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Summer's End: The Letters of August

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Re-done Chapter 6! Now with a Rita Skeeter interview! The owls get exhausted carrying mail all around Great Britain. Ginny and Draco insult each other, Harry and Dumbledore confer about insomnia,...

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Apparently, garden gnomes make excellent quaffles. It's been hectic here at the Burrow, but we're having a lot of fun.

Bagman mailed the twins a cheque for their bet winnings. As a thank-you to Ron for catching his scam, they bought him new dress robes. Poor fellow was going to wear this lacy maroon monstrosity if they hadn't.

Percy has quit his ministry job and is now working at Clearwater and Macmillan Law Wizards. They say he's quite promising.

Bill's thinking about staying here for good. There's a lot that Gringotts can give him to do in Britain.

Gred and Forge want you to enjoy this package of sweets. Fair warning-they're enchanted for temporary transfigurations. Do yourself a favor and don't eat the toffees.

Ginny and Hermione say hello as well. Well, Hermione said, "Tell him I said hello." Ginny said, "Can't wait until September, you deranged albino!"

Please tell your mum I love the mug she gave me.

Write soon,




Deranged albino? Girl Weasley is vicious. Ah well. Life here is interesting these days. Cassie's been coming over for visits with her father and some of Father's 'old friends.' Mum is teaching her how to dance, as evidenced by all the laughing in the ballroom.

I found out from Professor Snape who the new Defense teacher is. He said you know too. Don't listen to him about being warned off your friends in other houses. If Millie and Ted and I want to be your friends, our head of house can't stop us.

Mum's pleased that you like the mug. She's sending along a little sheaf of recipes for your house elf, since you enjoyed the French cooking so much.

Also attached is the final draft of the legislature Father's pushing through regarding the Werewolf Registry. He said you'd like to look at it before he sent it to the Wizengamot.

How are things going with Girl Weasley? Has Weasley finally realized with whom you went to the Cup?

Tell Girl Weasley that at least when I blush, it doesn't match my hair.



Dear Mister Malfoy,

I have looked over the draft of legislature and can find nothing wrong with it. I look forward to seeing what happens when it is presented to the court. Perhaps if Mr. Weasley or another like him co-sponsored the bill, the bipartisanship would pull more votes in favor?

You have my thanks.


Harry Potter


Dear Mister Potter,

I have contacted Amelia Bones of the DMLE. She is well respected in all circles, and well liked in most. She is willing to back my sponsorship of the bill. I have no doubt it will pass easily.

While credit will go to Bones and myself as the public faces, I've put your name down on the bill as well. I hope this suits.


Lucius Malfoy



Charlie took me to Cardiff to see one of the smaller colonies of Welsh Greens yesterday. Remember how I was wondering if they could understand Parseltongue? They can! When they aren't roaring, they're a bit easier to understand, as well. Charlie's in ecstasy. He wants me to come work in Romania when school's done. I told him I'd consult for Wales, if they needed me, but that's it.

About a week ago, we were all sitting at the breakfast table and Ron looked up at me and said, "You went to the World Cup with the Malfoys!" It was pretty funny. I reminded him how much fun he had talking to Greg and Vince at your campsite afterward and he calmed down.

Ginny blushed when I told her what you said. Funny, that. We're getting along well. Of everyone here, I think I spend the most time with Ginny-we pass the quaffle around outside every night together. She's really quite funny and smart. If things work out, I know I'll have someone wonderful.

Ginny's written to you as well. I'm off to find Winky and give her those recipes of your mother's.




There's nobody here to swap insults with! Even Percy's not insultable anymore. He's mellowed so much since he stopped worshipping the Ministry.

Harry's house elf is such a great cook. Harry and I are usually up before everyone else, and Winky loves to bring us French pastries in the back yard. Hermione threw a fit when she discovered Harry had hired her with the promise to bond when he's of age. Harry didn't even have to defend himself; Winky gave her such a scolding! Hermione's budding house elf revolutionary tendencies were nipped in the bud fairly quickly.

How's little Cassie? She's such an adorable little girl. I hope I get to see her again. Give her a hug from Ginny for me, will you?



Dear Professor Dumbledore,

I hope your summer is going well. I've been enjoying the time I have with my family and friends, although I look forward to returning to school.

I shared the prophecy Trelawney made at the end of last year with my aunt and Mr. Malfoy. As you know, things improved greatly at home. I've also severely eroded Voldemort's base of supporters. They will all stay neutral when the rest of the prophecy is fulfilled and he comes back. I suggest you let them alone- they find it hard enough to work with me.

I have a request to make of the staff and prefects for the coming year. I discovered during the World Cup that I could speak to Voldemort in my dreams, especially when he's feeling strong emotions. I'd like your permission to be awake and walking about the castle on those nights I think he might contact me. Perhaps I could walk the rounds with the prefects or with teachers on duty?

I appreciate your help, and I'll let you know if anything else crops up.


Harry Potter


/Dear Harry/,

I'm pleased to offer you the assistance of the Prefects and the professors on your nighttime walkabouts. The staff has already been informed, and the Prefects will be told on the meeting on the train.

I'm surprised at all that you've been up to, and very proud, Harry. As long as you continue to let me know what you're doing, I'm willing to assist you in most any matter.

You show great maturity for a boy your age. I look forward to seeing how things go this school year.

Your Professor,

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore


Weasley Wench

You are cruel. You're breaking my heart with all these insults.

So...ten sickles on Percy proposing to Penelope Clearwater within the year, now that he works for her dad?

Cassie's well. I've lent her my old training broom for when she comes to visit with her father, and I'm teaching her how to fly. I'm sure she'll be an excellent chaser someday.

I'm glad my mother's recipes are so well received by you and Harry. Don't let him get too fat eating all those croissants.

