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What happens when Fuu, Jin and Mugen decide to find each other? Will they still feel the same? Are each as lonely as the other? We shall see....

Category: Samurai Champloo - Rating: R - Genres: Action/Adventure, Romance - Characters: Fuu, Jin, Mugen - Warnings: [R] [X] - Published: 2005-09-06 - Updated: 2005-09-06 - 580 words

This is my first effort so please be kind. All constructive criticism welcomed  I'm actually a bit nervous about this 

Disclaimer: Woe to me but I do not own anything remotely relating to Samurai Champloo sniff sniff

He had been alone too long. The silence was unsettling in a way that it had never been before. It had been three could he not have gotten used to this loneliness again. Closing his eyes Jin thought back to their journey together. There was always noise of some sort thing. Always some sound of human life. Mugens unceasing jabs at Fuu, Fuus incessant chattering. There had always been something to remind him that he was alive. How could he still miss those days? They had been brief compared to what was before and what lay ahead. Maybe he should locate the two of them and have a brief reunion. They had all understood that that was supposed to happen eventually. Imagining Fuus smile and natural optimism he felt his spirits rise. He felt something weird happen in the vicinity of his heart, something that he had never felt before. Ruthlessly shoving it aside he remembered Mugens constant threats on his life made his blood sing. Yes, that's what he would do. Now where to begin?

She wondered where the other two had ended up, if they felt as alone as she did. They were her only friends. Now Fuu was a personable enough young woman but she didn't make friends easily. Most people thought it odd that a young woman would choose to live alone...would choose not to pursue a husband and family. What they didn't understand was that she already had a family. And that her heart belonged to another. One who would never return her feelings. Fuu had made peace with that. She knew she didn't have a lot to recommend her. No home nor family, no money and looks that were nice enough but not quite beautiful. Ah well, she sighed; time to go roll some more dice for men not quite smart enough to realize that they were being taken in by the brothel that Fuu worked for. She didn't really approve of it, but she would only work there for a week or two, long enough to make some money to continue on her travels. If she only traveled far enough she figured she'd eventually run into at least one of her companions. Then she would feel real again, if only for a few days.

He couldn't believe that he still actually missed those two. I mean damn! One annoying girl and one insane samurai both annoyed that absolute crap out of him. They were always picking on him and looking down on him. They made him feel like a mangy dog that deserved nothing. Yet he knew that both cared for him in their own way. He remembered all the times they had waited up for him, actually worried about what happened to him. Hell, no one had ever given half a shit what happened to him before. That was new for him. Not that he would ever let them know how much he appreciated it. How good it had actually felt to have someone care for him. He remembered how Jin had fought by his side, and how Fuu had tended his wounds. Maybe she should find those two again. It would be interesting to see if they still felt the same.
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