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Fairy Tales

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A fairy tale and it's counterpart.

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This is not a true story, though it may be for many children out there.


There once was a princess who lived in a beautiful castle, surrounded by high towers, and a wide moat, filled with all sorts of water dwelling creatures.

She had always been told bedtime stories when she had a family, her mother always coming in to sit down on the side of her bed and hold her head in her lap, stroking through her long blond hair as she spoke in soft, quiet tones.

The princess was the most beautiful princess in the land, and she lived with her family, her mother, the queen, and her father, the king.

Her father had walked out on the family when she was young, but even as she grew to the old, old age of five, she knew that he would come back. He had to, he couldn't leave mommy and her just like that. He would come back, and her mother would not look so sad, and there would be fairy tales told at bedtime again.

Each morning the princess would wake up in her huge bed, filled with every stuffed animal you could imagine, and walk to the window to greet the bright, new day.

One day she and her mother had to move to a smaller apartment. She couldn't help but hear her mother when she was on the phone, all teary eyed and sobbing into it, talking to a friend how she was not making enough money and couldn't afford their house anymore. She was only allowed to take one toy with her - she took a stuffed cat.

After greeting the day and seeing the sun, and all of her subjects, the princess would make her way downstairs to the banquet hall and have a huge breakfast.

One morning her mother wasn't there, and all that was left in the kitchen cupboard was some dry cereal, and no milk in the refrigerator. She cried for awhile, wondering where her mother was, before drying her tears and eating the cereal, wondering when mommy would be back. It could be days, like it had started to be, ever since her mother had gotten that new job. It could even be hours, like yesterday.

After eating breakfast, the princess would don her pretty clothes and go outside to play in the royal courtyard.

It was after her clothes began to get ragged that people began to notice, and finally a young man showed up on her door. 'I'm not allowed to talk to strangers' she said through the crack in the door, and the man had stooped down and talked to her gently, finally allowing her to come out. It was then that she first found out about the foster care system.

And once day, while the princess was out playing, she met a prince, who took her to his home, and married her. And they lived happily ever after.

Sometimes, life isn't always like a fairy tale.
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