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the hobbit and a notion of revenge

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"Ray rubs his fro on my face. Ooooh and erm we meet ???? hehe and and and and---- just read it!"

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Hey hey, thanks for all the reviews everyone, MyVengfulRomance :D :D you made me laugh. Free hugs for all, and thenks all. Erm, this chapter is probs really short, but I wanted to end it with the bell so sucks to length. Creativity has no boundries. x x x p.s; I hope you find tis chapter a bit more intresting, it's still kind of flat, but it gets better! :D

Chapter 2; The 'Hobbit'

"Hey- Mikey how did it go?!" I asked enthusiastically, as Mikey came towards us. I had the urge to embrace him, but I didn't know if brothers or any guys for that matter did that here. I didn't really care, I just restrained myself incase Mikey did.

"Err...." He gave it a thought. "I dunno really, I didn't want to put Spidey down..." He replied, waving his latest issue of the Spider Man comic at his side and then letting it go limp again.

Ray scrunched his face and burst into laughter, his 'fro jolted with each snort. I felt my hand nearing the fro, but I draw it back as Ray stopped laughing and stood up straight again. It just looked so fucking soft.
"So, Mikey where's you locker, bro?" I asked, turning back to him. He shrugged.
"I dunno."

"Oh, talking of lockers, I really should go let Frank out. I think he'll have started to get bored of today's posters by now, never mind running out of air." Ray flipped a hand over his fro and we followed him, in hot pursuit.

"Is Frank the Frodo guy?" I asked, almost excitedly.
"Frodo?!" Mikey asked, his voice cracking into the same excitement as mine.
"Erm...yeah." Ray gave a soft chuckle. "He's not that small, in fact I'd say he's only an inch or two smaller than you Gee. But in this school they seem to pick on you if you're 'different'."

"Daaamn." I muttered. The three of us came to a halt outside of a locker missing the dial to lock it, looked like it had been ripped off clean. I watched as Ray expertly banged the locker in two different places on the door and it swung open. Mikey and I stood back, expecting to see a guy with big hairy feet and pointy ears.

But there was no one.

"Wow he's small..." Mikey mused, kneeling down and looking through the gym kit and books for a sign of the Frank guy.
"He's not in here, dipshit." Ray half laughed, kicking Mikey lightly. "Where, where, where is-"
"Wally?" Mikey and I chimed. Ray slapped us with his fro.
"FRANK! Where's Frank?" He laid it out for us. He mused for a moment and then looked at us. "We're going to have to ask-"


A red haired girl ran past us from around the corner.

"What the fuck?" Our three faces peered around to see someone step out of a locker and adjust his tie. His hair was weird, I hadn't really seen a kid with that cut before, ruffled at the back and a cool slick fringe that fell over the side of his face. He wore plugs too.
"Is that-" I began.
"Uhuh." The fro bounced.
"Frodo?" Mikey finished.
Frank looked up, probably half expected more jocks to push him right back in where he'd came from.

"Ray!" Frank grinned, and before I knew it we were walking along with him and found a bench to sit on.

"Okay, Frank, why, pray tell, were you not stuffed in your own locker?" Ray asked, biting into a browning banana. Frank rubbed the back of his neck and then looked at me and Mikey, Ray looked at us.

"Oh right, sorry." He giggled. "Frank, Mikey, Gerard, Gerard, Mikey, Frank. Er...I think that made sense. They're good friends." Ray nodded at Frank. Frank smiled and put a hand out;
"Neato, nice to meet you." He grinned, I took his hand to shake and noticed he was wearing fingerless gloves with a skeletal feature.
"No way! Misfits?" I asked, looking up at Frank, still holding his hand to look at them once more.
"Yeah, I think they're just about my favourite band at the moment."
"Yeah, they're awesome."

The mutual bond was there already.

"So..." Ray bounced back in, eager as to why he was in that girls locker. Frank stretched and then draw in a deep breath.
"Well, Pete Cox and his fucktard cronies stuffed me in-"
"-I thought him and that red head, what's her name, Lisa? I thought they were going out?" Ray asked, confusion spread over his features.

"They were," Frank raised his eyebrows. God damn he had nice eyebrows. "But from what I heard, they were up to things over the summer and Lisa wouldn't 'polish his knob' or so the rumour goes. I guess they must have rowed over the disagreement and split up. So Pete stuffed me in her locker for revenge."

"Strange way to get revenge." I thought out loud.

"Pete's a dick." Ray sorted of stated the obvious.
"Pete and Lisa are dicks. I hate them both. Wish I wasn't anything to do with them." Frank shrugged, his hands together in his lap, his knees together and looking down at his feet. He so needed a hug.

He looked up and met my eyes. I dunno if he read the sympathy in them for him, but he knew what I was about to ask next.
"Lisa is a dick because...I fancied a year ago. Er...I gave her a Valentines card which had a poem and a note at the bottom asking her out, and she read it out in assembly in front of the whole school, then she gave one back to me, and made me read it out to everyone. It was just 'NO' in big red letters. "

"Ouch." Mikey croaked.

"That started the run ins with Pete, never mind all the other guys that give me swirlies and stuff me in lockers." Frank looked down again, until he felt my hand on his shoulder. I stood, definite in what I was about to say.
"Gentlemen. This means revenge."

The bell rang out at that very moment.
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