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Kei - Confucius Column

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September 12: Dear Confucius

Category: Juuni Kokki - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor - Characters: Keiki - Published: 2005-09-08 - Updated: 2005-09-08 - 246 words


The Kirin of Kei had never faced such harassment as he did today. He had always been treated with respect and dignity by those around him especially since it was normal tradition.

But that was blown away when one day when his master sat in her study watching him pace back and forth reciting cans and cannot do's.

"Keiki you should start a Dear Confucius column." Then burst into laughter while mumbling Hourai-ese with glee.

When Keiki had gone to En-ou to ask him what or who Confucius was in hopes of figuring out what his mistress was muttering about. The only one to shed some light into his life was Enki and the reason as to why the boy knew anything was because Taiki had told him many great things in Hourai when he was returned after such a long period of time.

"Confucius is a philosopher back in some place called China in that world. He has also been known to not have any free will and consider people to be set by certain laws of do's and don't do's." Amusement lurked behind the Kirin of En's dark blue orbs, "So in other words I think Kei-ou is suggesting for you to lighten up or write a column to tell other people what to do."

Only thing that could be said is that the Kirin of Kei had a bristled tail for a week from the indignity he faced from such a suggestion.
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