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Run, Run Away

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Tre tells Billie how he has feelings for him, then runs away! SLASH! Young Tre/Billie.

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"Oh... Look at the time! I better get to my house, before my mother belts me again!" Mike Dirnt said as he packed his bass up and rushed down the walkway from Billie's garage.

'No Mike don't leave me alone with Billie!' Tre thought bitterly, as his heart started speeding up.
"He was in such a hurry." Billie stated after Mike had rushed from the garage.
"Yeah..." Tre replied lamely. His heart thumping loudly against his chest.
"Well you want to play a song before you leave?" Billie asked turning his attention to his drummer.
"Sure!" Tre shouted getting excited.
Billie smiled at his drummer's ethuastic energy.

~~~ 15 minutes later ~~~

"Whoo..." Billie breathed as he relaxed on the old broken couch in his garage.
"Jeez... Tre, how do go so fast?" He asked while trying to catch his breath.
Tre gave Billie a cocky smile before rolling his eyes at him.
Billie laughed a little, making Tre's heart began to pound again.

Billie reached over to grab his guitar.
He placed it over his stomach and started to strum a few notes.
The entire episode made Tre's stomach quench and his heart pump faster.
Finally Tre couldn't take it... 'I have to tell him.'

"Um Billie... Can I tell you something?" Tre asked walking towards Billie.
"Sure." Billie said still strumming on his guitar.
'Here we go.' Tre thought as he sucked in some air and released it.
"Tre?" Billie said breaking through Tre's haze.

"Billie," Tre said, pinpointing how to actually say it, "I LOVE YOU!! A LOT! FUCKING A LOT!"
After that said Tre rushed from the garage, tears going down his cheeks.
"Wha...?" Billie said in surprise as he tried to reach for Tre.
'He has feelings for me? When, and how?' Billie thought as he looked at the setting sun.
'Tre come back! You'll get hurt.' Billie thought as he threw a jacket on and ran the way Tre went.

~~~ TRE ~~~

'Why? Why did I tell him?' Tre thought as he ran down an forgotten path.
His tears blinded him and he stumbled around.
"Hey what do we have here?" A voice stated, making Tre's body go rigid.
"Looks like a little sissy boy. Look he's crying." Another voice answered.
Tre felt hands on him; turning him around to see two guys staring at him.

"Lets have some 'fun' with the kid." The first guy said.
"Okay Jake." The other guy said to Jake as he grabbed Tre.
"No get off me." Tre shouted as he shoved the guy into Jake.
"Hey nobody throws Grey into me!" Jake roared as he kicked Tre hard in the shins.
Tre shrieked out and landed face first in the dirt.

Grey pulled Tre again to his feet and held him against a tree.
"Whoa... You're a pretty boy." Grey stated his breath getting awfully close to Tre.
Grey took one of his index fingers and trailed it around Tre's lips.
Tre shook and tried to get Grey off him; but to no avail.

"How's your mouth?" Grey asked taking his finger away from Tre's lips.
"Wha..." Tre began, opening his mouth; which gave Grey the oppurtunity.
He thrust his tongue into Tre's mouth full force.
Tre started gagging as he felt Grey inside his mouth.
"Oh shut up!" Jake shouted punching Tre hard in his stomach after Grey had pulled away from Tre's mouth.

Tre groaned and tried to curl into a ball.
"Come on pretty boy." Jake and Grey said kicking him everywhere.
"Maybe he wants some more 'fun'?" Jake yelled to Grey who nodded their head.
"No... Please stop!" Tre shouted as he felt their hands on his body again.
"I thought I told you to shut up!" Jake said angrily as his one of his hand started heading down Tre's pants.

"HEY! WHAT'S GOING ON DOWN HERE?" A female voice ranged out startling Grey and Jake.
"See you around pretty boy." Grey said patting Tre's cheek before shoving a finger into his mouth.
"And here's a present for being so good." Jake said taking a knife out of his pocket.
Tre didn't see it come. It was so fast; a swishing movement followed by a searing pain in his stomach side.

"HEY!" The female voice shouted as the lady ran into the clearing.
Jake and Grey stalked away as the lady came into the clearing.
Tre stood on shaking feet.
"You alright? Do you need to go to the hospital?" The lady asked heading towards Tre.

"I'm fine..." Tre started as his world went black and he fell to the ground.
"Oh my God!" The lady stated as she felt his pulse and quickly dialed 911.
"NO! I don't need to go the hospital!" Tre shouted pushing pass the blackness and the ground.
"But... Sir, you should..." The lady said in surprise.
"FUCK OFF! I DON'T NEED ANYTHING OR ANYONE!" Tre screamed at her, surprising himself as well as her, at his outburst.
"Leave me alone." He said dryly, dragging himself up and clutching his side he stumbled through a berry bush.

~~~ BILLIE ~~~

'Dammit Tre. Where are you?' Billie thought as he started thinking where Tre might have gone.
That's when he saw a mental picture of a creek and rock...
"That's where he's gone. To that creek that he loves!" Billie said aloud making a few people stare at him.

Tre headed towards the creek.
He was stopped by a woman coming from the path.
"Sorry Miss, just looking for my friend..." Billie said trying to get around her.
"That idiot is your friend? Well maybe you can teach him some manners about people who want to help." She said rudely pushing past Billie.

'Oh Tre, what did you do?' Billie thought as he headed down the path.

~~~ AT THE CREEK ~~~

Tre flopped down. Well not really... since his legs couldn't support him that much.
Tears started pouring out of his eyes and he clutched his side.
As he tried to grab himself he yelped. Pulling away his hand he noticed blood on it.

"Tre! Tre where the hell are you?" Billie shouted into the cool evening.
"Illie... He--... e." A tiny voice cried out.
Billie followed the voice and found Tre on the ground.
"TRE! OH GOD WHAT HAPPENED?" He shouted making Tre to shake.
"No Tre... It's okay... Tell me what happened." Billie said lowering his voice and slipping to the ground.

Tre whispered out what happened and Billie gritted his teeth together.
"I think I was raped Billie!" Tre said gasping for breath.
"Tre, you okay?" Billie said his arms encircling the drummer.
Tre mumbled something out that Billie couldn't understand.

"Tre I love you. I want you to know that." Billie said as he kissed Tre's cheeks and pulled him close.
But as Billie's hand made contact with Tre's side...
Tre yelped, loudly this time and shoved Billie from his side.
He kept screaming out loud as Billie rolled him and stared at the gash in his side.

"TRE! YOU DIDN'T TELL ME YOU WERE STABBED!" Billie roared at his friend.
"WHAT DO YOU CARE?!" Tre screamed at Billie before getting shakely again to his feet.
Tre tried to get away, but his feet wouldn't work and he fell to the ground again; crying out in pain.

Billie headed over to his fallen friend and brought him into his lap.
Tears and sobs overtook Tre's body.
"Shh... Tre. I'm here now." Billie said as Tre placed his head underneath his neck.

"Help me? Please? BILLIE!" Tre shouted as the pain began eating away at his body.
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