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The Game Is Afoot

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Harry begins to take action to bring his plans to reality, but will fate cooperate this time? With this chapter the rating for the story goes up to 'R', later chapters will bring it up further t...

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Like Some Song You Can't Unlearn

Chapter Four: The Game is Afoot

Albus Dumbledore sat behind his desk with his chin resting on his steepled fingers. This was a position he was taking all too frequently, as he spent his days trying to get a full roster of teachers for the upcoming year, and his nights trying to lead the fight against Voldemort. He hadn't been particularly successful in either case so far. He wasn't surprised that no one had offered themselves for the post of Defense instructor, after all, not a single candidate had lasted for more than a year in more than two decades. Word was starting to spread. He despaired of giving the job to Severus, not that the man wasn't qualified for it, if anything he was overqualified for the task, but because he was concerned that the former Death Eater would succumb to the lure of the Dark once again. After so many years of working to keep Severus in the Light he didn't wish to tempt fate. There was also the small matter of the curse. He wanted nothing untoward to happen to his protégé, especially with the war reaching such a critical stage. Finally, there was the not insignificant matter of then finding someone to teach potions.

Albus had spent some time trying to track down Severus' predecessor, Horace Slughorn, in the hope of luring him out of retirement for a year or so but he had been unable to locate the man. In fact, the Headmaster had learned that Voldemort was also looking for him. Evidently, the Dark Lord was looking to augment his personal cadre of Potion Makers and thought that Horace would be an excellent addition.

And now, something new had been added to the mix. Just this morning he had received a most intriguing owl from someone actually seeking the Defense position. A man by the name of Odysseus Harris. Dumbledore had never heard of him and was tempted to simply toss the letter in the trash, chalking it up to a nobody seeking to make a name for himself at the students expense. Not that that would necessarily be a bad thing given the quality of some of the previous teachers he had been forced to hire. Oh, how he wished that Cornelius had accepted his offer of using a rotating staff of Aurors to teach. Each term would see a new teacher so that the curse need never be invoked and the Ministry would have a handy means of giving their more battle weary officers an opportunity to do something else while they regain their equilibrium. But alas, Cornelius was more interested in trying to keep some sort of hold over his own position and wouldn't even consider the arrangement. Well, perhaps his successor will be more willing to see things his way, Albus thought.

While Albus Dumbledore sat in his office contemplating his troubles, Harry Potter sat over a plate of fish and chips in the Leaky Cauldron considering his own. His owl had gone off with no trouble first thing this morning, but that was the last thing to work out so far. He had made another attempt at gaining access to the Daily Prophets records, even getting so far as to speaking with the assistant editor before he was rebuffed and asked to leave the building.

After leaving the Prophet, Harry had gone to Flourish and Blotts in order to see if there were any recent history books or almanacs that could give him the information he needed. He had browsed through more books than he could remember, even purchasing a few to ease the shopkeepers attention, but none of them had helped. The only information that he had been able to glean was undesired. Sirius was indeed in Azkaban. Harry had nourished a small hope within his heart that the Sirius of this world had somehow avoided his fate from the other world. But that was not the case. In a slim volume about the lineage of the more ancient pure-blooded Wizarding families, Harry had found that the last two scions of the Most Noble and Ancient House of Black had been Death Eaters. Regulus, the younger brother, had been killed by Voldemort himself when he attempted to leave the Dark Lord's ranks. Sirius, the older brother, had been thought to be a Light wizard until it was revealed that he had betrayed one of his oldest friends, one Peter Pettigrew, causing him to be kidnapped by Voldemort and tortured into revealing some valuable secret. According to the book, Pettigrew had received a post-humus Order of Merlin and Sirius a life sentence to Azkaban.

Harry took this to mean that when Sirius went off in search of Peter, after the attack on Godric's Hollow, his parents and everyone else took it to mean that he was trying to clean up all the loose ends. He assumed that everyone thought he had Peter made the Secret-Keeper and then sold him out to Voldemort. Harry had to find a way to determine if Peter was still alive. Breaking into the Burrow was out of the question, since Harry didn't want to wind up in Azkaban himself. Harry wondered if this world's Arthur Weasley had won the Lucky Galleon Draw a few years ago, gone to Egypt and gotten the families picture in the paper. But only getting his hands on the Prophet's morgue, or Hogwarts' Library would answer that question.

No, Harry wasn't having a good day. He felt the old itch to be doing something, to take action rather than sit and wait for it to come to him. He tried to think of something that wasn't too foolhardy when chance dropped an opportunity right into his lap.

