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A Whole New World

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A Valentine's Day oneshot for my friend Tinsley. Hopefully a little LESS cliche? and a little more adorable? R&R please.

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"Happy Anniversary to me,
Happy Anniversary to me,
Happy Anniversary dear Madeline,
Happy Anniversary to me."

Madeline Alyssa Smith, better known as Maddy, sat on her windowsill in her one bedroom apartment, staring out the window. The rain outside was fierce, hitting her window and making an audible crash against the panes.

You might ask why she was all alone on her anniversary night. Let alone, her one year anniversary. It was because the boy who had been near every one first of hers, was also becoming a new first. Patrick Martin Stump was becoming her first stood up date. You see, she was brought up a very naive girl; you know, over-protective parents and the like. They never cared about her as much as they loved her brother. He was like their star child. She was just "Oh, the other one".

When Patrick walked into her life, almost nothing significant had ever happened to her. Sure she had been out drinking with family before, but she had never gone to an unsupervised party, never dated or kissed, never done drugs. She was basically the unappreciated poster-child for perfect parenting. Not to mention she was miserable.

~Her First Flirt~

Sitting at the Irish pub her whole avaliable family went to every St. Patrick's Day, Maddy was swiveling on a stool sipping on a mojito and watching her father and uncles play pool and talk about Dane Cook. She was used to being alone; she had made very good friends with the bartenders. This one guy who waited on her had one antennae boppers in the shape of shamrocks in the spirit of the holiday, and he was just walking over to her with a glass.

"Hey, Mad," he said jovially, using the nickname her dad's side of the family used,"This is a Screw-Thunder, it's good, you'll like it. It's from that very delicious Irish boy over there."

She blushed, wondering who in the world would buy her a drink. She looked over to the boy that James the gay bartender had pointed out, seeing only the brim of his hat covering all his features. He looked up, and she saw an amazing pair of gray green eyes and red-blonde sideburns. This boy was definitely Irish. He smiled her way, and they exchanged "the Nod". That was the beginning of a new chapter in her life.

She smiled through her imminent tears, remembering how sweet he had been. Every smirk was like a little inside joke; like something the two of them could have that no one else needed to know. It almost left her wondering where in the world he was. He said he'd be there at seven, and it was on the dot of eight.

~Her First Love~

She sat in the car, dragging on her last cigarette, after having promised she would stop. She did, but she was enjoying the feeling of the last time she'd get to feel the buzz. The car stalled and she scolded herself for not learning how to drive standard ahead of time.

"Fuck," she said quietly, turning the keys in ignition once more, hearing random horns beeping like crazy and wishing she had just stayed in their small town instead of moving to the city. She reached her apartment with much difficulty and another pair of heels down the drain.

She was having an absolutely horrible day, and nothing was making it better. Nothing, that is, until she saw the spitting image of how she and her boyfriend of four months, Patrick Martin Stump, had met each other.

He sat on the stool by the counter in their kitchen, holding two drinks with his hat brim down.

Putting her hands up to her mouth in surprise, she dropped her purse and hobbled over to where he sat. He stood up and enclosed her in a sweet hug, letting all of her problems from the day melt into him. He looked down on her face and kissed her forehead.

"Maddy," he said, looking straight into her eyes, "Mad, I've been waiting a little while to say this, but..."he took a deep breath, "I love you. You're the first girl I've ever said that to and meant it. Madeline Alyssa Smith, my heart beats for you."

"Remember, it takes a special sort of person to make you smile with tears in your eyes," Maddy whispered to herself as she curled up further, trying to sustain the warmth for another hour. She pulled her overlapping sweater farther over her chest and attempted to make out anything going on outside the window.

~Her First Sex~

"Do you love me? I mean, really love me, Patrick?" she asked quietly before he kissed her passionately on the lips. he pulled away and looked at her.

"Maddy, I would go to the end of the earth for you if you wanted me to. I love you," he said gingerly as she smiled.

She looked straight up at his hat-covered face, smiling in the sweet, innocent, but beautiful way that he had so gotten used to, and as he held her closer, she whispered, "I'm ready."

They only looked at each other again, prolonging the naivety in their relationship for as long as they could. As soon as they looked away, their lips were attacking each others, begging for the taste of their lover. What began in the kitchen slowly made it's way to the bedroom they shared, and what had started as mere kisses turned out to be a night full of pain, pleasure and screaming each others names.

Holding Maddy close to his bare and sweaty chest, he thought, "I am the luckiest guy in the whole damn world," and kissed her cheek. She only stirred to hold him closer and settled once again into a sweet sleep.

"I love you, Maddy," he whispered looking out the window at the golden stars looking over the horizon.

As she finished recalling the last memory, she heard a harder pang on the window than any of the raindrops had caused before. She reached for her glasses, discarded earlier to prevent from fogging, and places them on the bridge of her nose. Adjusting them she saw an oddly familiar, tall silhouette in the darkness. She smiled curiously, opening the window and immediately getting her auburn hair soaking wet.

"Who are you? and what in the world are you doing down there?" she asked, holding the handles to the bay window so as not to slip. Moments later, she recognized the hat as belonging to the love of her life.

"I remembered that you had never snuck out of your house before; I wanted to be your first!" he yelled from down two levels. He held out his arms as she climbed out of her window, clutching the side of the building for dear life. She climbed down the side slowly, the rain hitting her back in a rhythmic fashion. She reached the ground and ran to Patrick, holding him tighter than ever before.

"Maddy, I have another first I have to ask of you...But this might be a one-time thing." he said looking down at her.

"Patrick, you can ask me anything!" she said jubilantly. He pulled away from her, the rain drenching both of them, but neither one cared.

He knelt down and said to her, "Will you let me be your first...and hopefully only...husband?" he paused to open up a box holding a simple thick string of tough green rope formed into a ring.

She paused, the joy and shock filling her, as she nodded attempting to gain her composure. He stood up and grinned as big as he could, hugging her tightly. He slipped the piece of rope around her finger and kissed her hand. "Maddy, I'm sorry I couldn't buy you a big important ring with diamonds and everything, but I promise when the band makes it, I'll buy you the whole Goddamn world. And that's a promise."
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