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Chapter twenty five

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It does not go well with Harry Potter. In order to increase Harry's magical power, Dumbledore infects Harry and two girls with a disease. And his power surges.

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Sunday evening was a relaxed event. Harry had floo'd professor Snape about the phones. He immediately wanted to come and to see for himself. Harry handed him the two remaining phones and he was happy as a child.

"Harry, do you have any idea how to charm a computer, so it can work at Hogwarts?"

"I think we need to develop a special charm for a shield, which will protect the electronics against magical surges. But it will take a lot of time and experimentation. By the way, do you girls want to go to muggle London? "

None of the girls wanted to go out in the cold. "Let's stay in and talk a little after Professor Snape goes home."

Professor Snape took the hint and left. Before he went into the fireplace, he turned and looked to Harry. "I know about the magical triplets. " And with that, he was gone.

Hermione and Ginny were looking at Harry.

"What? "

"You made a promise." Ginny said.

Harry looked uncomprehendingly at them. "What do you mean, promise?"

"The mayonnaise!"

"Oh Merlin, the mayonnaise."

"Let's go to bed with the mayonnaise and see how far he'll go."

"Where'd you put it?"

"It's a surprise."

They went to the bedroom. The mayonnaise was already standing on the desk next to the bed.

"Harry, you take a quick shower and when you are back, you will find out."

"I love you both. You are beautiful."

Harry went to take his shower.

Monday morning at breakfast, Harry and Hermione sat on their usual places. Harry looked to the Gryffindor table and saw Ginny eating like she had been starved. Hermione was also eating like she had not eaten for ages, while Harry was feeling he had eaten a horse already; he didn't touch his food; but was looking amusedly at the girls. He looked to the Gryffindor table again, and he saw Ginny wiggling her eyebrows to him, looking anxious.

He thought back about yesterday in the bedroom of Potter's castle, and a wide smile appeared on his face. That was an experience of a lifetime, going to bed with two smashing girls and making love with them, especially how they used the mayonnaise. He thought also about this morning, how sweet they were to him. Waking up like that was a dream comes true, only better. He sighed. Today they had classes after lunch, and the rest of the time they wanted to work on the charmed telephones. Professor Snape promised to deliver them a box with a hundred telephones, which needed to be charmed.

Professor Dumbledore came into the hall, and went immediately to Ginny. He talked to her and moved to the teachers table straight to Harry and Hermione. "Harry and Hermione, if you don't mind, I'd like to have a word with both of you and Ginny in my office when you have done eating. "

"Yes professor, immediately after Hermione is finished breakfast, whenever that is." They looked both too Hermione in amusement.

Hermione looked annoyed at Harry, still busy eating her eggs and sausages. "Hermione, this is your third serving already. Why don't you take some along?"

"Fine. Now I am ready to go."

Harry and Hermione stood up, looked at Ginny, who was watching them, nodded her head and they went to the office of professor Dumbledore.

"Dear children, I have been thinking about your situation for some time now. I spoke with Professor Snape yesterday evening, and we did some research about magical triplets. We spoke with several people of the ministry, and I think we came to a conclusion. "

He looked to them with his famous twinkle in his eyes, while Hermione and Ginny were still eating from Hermione's leftovers.

"We also showed Minister Fudge the telephones and we had them demonstrated yesterday at the ministry. They were very impressed and pleased with the phones. Professor Snape is on his way to bring you a box with those phones, and the Ministry would appreciate it very much if you can charm them for their usage. I'd like to know how you charmed those phones, if you don't mind. "

Hermione sat straight on her chair. "Well Professor, Harry created the charms, Ginny charmed the phones and I've created the documentation."

"Can I see that documentation?"

"Of course." She opened her bag and took a pile of papers. "This is a copy, I also have the originals."

The professor took the papers, and studied them. "You have documented everything, Hermione. This is very impressive work. Can I give them to the ministry?"

"This is property of Hogwarts, isn't it professor? You can do whatever you want with the papers."

He smiled.

"Now back about the magical triplet. Ginny, I asked your parents to come tonight for dinner. I plan to tell them about the magical triplet curse and your role in it. "

He looked intently to Ginny, who looked at him, but said nothing.

"I don't think there will be any problems with your parents. And I checked your file, young lady. I learned that you have the highest score in your year. I am thinking of taking you out of the class, and put you in a special program, which must be managed by Harry and Hermione. Do you like the idea, Ginny?"

Ginny did not flinch and was still looking to the professor. "Yes, I would like that very much."

"You need to be trained for your N.E.W.T.'s and the fastest way to do that is with our famous couple here."

Harry and Hermione looked very pleased. "We would be honored, sir."

Professor Dumbledore's expression changed.

"I want to speak about something I have found out during our research. I have learned that you need to be very careful about your sexual activities, because all contraceptives won't work, unless you use rubbers or a spiral."

All three of them became slightly red and looked very uncomfortable, but said nothing.

The professor looked at them.

Harry looked the professor in the eyes. "We found the same information the Saturday morning. We did not know it yet on Friday night."

The twinkle was gone from the professor's eyes.

"I think the first step must be to determine if there is a problem. If there is one, we will deal with it. If not, there is nothing to worry about, not? ... But I hope that you will take this into consideration."

"Yes Professor."

They walked to the offices of Madame Pomfrey and Harry waited outside. After thirty minutes the girls came out of the office and looked at Harry with a strange and unreadable expression in their eyes. "Come with us, Harry. We need to talk to you. "

Hermione was leading Harry and Ginny to their dorm and sat down on the sofa. "Harry, we're both pregnant!"