The door from Muggle London opened and in stepped a cloaked figure. At first, Harry only registered it as another possible threat but when the graceful stride of Narcissa Malfoy showed itself, his interest was peeked. She was wearing a cloak of deep green over a set of stylish and obviously expensive Muggle-looking clothes. In her hand she carried a single small shopping bag. It was a striped bag, white and pink, and too small to be carrying much. Harry immediately rose to greet her.

"Why, Narcissa," Harry said in his poshest tones, deliberately ignoring her married name. "How good it is to see you again."

Narcissa started at hearing her name called but quickly recovered when she saw who it was who was speaking. "I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage, sir. Do we know each other?" Her tone was distant but not too cold.

Harry placed a hand over his heart in pain. "Oh, you wound me, dear Lady. We met just yesterday and I had hoped I would be a bit more memorable." He stepped up and took her hand again. "Allow me to introduce myself again. I am your most humble servant, Odysseus Harris."

Narcissa smiled. "Oh, I do seem to recall the name."

Harry beamed at her. "I am so glad. If I had known we would be running into each other again so soon, I would have ordered luncheon for two. Would you care to join me, or have you already eaten?"

"I'm afraid I will have to turn down your most gracious offer," she said with a hint of a smile. "You see I ate while I was doing my shopping."

"Shopping?" Harry said with a grin. "In Muggle London? Would your husband approve?"

"There are some elements of fashion," Narcissa said with a smile of her own, "that the Muggles actually do quite well."

Harry gazed down at her bag and the rather well known store name on it. "I see. But still, your husband?"

"He does not ask where I do my shopping. As for what I purchase, he also does not seem to have any complaints." Her smile took on a bit of a smirk as her eyes began to gleam once again.

Happy responded with a smirk of his own. "Only a fool would. Should you ever, in the future, need someone to assist you while... shopping," Harry almost laughed as she reacted to his obvious suggestion. "I would be most happy to carry your bags for you."

"I'm sure my husband would not approve of that," Narcissa said coldly, but the gleam had not yet left her eye.

"What your husband does or does not approve of is of no concern to me."

Narcissa raised one elegantly curved eyebrow at him and replied, "I will be bidding you good day, Mr. Harris."

"And a pleasant evening to you, my dear Narcissa."

After the door to the rear of the pub closed after her, Harry again took his seat, contemplating the possibilities and how far he could goad the Malfoys before they took some action. So involved was he in his thoughts that he didn't notice the barman approach.

"Pardon my sticking me nose in where it doesn't belong, sir, but I'd advise ye to step careful around that witch." Harry motioned the man to continue. "Her 'usband, 'e's a mean one 'e is. A lot of folks put 'im down in You Know Who's corner right square. Either way, he'd skin ye alive iffin 'e saw what you were trying 'ere today."

Harry gave the man a cold smile and answered, "I'm sure he'd try at least."

So, now Harry had a plan for the Malfoys and all he needed was one for Sirius. Since he couldn't come up with anything else, he decided that surveillance was his best option.

Finishing his lunch, Harry Apparated to Ottery St. Catchpole. He chose a spot well away from the Burrow, not wanting to trigger any wards. He then Disillusioned himself and made his way carefully through the woods. As he approached the property he began to search for wards and was not surprised when he found some. Bill had obviously been improving the security of his parent's home because there were several layered wards that Harry had read about in a tome on Egyptian tombs. Trying to dismantle one, without disabling the others simultaneously would trigger them all. It would require a team of Wizards working in close coordination to penetrate the protections around the Burrow. Or else one extraordinarily powerful Wizard who could just smash through them all. Harry wasn't about to try that, so he contented himself with circling around the property and watching for any movement.

Harry watched all that afternoon and saw nothing. It was like the Weasleys weren't even home. He considered walking up and ringing the doorbell to test his theory when he heard a loud crack that signaled someone Apparating in. He carefully checked that he was still disillusioned and crept forward. He was rewarded with the sight of Mrs. Weasley with an arm load of groceries. She made her slow way up to the house and let herself in. Pleased that he had at least not wasted his day entirely, Harry shrank back into the trees and continued watching. As evening began to draw in and Harry noticed the aromas of a typically delicious Molly Weasley dinner, he decided he had done enough watching for the day. He returned to his hotel and began to craft a letter to Narcissa Malfoy.

