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A Matter of Trust

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Making up is good to do, and Bellatrix would like to leave now, thank you.

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Chapter 14 - A Matter of Trust

Healer Dumphries was trying hard to ignore the two auror trainees clinging to each other in the middle of his infirmary, in blatant disregard of regulations. It didn't help that they had the tacit approval of the Regimental Sergeant Major as he sat in the same room smiling at the sight.

"Right," Moody said as Harry and Marietta finally broke the embrace, "now in addition t' all our other duties we have to come up with a plan to rescue our platoon leader's sprog."

"Um, Repple?"

"Uh, yes Trainee?"

"I sorta got sacked earlier and wondered if the position of Yeoman hasn't been filled yet?"

Harry chuckled, "Well let me see," he looked around theatrically, "y' see any qualified volunteers?"

She started to raise her hand to do just that when Harry said, "before you jump up you should know that it's long hours of tedious work with a real git of a platoon leader who will expect you to keep him apprised of everything of significance going on around the platoon, and it turns out he's an expectant father which means mood swings and maybe some other symptoms best not discussed here."

"And before you decide to accept me as your yeoman you should know that I will never again turn my back on you no matter what. If you are butt starkers in a hot-tub full of Veela I will know there's a damn good reason. I will never doubt you again, this I vo-"

As she had earlier, he stopped her from making a magical vow by pressing his lips to hers.

"Repple?" Moody asked.


"You have a full day and a half of liberty left, why are you still here?"

"Sah, no excuse sah!"

"Well then, with the healer's permission?"

Healer Dumphries nodded.

"You are dismissed."

Both Harry and Marietta stood straight and tall and chorused "sah, yes sah!"

Then bolted out the door jogging in the general direction of the Repple flat.

Bellatrix was in a near panic, she was very close to losing it all. If 'snake-lips' ever actually thought she could betray him the best she might hope for was a quick avada kedavra. Where could she go? Nowhere was really safe for a death eater, they could always be tracked by their dark mark. Magic follows the laws of physics she mused, hmm, must be Harry again. All right professor, please explain. The link that allowed her to retrieve all the information Harry had ever been exposed to gave her a quick lesson in muggle science. There is a law, the law of inverse squares that basically says as the distance from a radiated energy source increases linearly the amount of energy decreases exponentially. Simply stated, if you're five meters from a light the light will only be one twenty-fifth as bright. If you're twenty meters from the light it'll seem only one four-hundredth as bright.

"And if I'm in Canada, or better yet Australia or New Zealand then the Dark Tosser's best efforts will amount to a mild itch."

She thanked Harry the best way she knew how; she pushed her extensive catalogue of knowledge and experience of what a woman really wants in a lover into his subconscious.

In the Repple flat Harry had transfigured his conference table into a large wooden tub and charmed the water to warm and massage its two occupants so they could relax and refresh following their exertions that afternoon.

"So that's make-up sex?" Marietta sighed as the warm water soothed her tender flesh and muscles and bones. "I think you've killed me Potter; but what a way to go. . ."

"We'll have to schedule four or five arguments a day if that's the case. . ."

Her eyes grew large as saucers and she said in a small voice, "Oh help!"

Harry slid over to embrace her but she kept him at arm's length, gliding away every time he tried to draw nearer.

"Give it a rest Luv; I'm not a machine y'know." She said in mock exasperation.

"I can't help it; you inspire me! I want to do so many wonderful things with you."

"Write them out in a memorandum and submit it for my approval."

Harry groaned, trying unsuccessfully yet again to sidle up to his reluctant quarry.

"Bullocks, y' can't corner a bird in a round tub. Memo to me, square tub; next time a square tub!"

Marietta smiled at his mock exasperation then thought, 'why not?' then stood in the waist deep water, turned around and fell back onto Harry's lap.

"Take me then, I'm yours." She sighed dramatically.

Their smooth, slick, wet bodies came together; her back to his front as they yet again enjoyed the benefits of Harry's enhanced imagination. Afterwards he kneaded her whole body with his talented fingers as she half-floated, half rested in that marvelous tub.

"Isn't it nice to be kneaded?" he whispered in her ear, and was rewarded with a groan.

By the time the mantle clock chimed eleven, she was totally spent. They climbed out of the tub where Harry had the obligatory warm, soft, luxurious towels ready for them and then thoroughly dried, the happy couple slipped gratefully into the welcoming bed. Just before she drifted off Marietta saw that he was fast asleep.

"You know I love you, don't you?" She murmured.

Bellatrix was enjoying being confined to her chambers, she had 'tweaked' Harry's love making and had joined him in his many pinnacles that day. "Good thing I shared the fluid replenishment spell, he'd be very dehydrated otherwise." She chuckled.

Just before sunrise that Sunday Bellatrix slipped out of her chambers and headed for the lower caverns. She didn't want to risk another day in this snake pit. Even though she knew everyone would be asleep she kept to the shadows and only moved when she neither saw nor heard any other living thing moving about.

The torches in the lower caverns had long burned out.

"Better risk a little light," she thought, and barely whispered "lumos."

Soft light, barely brighter than moonlight illuminated the area just in front of her feet as she headed to the portkeyable white stalagmite. Ten feet more, seven feet, four feet; better risk a little more light.


The light turned ruby red, the red reflected from the grinning eyes of the Dark Lord.
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