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The Legend of Zelda: Triforce of Love

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There is this Legend that there was once a fourth Triforce piece.

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The Legend

There is this Legend through out Hyrule that there was a fourth piece to the Triforce. The power of the piece was called love.

This single piece held together the other Triforce pieces:Courage, Wisdom, and Power. The power of love also held the races of Hyrule in peace: The Hyrulians, the Gorgons and the Zoras. All seemed well that the power of love held the races together.

But one day an evil wizard came from nowhere to Hyrule castle. He went to see the princess and used the power of love to romance the princess so he can take the throne and all of the triforce himself to rule the whole world.

The Goddess of Courage, Wisdom and Power saw the evil wizard's plan. So what they did was took out the Triforce of love away from the other Triforce pieces. Then they broke the piece into two seperate pieces and scatter them from from each other to pervent from it being one again. Then they banished the Goddess of love, never to be with them again, and she did what they told her very sadly.

The plan had worked! The evil wizard shouted out in rage that he no longer had the power of love to win the heart of the princess to take the kingdom and the world. He vanished without a trace never to be seen again, as so we hope.

But getting rid of the Triforce of love did not have without consequences. The 3 races in Hyrule started not to care nor trust each other. They seperate themselves, the Gorgons and the Zoras went to settle in their own now homes far away from the Hyrulians. They still had minor contact with each other, but only with trade and no love with one another.

The 3 Goddesses could care less what happen with the people. The only thing they cared about is that the evil wizard could not rule the world without the Triforce of Love nor the world would be destroyed.

But the Goddess did not count on a perdiction from some old woman. She predicted that two unlikely beings will each find a piece of the Triforce of Love. Then one of them will search for the other and the Triforce piece would be whole again with their future love with each other. And with the power of love, they will be able to stop an evil that will return again.

The 3 Goddesses thought the old woman was crazy that it would even be possible for all that to happen. They ignored the old womans warnings that it will become true.

This news from the old woman gave hope the the Goddess of Love that she would once again be whole again with the power of Love. And this was the mythical Legend of the Triforce of Love that would come true.

To be continued...
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