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The Legend of Zelda: Triforce of Love

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Link's first stop is at the farming community Kakariko Village. Here he finds the 2nd half of the Triforce piece in his fishing break.

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The second Half of the Triforce of Love

Link was finally home free in Hyrule field away from his home. Link noticed the Triforce piece around his neck was glowing stronger when he got closer to Kakariko Village the farming community. He thought to check out that place first and maybe relax there.

Link got to the village. It was nice and peaceful around there as usually. He liked the slow pace there over the fast pace on his castle home and Hyrule Castle Town. He found a nice fishing lake nearby and thought it was a good idea to relax and go fishing for a while before continuing his journey.

Link pulls out his fishrod and cast it into the lake and just sits there and wait for any bite. He ignores that his Triforce piece is glowing quite strong and focus on the fishing. There was nothing for a while, but Link was in no rush at all. Then there was a sudden jerk that alerted Link right away. The fish seemed to give Link a good fight, which he liked a challedge in reeling in big fish. Link kept reeling and reeling until he finally pulled it out and had quite a surprise. What was on the line was some strange humonoid fish-like creature. The creature had a beautiful feminine shape to it which put Link in a love daze to its beauty. He then notice that the creature had a Triforce piece around her neck simular to Link's. "Hello there handsome" greeted the fish creature. "Hi there, who and what are you?" asked Link. "My name is Ruto and I am Princess of the Zoras" answered Ruto. Link never seen a Zora before in all his life, but he was glad to meet such a pretty Zora.

Before the two could have a conversation with each other, a very strong glow came from both of their Triforce pieces and suddenly a beautiful woman appeared in midair. "Greetings, I am the Goddess of love" said the woman. Both Link and Ruto were confuse by it and thought she was a myth."To comfort you both, I am no myth, I am real and have a big task for both of you" said the Goddess. Both Link and Ruto asked what it was. "The task is that both of you need to spread my influence thoughout Hyrule to battle a great evil that will appear soon" answers the Goddess, "The places you need to travel are: a temple near this village, a mine in a firy mountain, a temple near a beach, a place in a desert beyond a forbidden jungle, at a wolf's lair in a snowy mountain, in the valley of the dead and in a land far east to this land" the Goddess continued and finished. The Goddess then suddenly vanished without a trace. Link wanted to ask more questions, but was too late.

After the strange encounter with a Goddess, the two had a chance to talk to each other. Link learned that Ruto was a Tomboy and was just as adventerous as Link. She had no interest in falling in love with another Zora and was interest in Hyrulians. Link started to like Ruto and started to play kid games with each other. Then they both decided that it was getting late and went into the village to find a place to stay before nightfall.

Outside the village, the king and queen of Hyrule were worried about Link missing his birthday party and where he would be during his birthday. They sent out solidiers across Hyrule field to find Link to bring him home.

To be Continued...
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