Yours in Mockery,




Don't you dare move to Romania just to gossip with a bunch of flying lizards. I need my friends close by. That's really interesting, though, that they can understand you, and the reverse.

I knew Weasley was going to crack at some point. Oh well. At least he didn't deck you. You're still friends, right?

So Girl Weasley is responding to the manly charms of Harry Potter? Hmm. Good for you.

Interesting bit of news for you that you might want to pass on to the Weasley twins: Bagman's been put on probationary status for his shady gambling deals.

See you in a couple weeks,




I tried to calculate the needed energy for muggle mobile phones to override magical saturation of an area, but the numbers kept falling off the parchment. When I put it in Runes, I ended up with Ehwaz (Disruption) for the non-magical calculations.

I have a theory, if you want to test it out. We could make a copper "battery" with Ansuz and Uruz connected for a potion to circulate through and power the mobiles. Signals and Strength ought to work well together.

Got any idea about the "battery juice?" I'm sending you one of the mobiles to experiment on.

Your partner in crime,


P.S.: Please send the Rune page on to Ted. He may have some more ideas on that.


Dear Professor Snape,

Some friends and I are experimenting with ways to make wizard versions of muggle technology. We're starting on mobile phones, and branching out from there.

Do you have any suggestions as to a potion that could be used as a sort of long-term "Pepper-Up" on inanimate objects?

I eagerly await your advice.


Millie Bulstrode


Dear Miss Bulstrode,

It is a pleasure to see students taking such an interest in their work outside of class. I would like to know who else is working with you on these experiments. When school starts, you may all use my lab after hours, as long as you notify me first.

There doesn't currently exist any such potion, I'm afraid to say. However, I've attached a list of suggested ingredients, cross-referenced with the ingredients and other metals they react best.

I would suggest a light hand on anything including both leech juice and copper if you're thinking of adding anything as volatile as fluxweed.

Perhaps you could get young Draco Malfoy to assist you? He is a promising Potions student.

Best of luck,

Professor Snape



Harry said you were interested in helping us with our R and D projects. Here's a list of ingredients Professor Snape has suggested for powering inanimate objects. The vehicle is copper, and we'll be engraving the inner case with Ansuz and Uruz.

Harry will be sending along a mobile phone next time he Owls you.

Have fun,




The two runes you suggest working with are fine, but you ought to try Laguz and Raido as well. I'll let you figure out the Arithmancy aspects of the Rune combinations.

My summer Potions project is about to melt my cauldron, must go!




Yes, Ron and I are still friends. Yes, things are looking promising for Ginny and me.

Have you attempted any variation with pomegranate seeds yet?

I'm wondering if perhaps other runes from the Futhark alphabet could be considered. Take a look at how Flow and Gateway work with the original runes, or combinations of three of the four. Using three would be ideal, to keep the mobile's calling abilities in this dimension.

I'll see you next week!


P.S. Now would be an ideal time for your father to approach Mr. Weasley about Ginny and me, if you'd let him know.


To the Head of the Weasley Family,

As appointed proxy for Harry James Potter, I am pleased to request a meeting with Arthur Weasley in regards to a potential marriage contract between Mr. Potter and Ginevra Weasley.

Please respond at your earliest convenience so that we might arrange a meeting.


Lucius Malfoy



Things have worked out perfectly. Ginny and I stopped by the family vault and I gave her a ring of her choice. We're going to have the home in Godric's Hollow rebuilt and expanded, and we'll live there when we've finished Hogwarts.

Ron doesn't seem to know what to make of it, but everyone else is as pleased as we are. We've had nothing but well wishes all day. There'll be an announcement in the social section of the Daily Prophet. Look for it and laugh--some woman named Skeeter wrote a load of tripe.




Boy-Who-Lived to Marry Weasley Daughter!

Hearts across Britain Break as Tragic Heartthrob signs marriage contract with Weasley family

By Rita Skeeter
In an exclusive interview today, this reporter sat down with the Boy-Who-Lived, Harry Potter, and his gorgeous fiancée Ginevra Weasley.
The tall, dark, and handsome schoolboy could hardly take his sparkling green eyes off the blushing redhead as they answered a few questions before picking out an engagement ring.
Rita Skeeter: You two look so happy! Was it love at first sight?
Harry Potter: (laughs) We're very close, and hope to grow closer.
Ginevra Weasley: I had a crush on the "Boy-Who-Lived." Harry is much better.
R.S.: How have your brothers reacted, Ms. Weasley?
G.W.: My entire family is very happy for us.
R.S.: How would you like to respond to the rumors that your marriage contract involves a castle, a vault of jewelry, and one hundred house elves?
G.W.: What?
H.P.: Hardly. (Stands) I'm afraid we must be going.


My Lord,

The diversion at the target's house worked perfectly. I'm now in place to go to Hogwarts. I shall keep you updated on everything.

The boy has hired my father's old house elf. The elf isn't bound, so she won't tell my secrets.

Your most faithful servant,



Time for the Author's Notes!

Dragen and Alorkin: Mmm, jealousy issues with house elves...yep. Dobby will get a different offer than Winky received, and he'll be put out a bit. He'll accept it, though.

Skoell and DrT: Harry isn't afraid of Voldemort because he's lucid dreaming. He knows his body's really back in the camp, so he's going to sit and piss him off.

Skoell: He's spent a year around wealthy purebloods tutoring him outside of class. He's realized that if he wants to have the status that the Potter name held two or three generations ago, he'll have an arranged marriage. He's giving the Weasleys a leg up with it, not getting pulled down. After all, he told Draco that Ginny was probably the only girl he could stand to get married to.

31415: Every review you leave cracks me up. Thank you. I'm terribly sorry about the vomit problem. Don't worry. This story won't go past PG-13.
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