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Some surprise visitors show up with happy results.

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He didn't have long to worry. She called "Hey, Gee are you guys done yet?"
"We just finished up. Uh, where are you?"
He heard laughter in the background "I'm down in the lobby."
The rest of the guys were listening so he told her they would be right down. When the elevator doors opened he understood. She was standing by the doors with Alicia and Jamia.
"What the hell?" Frank uttered shocked to see his fiancée.
Mikey didn't question he just rushed up to Alicia and threw his arms around her. "Babe, what are you doing here?"
She kissed him "Are you happy to see me?" she asked already knowing the answer.
"Fuck yea" he told her before giving her another round of kisses.
Jamia was looking at Frank who still looked shocked. He suddenly snapped out of it and enveloped her in a hug, picking her up off the ground in the process. "What a great surprise" he told her with a huge smile.
Monica walked over to Gerard and he put his arm around her. "Did you know they were coming?"
" Nope, Alicia just called me when I was in the lounge. Jerry told them where we were."
Jamia finally got put back on the ground by Frank. "When we heard Monica and Gee got engaged we had to come and welcome her into the Official MCR Fiancée's Club."
Alicia nodded "You are one of us now Monica, one of the long-suffering fiancée's.
Jamia swatted at her "Shit, I've been one lots longer than you"
Frank grimaced "Now honey you know we are gonna be getting married soon"
She rolled her eyes and pretended to whisper to the rest of them. "Yea, I've heard that before." While saying this she looked at Frank with such love in her eyes. He gave her the same look back.
Mikey had his arm around Alicia "How long can you stay?"
She frowned "Our return tickets are for tomorrow night after the Vegas concert. Jamia has to get back to work"
Mikey hugged her to him "Well then we will just have to make the most of our time together."
Jamia noticed Bob standing slightly apart from them, "Bob we know you have a fiancée too" she glanced at Monica "but her being in school and all and the fact that she doesn't know her mom is getting married yet, we couldn't bring her."
"But she misses you." Alicia told him truthfully. She's come over at our apartment several times and you are all she talks about."
That bit of information made him smile.
Jerry appeared and told them they needed to hurry to the Community Center. Frank and Mikey chose to ride with the girls in their rental car. The rest of the band and Monica got in the van.
"Bert called during your interview" Monica told Gerard who had leaned his head back and closed his eyes. "I told him out news. He's very happy for us."
He opened his eyes and looked at her "How is he?"
"Well, I'm meeting him later today so I'll find out."
"Oh really? When?"
"Around 5:00. He is going to come to the concert tonight." She noticed he frowned when she mentioned the time.
"I'll be doing the sound check then" he reminded her.
"Well I'll just have to talk to him until your done. Remember you don't have to worry about me around Bert. I've knocked him out once, I can do it again." She teased.
He laughed "Poor Bert."
They arrived at the Community Center and were astounded to see the number of kids waiting in a line outside the building. The van pulled around back. "Why are the kids waiting in the cold?" Gerard wondered out loud.
He got his answer as soon as the Community Center director met the van. "We had no ides so many kids would show up. We have as many inside as we can. Fire codes won't allow us to let any more in."
The band all stood in a circle looking at the kids. "They can't get in at least we can talk to them and sign some autographs" Ray said vocalizing what they all felt.
The wind had picked up and it was getting colder. Monica, Alicia and Jamia went inside to the warmth while the guys stayed outside walking along the barrier that had been erected. They stayed outside as long as possible talking to the fans. Finally they had to go inside to start the game.
Gerard looked frozen when he walked through the doors. Monica put her arms around him trying to share her warmth. He frowned, "Man, I just hate that we can't spend more time out there. Those kids stood in the cold to see us."
"And you stayed out in the cold to see them as long as you could. Now you are doing a game for charity. Don't beat yourself up over it."
He nodded, "I know I just wish I could do more sometimes."
The director let them to the large gym. The other team, made up of mostly kids age 12 to 16 was already there and ready.
Mikey smiled "This is going to be so rad. Shit, I love kick ball."
The game turned out to be fun for the kids and the band. Mikey was even giving pointers to the other team. The game was close but in the end the kids won. Monica had a suspicion that is how the band wanted it to end. Afterwards they talked to the kids who had been lucky enough to get inside.
Monica, Alicia and Jamia sat up in the bleachers watching them sign autographs. "Does it bother you how much time Gerard spends doing this?" Jamia asked Monica.
The question surprised her "No, of course not. It would bother me if he didn't. He lives for this and I understand. It's like the fans are part of the band."
Jamia smiled "Yep, you're officially a member of the Fiancés Club. You understand what you are marring into."
Monica was silent a moment then turned to Jamia "I know Alicia doesn't know Liv very well but you do. What is she like?"
Jamia frowned "Why are you asking? Has she tried to contact Gee?"
Monica realized that everyone was so worried she would try to contact Gerard and she had sent Bert to see her. "No, I was just wondering. I know Gee loved her very much."
Jamia snorted, "Yea, he did" She tried to keep the hatred out of her voice. "I've been with Frank a long time, so I've known Gerard a long time too. He and Liv were together when I first met him. I never really liked her but I tried to for Frank's sake. It was important to him that we accept Gee's girlfriend. It was strange; sometimes Liv could be really nice. She would talk and laugh with us but then it was like something would snap in her brain and she would turn all bitchy. Gerard always tried to make excuses for her. He would say she didn't feel good or she was having a bad day. When the band really started to take off she got worse cause she and Gee weren't just drinking they started to get into drugs heavily. Liv was the one who started it and Gee just followed her lead like he always did."
The guys were just finishing up. Jamia thought a moment then decided to tell Monica one more thing. "One of the strangest things I remember about Liv happened one night at a party. She and Gee were pretty wasted and for some reason she got mad at him. We couldn't figure out why. I mean Frank and I had been with them all night and they hadn't had a fight or anything but she just suddenly turned vicious to him. Gee was upset, he couldn't figure out why she was mad at him. He was trying to be so nice to her, telling her how much he loved her. It only made it worse. She just went off on him. She called him stupid and worthless. He just stood there looking at her. Then she called him an ugly, fat fuck. She did this in front of a bunch of people. Gee just turned and walked away. I totally lost it. I told her she was a fucking bitch and that she didn't deserve him."
Jamia looked at Moncia and shook her head. "Liv looked at me and I was expecting her to come at me. Instead she had tears in her eyes and told me that I was right. That she didn't deserve Gee." Jamia sighed, "You know that was the only time I ever saw Liv cry. She was always so tough."
Gerard, Mikey and Frank walked up the steps to where they were seated just as Jamia finished her story. Monica must have looked strange because Gerard asked her if anything was wrong. She smiled and assured him everything was just fine.
After leaving the Community Center they headed for the restaurant where the interview was going to take place. It turned out to be an Italian restaurant, which pleased Gerard. The band members were taken to a secluded table while the girls sat at a table towards the front. They giggled and had a great time talking about their boyfriends. Monica was so happy they had come. Having them as friends made her life seem almost complete.
It was towards the end of lunch when Alicia asked the question both she and Jamia had been wondering about. "Monica this really isn't any of my business but how are you and Gee going to handle this with Liv? I mean what if her child really is Gee's?"
Monica looked at her two friends and wondered how she could answer a question she had no answer for. If the little girl looked like Gerard as much as Bert said then the chances were fairly good she was his child. Knowing how much Gerard had loved Liv once would her being the mother of his child draw them together? Was that what Liv was hoping for?
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