The next day was spent watching the Burrow again. Molly did her laundry and hung it out to dry in the back garden. Harry did see Ron for about an hour or so de-gnoming the garden before he returned inside. At lunchtime, Harry went to Diagon Alley for lunch and to post his letter. Opting not to return to the Burrow, Harry instead went into Muggle London to do some shopping and put his other plan into action.

That evening, just as the house elves were setting out the evening meal, an owl soared into the Malfoy Dinning Room and dropped a note onto Narcissa's lap. Draco eyed her suspiciously as she opened the note and read it.

My dear Narcissa;

I hope this note finds you well. By happy circumstance it seems that I will be in Muggle London tomorrow. If you were planning another shopping trip, I would be delighted to accompany you.

I will be having tea at the Berkshire Hotel if you would care to join me.

Your humble;

"Well, mother, what does it say?" Draco asked sharply.

"Don't be impertinent, Draco," his mother responded. "It is none of your business. Now, your father will be late... again, so why don't we eat and then you can get on with your summer assignments."

"But the summer has just begun," Draco whinged. "Why do I have to do them tonight?"

Narcissa cringed at the sound of his voice. Had Lucius sounded that petulant as a child? She certainly hoped not. "Because they must be done and best they be done quickly."

Draco ignored her and sat hunched in his chair slurping his soup. Narcissa cringed again. She neatly folded the note and set it aside before starting her own soup. Later, when Lucius came home, she would discuss the note with him. She smiled to herself as the next few days would prove to be very entertaining.


The Berkshire Hotel was situated in the heart of the most expensive shopping district in London. From Harry's seat on the Restaurant's terrace he could easily see the storefronts for Versace and Armani. It was in the latter store that Harry had spent the previous afternoon. He had selected a full outfit of the highest quality. Not dressy mind you, but the type of clothing that one would wear while spending a relaxing day in this part of the city. Uncle Vernon would have an aneurism if he had seen the casual way that Harry had laid out nearly 400 pounds of his hard-earned graft to purchase a single set of clothing. The cashmere jumper fit perfectly over his long-sleeved Egyptian cotton shirt. His linen slacks had the perfect break in their razor-sharp crease as they met the soft leather of his loafers. The silk boxers Harry would have to get used to. They seemed too slick compared to the simple cotton ones he always wore. Harry casually stirred his tea while waiting. He wondered if he would have to wait for long.

"Mr. Harris?" a deliberately cultured voice spoke quietly from behind him. Harry turned sharply, so concentrated on watching the people on the street that he missed the concierge approaching from behind him.

"Yes?" said Harry. "That is my name. How can I help you?"

The middle-aged but trim man smiled a slight and very professional smile as he replied, "Your companion for tea has called and said that she will be arriving shortly and asked that you forgive her delay."

Harry smiled and nodded as the man began to back away. "In that case, can you have a fresh pot of tea and some sandwiches ready for her arrival?" The man nodded again as he exited. Harry's smile shifted into a self-satisfied smirk as he notched up his awareness a couple of steps. It wouldn't due to be surprised by Lucius while he was waiting for Narcissa. It was his intention that the surprises all be on the other foot today.

About ten minutes later, Harry noticed the elegant woman strolling down the street. She was dressed in a silk suit that simply screamed money. Harry stood as she approached and pulled out a chair for her.

"I am delighted that you could be joining me today, Narcissa," Harry said, placing slightly more emphasis on the word 'joining' then an innocent party should have. He leaned in to kiss her cheek but Narcissa smoothly avoided it by sitting down without giving the appearance of having even noticed his attempt.

"Well, as it seems I was in the area anyway, I thought I would accept you kind invitation to tea."

At this point, a waiter arrived with a fresh pot of tea and a tray of finger sandwiches. Harry poured and Narcissa took her tea with three sugars and no milk. Harry sat and nonchalantly rubbed his hand over his heart. The talisman he wore there under his shirt gave off no heat, so Harry knew that Lucius was not yet in the vicinity.

"So, how did I come to be so fortunate?" Harry asked casually. "Another shopping trip?"

Narcissa took a sip of her tea and gently set it back onto it's saucer before answering. "No, I've completed by shopping for awhile."

"Then why are you here?"

"Why, I came to see you, of course," she answered with a trace of a smile.

Harry beamed back at her. "I am honored."

"So, Mr. Harris," Narcissa continued. "How long shall we sit here while you continue your amateurish attempts to seduce me before you invite me up to your room?"

"Amateurish?" Harry was openly stunned. He realized that he wasn't the smoothest of operators when it came to women, he hadn't exactly had a lot of experience, but he had thought that he was doing a fairly decent job of it. He couldn't stop the heat that he could feel in his face.

