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Say A Prayer But Let The Good Times Roll

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What do do in the framilar town I once knew

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Hmm what to do today. What to do, what to do, what to do.AH HA! I know. Ill go to the mall. I havent been there in a while. I need some new clothes anyway. I wonder who I should take? Ahh well shower first, then call and annoy people. I walked out of my room. Yes MY ROOM. Pete and I finally hauled ass and finished it. My room is way cooler than the one I had back in Jersey. High Ho Silver! Its off to the shower I go.
Shower is outta the way, but what to do for clothes? I got it. Ill wear a plain black tee, pink hoodie with silver skulls and roses, jeans and my hot pink and lime green kangaroo's. I left my hair alone it looked good as is. I put on some eyeliner, lil bit of mascara and spritz some body spray and I was off to make some phone calls.
I think Im gonna invite Patrick. I havent really hung out with him much. Yeah its decided hes goin to the mall with me. I dont care if he plans. Geez Im so mean. I wakled down stairs to go get the phone. Hmm everyone is gone. Oh well, now wheres that phone? HA HA! I found you, you lil sucker you!

Patrick's POV

Uggg god damned phone! I drug my sluggish body across my room to get the phone. RING! RING! UHH SHUT UP!! I ansewered my 10:30 wake up call not at all pleased
"Ugh Hello?' I whispered harshley into the pone
"Well good mornin sweet pea" JJ's voice cooed in a sultry tone then she let out a small laugh" whats Petey pie tryin to sell you this hour of the morning?'
WHOA! She sounded so seductive. This is a good morning
"Uhhh Patrick. Buddy? Ya there?"
"Oh uh yeah. So whats shakin? wait a minute what?"
"Oh nevermind" She let out a small sigh " I was just wonderin do you wann go to the mall with me today?Cause no one is home and I just wanted to hang out ya know me and you?"
" yeah sure Just give me about a half hour and Ill be there. Ok?"
"Sure thing dollface"
"Alrighty see ya in a few"
We both said bye at the same time and hung up. I got into the shower, got dressed and made sure to smell good.

Normal POV

After I hung up the phone with Patrick. I went to walk out into the living room and wait, on my way there I shoted and di a happy dance for no reason at all. Man this kid is messin with my emotions. I hope it doesnt turn into mothin serious.I bet he has a super sexy girlfreind. I should stop thinking now. That really dangerous.
I plopped down on the couch and turned on the Tv. I hope theres something semi interesting on. I finally decided on good 'ole Jerry Springer. Soon enough there was a loud knock on the dor that shook me of mt trance like state.
"COME IN!!!"
What? Im lazy I odnt feel like gettin up from my spot. As soon as the door opened up. A strong wave of colonge wafted thru the house. I didnt smell bad at all. I was very pleasant. It was kinda intoxacating. Then Patrick peeked his head into the room and smiled at me. OH GAWD! that smile makes me get all school girlish. Kepp yopr cool JJ, its just Patrick. But thats the point its Patrick. This dude confuses the hell outta me. I felt the couch sink down. Patrick just sat there in silence for a few minutes and stared at the Tv. He seemed nervous.
"You ok sweetie?" I reached over and patted his leg. I instantly got chills when I touched him. Hes tensed up for a second.
"Oh yeah im fine, stil a lil tired though. So uh you ready to hit the road?"
"You know it!" I grabbed my purse and head out the door.

All in all we had fun at the mall. We hung out laughed took some stupid pictures, leanrned a few things out each other. I got four new pairs of jeans and quite a few shirts. They had some major sales at the mall. Patrick even got a new jacket and hat. me and patrick spent the rest of the at the park just talkin. It was perfect.

Patricks POV
Today was so much fun. JJ is a trip, now I know why her and Pete are so close. They act alike. But JJ is way prettier and smells much better. Wow im really catchin feelings for her. i should just shake them off, she probvbally just wants to be freinds. I just cant help myself. ill work it out. Il just got talk to Pete he knows her well enough to help me out.
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