Harry was shocked.

"How is it possible that you can determine that you are pregnant after three days? "

"In the magical world it is even possible to determine if you are pregnant immediately after the deed."

"Are you sure? Are both of you pregnant?"

"Yes, no doubt about it. Ginny has twins, both girls and I have a boy! "

Harry did not know how to look.

"Are you OK with it? ", he asked.

"No!" Ginny said.

"Me neither." Hermione said.

"What can we do about it? "

"Harry, you made promises to us. Do you want to break your promise? "

Harry stood up from his chair, walked to the door, placed a lock charm to it, and turned towards the girls. "I never will leave you. You carry my children! I will support you from here to hell and back. I will not let you down, ever!"

Ginny stood up as well and walked to Harry. Her face was very close to Harry and she looked him into the eyes. "Do you want to have your children, Harry? Do you want us to keep them?"

Harry looked to Ginny and Hermione. "Tell me honestly, do you want to keep the children? If not, I will support you in whatever needs to be done. If yes, then we need to change the marriage plans, Hermione. I will not wait one day longer than necessary!"

"I want to keep my boy" Hermione said.

"I want to keep my twins"

"Then we need to inform Professor Dumbledore."

Harry was thinking. "And I want to change the wedding plans. I want to marry you, Hermione, only not in a huge, public wedding, but a private one, and fast as well. I want to be in a position, where I can protect you both."

Hermione smiled sadly. "I think that Professor Dumbledore already knows. Madame Pomfrey is supposed to inform the Professor when cases like this are discovered. "

And right that moment they heard knocking on the door. "That's him!"

Harry unlocked the door and a somber professor Dumbledore entered the dorm. "I heard the news, children. What is your decision?"

Harry stood up with his back straight, his head proudly up. "Ginny expects two girls, and Hermione a boy. We don't want to have an abortion. We need to change the wedding plans to a more private happening and as fast as possible."

The professor nodded slowly and sat down. Now Harry could see the age of the aged man; all energy seemed to leave him.

"What do you think, Harry? ", Professor Dumbledore asked softly.

"Professor, I have known the girls almost all my life. I love them very much, more than I can imagine. According the book about this curse, there is some information how the curse gets triggered. The only way to trigger the curse is that two girls are born as the 7th child in their family and the boy as first child, and the families need to be related in the 7th generation. I know that the Weasley's and Potter's are related with each other seven generations back. The only thing that does not fit is Hermione, because her parents are muggles and she is an only child."

Harry felt silent for some moments.

"I want to tell you also that I love my girls; they are beautiful. I will go through hell and back for them. Now the situation gets more complicated, they are pregnant because of me ... I love them, and I take the blame and full responsibility for my mishap." He looked defiantly to the professor.

The trio went to the dorm with a very uneasy feeling about what the future would be bringing.

Harry sat down on the sofa and sighed and Ginny came to sit next to him. "Harry don't worry, everything will be fine ... and by the way, we are suppose to feel bad, because we are the ones who will carry the burden."

Harry took her in his arms. Hermione came to sit on the other side of Harry and gave them both a hug. Harry looked to the belly of Ginny. "Do you want to say that there are two little creatures growing there, who are ours?" Then he turned to Hermione and touched her lower abdomen. "You too, here is someone growing, who is ours."

Hermione and Ginny were smiling to him. His hands were very warm!

Harry's warm hands were running smoothly across the back of Ginny. She couldn't help the goosebumps that sprouted up all over her body. He sent chills through her. He chuckled lightly as he ran his fingers over her prickled flesh, knowing he was the one making Ginny's body react that sensual way. He was kissing her slowly and deeply, their tongues tangling with each other.

"Why don't you two go to bed and continue over there? Then I can do some work. Maybe I'll join you two later." Hermione stood up and went to her work desk, took some books and parchment and started to work.

Without breaking his kiss, Harry carries Ginny up the stairs to the bedroom, kicked the door closed and headed toward the bed. Ginny's heart was beating out of her chest. She wanted him more than anything and the feeling was mutual judging from the impressive bulge in his trousers that she felt when he helped her back to her feet.

His kisses were deep and hungry, but at the same time, soft and passionate. She could feel his arousal against her thigh and moved her legs so that he was positioned between them. He raised himself upon his elbows and looked adoringly down at her. His breath was ragged as he brushed a few red tendrils from her face. Her hair was spread over the pillow, framing her face in a sea of red.

"You are so beautiful, Ginny," he whispered huskily before placing a soft kiss at the corner of her mouth. "I love you so much."

"I love you, Harry, more than you could ever imagine," she responded, running her hands up and down his moist back, pulling him further down to her.

He felt her heat surround him and all comprehensible thought flew out of the window. He paused as her body got used to him being inside her. They slowly found a rhythm and the cries and moans mingled into a sensuous symphony. He cupped her breasts with his hands, slowly massaging them. He sucked on her nipples and she moaned louder, her body tensed and relaxed, making slow movements with her hips.

The newly familiar heat began to radiate through her body as he took her over the precipice of pleasure once more. She cried out his name as she grasped his shoulders trying to pull him closer to her. He felt her body contract around his length, sending him over the edge. His white heat filled her as his body stiffened and shuddered over her. They lay there motionless for a while trying to catch their breath but not breaking their intimate connection. Finally, they came back down to earth and curled up in each other's arms.

Ginny had never felt so loved and fulfilled. Harry was everything she could have ever dreamed of... as a friend, and now... a lover.


Beta reader for this chapter is Rebby
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