Narcissa simply laughed at his discomfort. "Perhaps amateurish was too harsh on my part. You have to understand, Mr. Harris, that being in my position, I have been approached by all types of men seeking my attentions, some subtle and some unbearably crude. It is obvious that you have not had a tremendous amount of experience at this sort of thing." Harry's face grew even hotter at the apparent transparency of his actions. Narcissa's smile slowly changed from slightly mocking to something almost nostalgic. "However, I did find the attention flattering and your youthful approach amusing."

Harry tried to maintain some level of decorum as he spoke. "I'm glad that you found some amusement in it, at least."

Narcissa suddenly turned serious. "You know, of course, that my husband could not possibly tolerate this sort of thing between us?"

"That is the reason I started it in the first place," Harry answered calmly.

"You wish to die, Mr. Harris?"


"But you know my husband will come to kill you?"

"I know that he will come to try."

Narcissa didn't answer and so Harry pressed on. "What are you doing here, Narcissa? Really?"

Narcissa looked the younger man in the eye as she answered. "I occasionally shop in the Muggle world and, although my husband would never spend his gold here, he also finds some forms of... recreation from Muggle girls."

Harry immediately understood this to mean that Narcissa was well aware that the Death Eaters would often kidnap Muggle women, and sometimes even schoolgirls, to ravage in their post-attack meetings. The rapes, and worse, helped to boost morale as well as relieve the stress of combat. Harry had raided several of these over the years, it was easier to destroy the enemy when they had their pants down, literally and figuratively, after they had completed an attack then waste a lot of effort trying to anticipate when and where the next attack would come. Only one of the girls he had seen survived and she later killed herself, even after the Ministry had wiped the incident from her memory.

"So you wish to get revenge?" Harry asked calmly, as if her willingness to trade his life for her own petty grudge didn't matter to him in the least. And it didn't, as long as it got him Lucius.

Narcissa frowned slightly at this. "I merely wish to show my husband that a door swings both ways." Harry inclined his head in acceptance. "Now shall we eat first or simply go inside?"

Harry dropped a fifty pound note on the table and assisted Narcissa from her seat. As they passed through the lobby Harry caught the concierge's eye and asked that a bottle of champagne be delivered to his suite. The man smiled his efficient smile and suggested a bowl of strawberries as well. Harry agreed and caught up to Narcissa at the lifts.

Harry fought to contain his nerves as he closed the door to the suite he had gotten for the day. Narcissa smiled at him over her shoulder as she strolled through the sitting room and into the bedroom beyond. Harry wiped the palms of hands on his slacks to dry the sweat from them. He had planned on doing this for days now, so why was he so nervous? It wasn't because he knew that at any moment he would be confronting a man who would try to kill him. He had done that often enough that either outcome no longer disturbed him. Could it possibly be that it was because a beautiful woman - and regardless of the fact that Narcissa was old enough to be his mother, or at least nearly given that he had backed up five years in time, and she was Draco's mother, she was beautiful - was at this moment sitting in his bedroom waiting for him to make love to her? Was that anything to be frightened over? Harry wiped his palms again when his thoughts were disturbed by a discreet knock on the door.

A waiter wheeled in a small cart holding a bottle of iced champagne, two glasses, and a small bowl of perfectly ripened strawberries. Harry gave the grinning man an extraordinarily large tip and locked the door behind him.

As he turned to push the cart into the bedroom he saw Narcissa standing in the doorway. One arm was resting on the jamb above her head and her hips were cocked to the side. Gone was the elegant suit she had been wearing. She stood there in only a sheer white silk blouse with all the buttons undone. Through the gap in the fabric Harry could see the light pink color of her lingerie and his mouth went dry.

"Champagne? Excellent, I am a tad thirsty. Why don't you bring it in with you?" She turned and went back into the bedroom as Harry stared at the swaying of her hips.

She turned to meet him as he entered, the bottle in one hand and the glasses in the other. She entered the circle of his arms smoothly as he wrapped them around her. She rose onto her toes and gave him a soft kiss that made his vision swim. Harry put the things down on a nightstand and slid his hands down her blouse and then under it.

His hands thrilled as the smooth texture of her skin, it's subtle warmth. He slowly raised them up her sides and was rewarded by a small shiver from her. He pushed her blouse off her shoulders and she shrugged, allowing it to fall to the floor. Harry gazed down at the lacy garments she wore. They teased him far more than they covered her. Yes indeed, Harry thought, Muggles can certainly do some things quite nicely. Narcissa guided him back until they were standing beside the bed, its duvet already pulled down. She glided under it and pulled Harry down alongside her.

