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The Pact

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He had made a pact, that day...

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Vossler York Azelas had made a pact with the gods the day he had let Reks die. He had told himself that day /If I just let this one go/... then he would be able to save much more. He could see the distrust growing in Basch's eyes, and he had only kept his eyes on the goal ahead of him, of keeping the King safe, of making sure that nothing happened.

Instead, he had failed, and even worst, he had put his trust into the one that he thought he could trust the most, his comrade in arms. Sickened and ashamed, he had fled that day before being caught by Archadian soldiers, traveling the sewer systems that he had been taught to memorize just days before.

Unfortunately for him, his memory was not all the best, and he could only remember about half of it before he realized he was lost. Still hard headed and a man, he had refused to give up, walking the narrow bridge ways and crossing the dank and dirty water, the smell of it rising from his shoes, before he finally admitted to himself that perhaps he was lost.

It was then that he had made the pact with any of the gods he could call upon, asking them each in turn to help him survive. He had asked to survive, so that he may help Dalmasca become the powerful state that it once had been. He had asked to survive, so that he may help all those who wanted to help Dalmasca. All he could think about was Dalmasca, his own self worth was of little or no importance to him.

All for the good of Dalmasca.


Upon first seeing Basch, the traitor, he had been surprised, and then became wary of him, as well as the other humes in the group, as well as that viera. It was his job to be wary he thought, and he took his job rather seriously, especially when it was needed to help save the princess, the leader of their little band of resistance members.

Dressing in the clothing of a dead Archadian solder brought him only the sickness of it, the idea that he was dressed as the enemy making him sick to his stomach. But he had charged on, all for Dalmasca and its survival, as he saw it. He had worn the clothes, he had used the sword (which had it's usefulness in other ways of course), and he had helped the little band of humes and viera, seeing their potential finally.

It was then that he remembered his pact, seeing Rek's brother in all of his glory, and he felt sicker to his stomach then the day he had donned the clothes of the dead Archadian. He had survived due to the god's will, and yet he had condemened the boy to his death.

All for the good of Dalmasca though.

When they killed him in the end, the only thing that came to his mind was that it must be good for Dalmasca, even if all he had ever done was for his country. He was no traitor in his mind, and he knew he would never be remembered as one, as he gripped Basch's hand and told him to protect Ashe, looking him in the eye before his gaze drew away and his grip slackened, death overtaking his hardened soul.

This, again, was all for the good of Dalmasca.
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