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Kei - Heaven

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September 10: When I see your heavens

Category: Juuni Kokki - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Characters: Youko, Other - Published: 2005-09-08 - Updated: 2005-09-08 - 337 words

There are different types of heavens according to Otsu the elder also known as Roushou. There are the types of heavens that reside in Tentei the will of heaven or even the heaven that couples in love see together.

Youko the Empress of Kei never could understand what Otsu was talking about until one day while taking a break she look out from her window to observe the oriental garden displayed inside Kinpa palace.

Youko have never felt the love between those of couples for she had always though her duty first was to the citizen of her country. Not to mention that even though marriage was not outlaw for those of royalty she never felt the need to obtain a significant mate.

However, that is jotting off the point of what she saw in her palace garden. Her friend Shoukei the former princess of Hou was standing at the bridge over looking the pond with her the Middle General of Kei named Seishin Kantai was with her.

Normally Youko knew the two had feelings for one another. After all, they had been friends long before she had met either one of them. Kantai had always had eyes for Shoukei from what Youko could now see. It should have been obvious by how both of them enacted together but from the experiences Shoukei had told Youko.

The Empress of Kei knew that her friend would not be ready just yet to accept love freely. Keiki had once told her that Kantai had journey over to stop Shoukei from turning herself in for punishment for her crimes of thievery.

It was understandable that Shoukei wanted to make amends for her crimes and childish antics. It was clear that the former Princess of Hou was growing up slowly and learning things about the ways of the world.

Now as months had passed since that incident Youko could tell that the growing heaven between these two were widening and slowly she began to understand what Otsu meant about different heavens.
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