With sure movements she pulled off his jumper and undid the buttons of his shirt. She leaned forward and kissed the skin of his chest. Harry kicked off his shoes and quickly shed his trousers to join her in bed. Narcissa reached out and touched the small crystal amulet he wore on a chain around his neck.

"What's this?" she asked in a husky voice.

Her contact with the talisman quickly brought his mind back to the reason he was there, and that wasn't Narcissa. He coolly wrapped his hand around the crystal, forcing her to release it. She sank down onto the pillows with a sigh.

"Merely a token, a good luck piece made for me several years ago."

Narcissa smiled up at him, her shimmering silver hair forming a halo around her head. "And do you think you're going to be lucky today?"

"Luck comes in many forms," he answered then lowered himself down to kiss her. She quickly deepened the kiss and Harry could feel her heart racing in her breast. Was she aroused by him, he wondered, or was it the idea that Lucius would soon be here to kill him? The charm was still cool so Harry knew he still had some time.

"Tell me, Narcissa," he asked when they finally broke apart, "the tracking charm he uses, I assume it is on your ring?"

Narcissa pouted for a moment but answered, "Yes, it is."

"And is there a trigger phrase to tell Lucius..." Harry explicitly avoided referring to him as her husband. "...when it is safe to appear?" She nodded reluctantly. "What is it?"

"B - E - T - R - A - Y - A - L"

"How appropriate," Harry said as he reached for her left hand. Careful not to hurt her, he slipped the ring off her finger. He looked at the large emerald before setting it on the nightstand, impressed in spite of himself at the sheer size and implied value of the stone. He inverted one of the champagne glasses on top of it and cast a quick but effective silencing charm on it before turning back to Narcissa.

"Now with that temporarily out of the way, shall we continue?" Narcissa smiled widely as she undid the front closure of her bra and let it pop free.

Harry was stunned by the sight of her breasts. They were full and firm, without the slightest hint of gravity daring to have any impact on them at all. The nipples were taut with excitement and Harry greedily took one into his mouth. Narcissa sighed in contentment. Things were finally going the way she had expected.

Two hours later, the English sun was beginning to dip towards the horizon. The two lovers lay entwined in a nest of bedclothes, Narcissa's head resting on Harry's shoulder as her fingers traced one of the many scars that marked his body. She wondered idly what sort of battles this young man, barely older than her own son, had seen. Had he triumphed in all of them? Or had he tasted the bitter dregs of defeat? She thought for the first time since he had pushed her down on to the bed about her husband and his plans. Would he succeed as easily as he thought he would? Did she want him to? Narcissa frowned for a moment. Where did that question come from? She had been married to Lucius since she was eighteen and was absolutely loyal to him and his ambitions. It was true that Lucius had not been as completely loyal to her but then that was common in their pure-blooded circles, expected even. She loved her marriage, or at least the wealth and power that it brought with it. She didn't want to give any of that up, but still...

Harry stirred from his doze and looked at her with a feeling that Narcissa couldn't define. It certainly wasn't conquest as she had expected.

"I hope your rest was pleasant," he said with a smile.

"Indeed, quite," she replied with a warmth that surprised her.

Harry sighed deeply and rose to a sitting position. "Well, I suppose it's time to get on with the rest of the evenings festivities." He looked at her almost reluctantly. "Just give me a moment to freshen up and then we can get on with things."

He stood and walked into the ensuite. Narcissa sat at the edge of the bed and watched. He had left the door ajar and she heard the water beginning to run in the shower. She also noticed that his wand was sitting atop the dresser across from her, next to that odd Muggle box with the glass front. She reached down and picked up her blouse from the floor and began to put it on.

From the bath, Harry watched in the mirror until Narcissa turned her back to him. Clutching his talisman, he cast a wandless Summoning Charm and called his wand to him. He quickly disillusioned himself and cast a silencing charm on his feet.

On cat's feet, Harry eased around the door back into the bedroom as Narcissa sat down on the bed. She toyed with a button on her blouse as she looked at her wedding ring, still trapped under the glass on the nightstand. Almost reluctantly, she reached out and lifted the glass away from her ring. Hesitating, she picked it up and returned it to her finger. Straightening the blouse and fastening two of the buttons to close it over her breasts she took a deep breathe before opening her mouth to speak.

