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When words were never written [one shot]

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Patrick never met Joe, Pete never dropped out of college, and Andy never stopped playing in metal bands.

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Patrick never met Joe, Pete never dropped out of college, and Andy never stopped playing in metal bands.



never started Fall Out Boy. He left behind the basement shows for a suit and tie. Fame didn't change it's coarse but it came for all new reasons.

He was going to do things for Illinois, and then, the United States. He had a plan to become president, and everything seemed to be settling in nicely.

Pete had a brief case, and at 27 years old, was the first person to ever make senator of Illinois. He did well.

Yet, everynight he would go to bed lying beside his /wife/, thinking that this wasn't what he should be doing...

He felt words should be let out, but not in this way at least. He needed to get across to the younger generation, but not like this.

He couldn't place what it was he was feeling...



never sang in pulic and never met Joe. He still had a major shy complex and wouldn't go up and do anything musically related in front of people. He still lost Anna, but to another reason having nothing to do with music.

His main talent was acting. Since there was nothing else to weight him down, he went out and started acting more and more. He didn't care when Anna left because he was a star and didn't really care what she thought anymore.

All those one night stands left him to think if this is where he was supposed to be right now...and when he would think about it, he'd slip back into the old Patrick for a few seconds. Then he'd snap back to reality.

But he still felt that empty hole inside and thought that maybe, just maybe, he should get married.

No, that wasn't it. Then what was it? Are there other people feeling this way too?

He chuckled at himself and went back to bed with...whats-her-name.



never lost the metalxcore scene. He became one of the best metal drummers known to man, and his band racetraitor became one of the biggest unknown bands in america.

He still hated white people, he still hated authority and he still knew the world was going to end. He was the only one who actually knew he shouldn't have been in racetraitor when he walked past a gigantic sign with Pete's face on it.

'Fuck.' was all that popped into his mind. He knew that somehow this guy and him and some others had a "supposed-to-be" destiny together, but now it is no more.

Andy was still a vegan, and honestly never lost Ryanne either; his life was great, but it bothered him knowing he should be somewhere else.

He felt a yern to make pop/punk music, but kept it to himself most of the time.


and Joe

never lost his love for Star Wars. He never lost his old friends, and he never stopped playing guitar. He met Andy Hurley one night at a vegetarian joint and they decided that they should make a band.

He knew that Andy and him would make the coolest shit band ever.

Then he passed the sign of Pete with the big "VOTE PETER LEWIS KINGSTON WENTZ III FOR SENATOR!" and laughed at his riddiculous name.

He felt his stomach drop a little, and realised that he shouldn't be laughing.

"Hey Hurley. Wasn't this dude in a band before?" Andy made a thinking face, then shrugged, "I have no idea Troh. Now, shit, let's go! We're late."


They all met that night.
But they didn't know.

Joe and Andy were onstage playing with the "coolest shit band" they had put together.

Patrick was walking by and decided to stop because, "It looks cool."

And Pete was getting his brother because "It's not a place he should be in. Not with all of those indecent people there."

They all felt it, a connection of sorts, but ignored it.

Pete dragged his brother home.
Patrick left because of the disgusting people jumping around on stage.

Joe and Andy? They just continued to play as the night rolled on, but were curious to what it was that they had felt when those two were there.

They had no idea who they were, but they were indeed there.

Patrick never made it too long in the movie business, Pete never made it past elections(THEY RIGGED THEM!!), but Andy and Joe were probably two of the happiest guys alive because they were in "the coolest shit band ever".

But they all knew this still wasn't it...

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