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yuuri suddenly comes down with an illnesss. what will happen to him? will tht others be able to help him if they don't know about it?

Category: Kyou Kara Maou - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Characters: Wolfram, Yuuri - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-02-14 - Updated: 2007-02-15 - 521 words

Yuuri woke up with an extremely tight feeling in his chest. The region near his heart felt like many stakes were all trying to run though him. Gripping his shirt tightly, Yuuri stumbled his way to the bathroom, noting absently that Wolfram had woken up and left already.

Heaving over the sink, Yuuri kept coughing up whatever was clogging up his chest. His was shaking so hard that he closed his eyes momentarily to prevent himself from getting motion sickness.

When he finally steadied, Yuuri took a good at the contents of the sink. It was crimson, smelt gory and tasted like metallic copper. It took only a second for Yuuri to process that he had vomited blood.

He opened his mouth to scream only to clamp the sound down by sheer force of will. They had barely managed to regain some measure of peace within the country and the court was enjoying the first enjoyable time in a long while. Yuuri knew the moment that he told them, there would be no turning back to such a time soon. Vomiting blood could not be a good sign, even in this alternate world. Seeing as how he had habitually heaped many burdens on his friends, Yuuri decided to keep mum about it for a while. After all he was the demon king. There should not be an illness that his powers could not cure. Convincing himself that he had made the right choice, Yuuri went about clearing the signs of his illness.

His conviction however was to be tested many times that day. Yuuri had to school his features to absolute boredom during his daily lecture by Gunter while his heart elected to perform a violent rumba within his rib cage. Next came lunch with Conrad. Yuuri forced down his lunch which his stomach viciously rejected since the episode earlier. He made it up by throwing up everything later once he had escaped Conrad's scrutiny. It was obvious to Conrad that Yuuri had no appetite by he was pleased that Yuuri nonetheless ate something. Afternoon was bearable as he coaxed Greta into taking an afternoon nap; during which he indulged himself in a short scream muffled by one of her many soft toy. He begged off dinner saying that he wanted an early night.

Taking a steaming bowl of stew, Yuuri sat beside his personal fireplace, trying in vain to force himself to eat. He managed to swallow two spoonfuls before he rushed to the sink and empty it all out.

Eventually, he managed to not only eat the whole bowl, he threw it all up too. Yuuri set the bowl down, resigned. Looks like I will be swearing off food for a while Yuuri thought as he doubled checked the bathroom for signs that he may have missed out earlier. Satisfied that no one would find out about his condition, Yuuri changed into a baggy shirt and crawled into bed. Praying fervently that he would get well soon, Yuuri welcomed sleep with open arms since the aches faded from memory. His last coherent thought was what is wrong with me?
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