Her words were stripped from her mouth as three sharp cracks signaled the apparition of Lucius and two companions into the room. Harry's amulet blazed with heat and he clutched his wand tightly as he recognized Crabbe and Nott seniors. They were wearing the black robes of the Death Eaters but their faces were unmasked. Harry flinched as Lucius waved his wand casting a silencing ward across the door to the bath. The sound of the running shower immediately died and no sound from the room would penetrate into the bath either.

"What have you done?" Lucius snarled at the now cowering form of Narcissa. He looked around at the state of the bed, and his wife, reaching the obvious conclusions. "You have disgraced us both!"

"Lucius, please!" she begged. Either she was a very good actress, Harry thought, or this wasn't going at all the way she had been told.

"So, you've finally come round to putting your ring back on, have you? Your wedding ring?" The fury rolled off Lucius like a physical thing. "How dare you disgrace me this way!"

"But Lucius, he... he cursed me. He used the Imperious. I couldn't help myself."

Crabbe and Nott sniggered behind him which enraged Lucius even further.

"You expect me to believe that? Do I look like a fool to you? DO I!"

"Please, Lucius," Narcissa begged again. She leaned forward, to begin to crawl towards him on the bed. The movement, since only two buttons on her blouse had been done, exposed the tight triangle of blonde hair at the top of her legs and Harry noticed the other two men gawking at it. Narcissa didn't seem to see it but Lucius certainly did.

"How dare you!" he screamed again. He raised his wand as Narcissa shrank back in terror. "Avada..."

Before he could finish his curse, Harry banished him as hard as he could into the wall. While Lucius was dazed, he cast an Impediment jinx on the other two Death Eaters. Lucius struggled to gather his wits enough to turn around while Harry cancelled the Disillusionment charm on himself. As Lucius's eyes grew round as saucers Harry summoned him just as hard as he banished him a moment ago, then stepping out of the way, Harry threw Lucius Malfoy through the sliding glass door to the balcony and over the edge. There was a terrified, high-pitched scream as he fell to the pavement twelve stories below.

"And what have we here?" Harry asked in a cold voice as the remaining two attackers struggled to get to their wands. Their movements were slow, as if the air itself was as thick as treacle. "Accio Money Bags." Two heavy purses flew from their waists to Harry's hand. "It seems that Lucius is paying way too much for his hired help these days," he commented. With a lazy flick of his wand the two followed Lucius out the window and down. "Loyal to the end at least."

Stepping carefully through the shattered glass door, Harry leaned out and surveyed the crowd gathering around the bodies far below him. There were also many people standing out on their balconies, as he was, watching. Harry looked around until he spotted what appeared to be an unoccupied room. He cast a spell to silently shatter the balcony door to the room then stepped back inside and reparo'ed his own door. Taking a sheet of hotel stationary from the small writing desk, Harry enchanted a pen to write a short note:

Together we leap into the next great adventure, confident that we will be together always. United as one for eternity.

He left the note unsigned and once again opened the door to the balcony. With a puff of breathe, the note sailed out of the door, down and over, and into the room whose door Harry had recently shattered.

Satisfied with his efforts, Harry turned his attention to Narcissa. She was curled up at the head of the bed as if still expecting the fatal curse to strike. Harry sat next to her and reached an arm around her shoulders. She shrank back at first, afraid that he would hurt her.

"Not to worry, Narcissa dear," he cooed gently to her. "They're gone now. They won't hurt you, I promise."

"He was going to kill me," she sobbed into his neck.

'I reckon he didn't cotton to the idea of being a cuckold, no matter what face Narcissa might put on it,' Harry thought silently to himself. He smirked into the room as the realization sank in that Lucius Malfoy had met his well-deserved end screaming like a little girl.

Narcissa snuggled down into his embrace like a small child, quaking in fear and the rush of adrenaline that flooded her body. Harry had seen this response often after a battle. In fact, he had had it himself on several occasions. He had never noticed the rush of emotions as he fought but afterwards when things were over, they would strike. It was like shock, it struck a person after the event and there was little you could do but ride it out. Harry wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly. He rocked her gently as she wept, her tears wetting the nape of his neck where her face was pressed.

It was several minutes before the tears stopped. Harry moved to release her but she just clung all the more tightly to him. Her face was still pressed to his neck and Harry felt her lips brush him in a way that he thought must have been accidental. His view changed a moment later when Narcissa went from kissing to nibbling at his shoulder and he reacted as any man might.
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