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February 12th, 2007

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Just a blog-type thingy for when I can't bring myself to write anything else. Updates, spoilers and random thoughts. Short and sweet.

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Yeah, yeah, I know I'm supposed to be hiatus.

But, of course, being Lexi, I got a burst of inspiration and wrote for three hours straight after posting my hiatus notice -_- I proceeded to write non-stop all weekend. And hoo boy, do I ever have some good new materical ;] But I'm not gonna post anything for a while...I want more time to go through the editing process. I know I posted, what, two chapters for /The moon don't hang quite as high as it used to/, because I had written those about a week ago and had been too lazy to post 'em.

It was just to the point where I was writing for everyone except me, it was like a job. Except I wasn't getting it was slavery o_o Not that you guys are slave drivers xD But I was writing things as quick as I could, not editing or proofreading 'em. I want some more time, to get ahead with my stories, to go through the editing process. My goal is to finish Why is this bedroom so cold, turned away on your side? and The moon don't hang quite as high as it used to/, and to get about five chapters ahead in /Watching from the closet. I will try to do something about Sweetie, you had me and /Show me a starry eyed kid/, but no guarantees. They're pretty stuck.

Aaaaand...I am planning a third and final story for the Patrick/Devin series, a sequel to Loose Lips Sink Ships =D Keep an eye out for it this summer...

I love you guys. Really I do.
'specially Izzy. ^^

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