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Very Unexpected

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Sorry it Took So Long-I've Been meaning To Type it out for so long

He kept his star intence, his body motionless. He moved the gun a little, shuffling it in his hand pressing harder againgst my temple.The next sudden movement made me flinch. He looked At Me unsteadly and grabbed me by my throat. My Oxygen was cut off in an instant. He took the gun from my temple. Sudden Relief shocked my body, but now i had to deal with not being able to breathe. I felt Myself slowly drifting off. In that momment, I Felt oxygen rush into my lungs with all intent of staying. I stared in to his eyes with the most powerful look of hurt possible for me to give. The Weight of my father on my fragile body was enough to shatter every bone. I felt the gun press against my temple again, only to have relief in what seemed short compared to last. What happened next was surprising none the less. He took that gun. He moved it slowly from my temple and placed it so it was resting in his mouth. The fear shot through his eyes as he pulled the trigger.

The noise boomed threw the house. My mind went blank as i look around.It had all happened so fast, and now my fathers blood was all over everything. Including myself. I pushed his pushed his body off of my own. I slowly got to my feet, more dizzy then ever and about to barf.I looked to down to take in what had just happened. I didn't know whether to cry because he's dead, to smile because i'm now safe , or to scream pain because it hurt. I slowly made my way to the front door unlocked it and stepped out.

Only to see paramedics, Police and the Fire Department. They rushed for me and bombared me with questions. I tried t ospeak but nothing came out, for some reason i just couldn't speak of the tradgic event that will remain withme forever. All I could do was stand there and stare at nothing while the paramedics and police ventured in the house only to find the linoleum floor covered in my fathers blood.The Neighbours son came over to me with a blanket and brought me over to his porch.He tried to confort me and get me to focus on retelling my version of the event.I couldn't talk At all.

The Paramedics came over and started to examine me. The found bruises everywhere.New and old. Somehow they knew what my father had do to me. Well it seemed like it anyway.When they seen my head though.They brought over a strecher and layed me on it.I didn't want to go. but i couldn't refuse of struggle.They lifted me into the ambulance.To my surprise that boy climbed in too. My head was pounding and all my muscles were on fire.

I was on my back with bright light shining in to my eyes.The Boy was still there staring at me. A look of pain that i could see. He took My hand, and his touch seemed to help cover my own pain.
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