact with people. I almost didn't recognize the annoying buzzing until I heard the door open to the sound room. Elias had left the recording booth and walked into the sound room. He looked just as exhausted as I was. His eyes were baggy, the colour in his eyes was faded as well. I barely had any energy to move when he walked in. I forced myself to stretch and push away from the sound console and stretch out even further. I smiled to Elias as my hands almost touched the ceiling. The sound room wasn't that big, but it wasn't small either. If it could fit 5 guys and a music producer, as well as a few excutives and a couple friends from time to time, it was all big that it needed to be.

Elias walked over in front of me and wrapped his arms around my neck after I got done stretching. The poor guy looked so tired that he was going to fall over any second. I instinctively wrapped my arms around his waste and he put his chin to my forehead. Elias and I were always close, like almost close enough that if you saw us on the streets you'd think that we were together, but we weren't. The thought came accross our minds from time to time but it would disappear because he had a job that demanded a lot from him and I had a job that had labour intensive hours that would were almost completely unpredictable. The only prediction that you could make about the two of us is that neither of us would have the same schedule, ever and to even think about working out a relationship is almost entirely impossible.

I sighed into Elias' chest. He was absolutely adorable when he was tired. I ran a hand through his hair and messed his hair up. I grabbed his jacket and tossed it to him. I grabbed my sweater and put it on over my head and snuggled into the inside. I hit the stop button on the tape and then turned off the control panels. The tape would have to wait until tomorrow when I decided to get out of bed and get myself over to the studio to start editing his tracks and mixing them against Ronnies. I yawned again and locked the door behind us as Elias stepped out into the brightly lit hallway. Squinting against the bright lights I pulled my purse onto my shoulders and placed my hands into my pockets of my sweater. I couldn't wait to get home and take a nice hot shower and then crawl into my bed. It was a long day, we had started the recording process around 10am and hadn't taken any breaks except for lunch and a smoke break for some of the guys when they needed it.

We walked out into the cold New York air. It hit us like a ton of bricks because the air in the studio was a lot warmer and more comfortable then the air outside. It was the mid february and the air was extremely chilly. It wasn't anything that I wasn't used to considering the fact that I orginated from accross the border just outside of Toronto. I was used to a lot harsher winters than this. Elias on the other hand couldn't stay warm for the life of him. My apartment wasn't very far from the studio and that's what I loved about the location, it was extremely convienent and I had a lot of sleepovers with people. Okay, not in that way. But Whenever I had friends in town they would always spend the night if we ended up recording late into the morning.

It wasn't ten minutes later, Elias and I had arrived at my apartment. I opened the door for him and he stepped in, he looked nearly frozen half to death. I smiled and shook my head before hitting the lights and walking over to my answering machine. Elias immediately dove for my couch and covered himself in one of my big heavy blankets on the couch. I grinned and hit play on my answering machine.

"You have three unheard messages. February 12th, 2006 12:19pm:
Hey Kate, I'm at my moms house tonight if you need me, you know the number call me if you need meeeeee." The last syllabol of the word me was dragged out and I walked to the fridge to put some water in a the tea kettle to make some hot chocolate for Elias and I.
"February 12th, 2006 1:30pm:
Hey babe, it's just me, I need you to be at the studio for around 3 in the afternoon tomorrow. We've gotta go over some stuff for the new band that's coming in to do some recording after you get done with the jumpsuit dudes. Ah, I figure you probably won't be out of the studio until later tonight, I'm thinking midnight or so, but if that's the case, just hit me up with a text message and let me know. Holla." My boss, Dee. He was quite possibly the coolest dude you would ever meet in your history of aqaintences.
"February 12th, 2006 2:45pm:
Hey dear, it's your mother. Well, you should know that you haven't called in quite sometime and I'm getting rather worried about you. They do say that no news is good news but you know with you living in the city now I'm getting rather quite worried. Give me a shout when you have a minute. Love you.
End of messages."

I made a mental note to myself to call my Mother the minute that I woke up tomorrow. I yawned and turned the stove off because the tea kettle was screaming to be shut up since the water had already boiled itself. I grabbed two cups from the cupboard and went to the pantry and grabbed the can of hot chocolate. Carefully evening out the hot chocolate into the cups so that each was even, I started to pour hot water into the cups as well. When the cups were almost to the brim, I stopped. Leaving room for some milk to cool it down a bit. I yawned again and grabbed the cups off of the counter and walked over to the plush black leather couch that was in my living room. I put the drinks down on the glass coffee table that was in front of the couch and flopped down on Elias. He was stretched out on the couch and I was sitting on his legs. I smiled as he groaned when I sat on his legs. I yawned and laid down ontop of Elias. Instinctively, he wrapped his arms around my shoulders and pulled my closer to him. I smiled and kissed his cheek.

"Lee, you look like you're going to pass right out at any second." I giggled and pushed his hair out of his face. He had his eyes closed and a big smile written accross his face.
"No ma'am. I'm fine!"
"You make the worst liar of life." I sat up and pushed his arms away from me. I stretched and stood up. "Well, sleepy head. I'm going to bed." I tucked the blanket around him and went to kiss him on his forehead. Elias had moved his hand around to the back of my neck and pulled my lips to meet his instead of his forehead. At first, I was a little sketchy about kissing Elias back. I did have feelings for this boy since the minute that I had originally laid eyes on him. I remember the feeling that I got, the butterflies. The godforsaken butterflies that he gave me. I remember getting nervous around him when I was introduced to them. I finally gave into kissing Elias and I liked the feeling of it. The butterflies that I first got when I saw him returned came back. Those butterflies, oh god. I smiled and pulled back from him. His eyes immediately popped open and a smiled pulled at his lips. I stood up and looked around the room slightly, I could feel the redness coming up my cheeks. Elias laughed slightly and put his hand on my hip, I grabbed his hand and shooed it away. I smiled and walked away towards the hallway. I blew Elias a kiss and shut off the living room lights. Grinning like a fool the whole way to my bedroom, I opened the door and shut it quickly behind me. I leaned my back up against my door and screamed silently inside. I was so happy. Then I realised something.

Dee had a golden rule since day one..
Never mix business with pleasure.

My smile quickly faded and I was mentally kicking myself. What the hell had I started?
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