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One Piece: A Winter Special

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It's snowing on board the StrawHat's ship, and Chopper reminisces. [Very slight Robin/Chopper. It's cute, admit it. :P]

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[Again, the genre ssection clearly is rubbish. This could be considered romance, though I'd rather it wasn't.]


Snow fell lightly onto the Thousand Sunny as it sailed in the blue waters. The graceful landing of said precipitation had seemed to find a nesting spot atop of the galley; on the crow's nest; the fore deck and the aft; the figure head; and Luffy's hat.

It piled high, high enough for Usopp to - yet again - show off his "gift with snow", as he liked to shout early in the morning, before carving yet another magnificent pose of his beloved Kaya out of the cold, yet beautiful substance.

Chopper sat on a dark, wooden chair watching the snow fall, occasionally landing on his blue nose. He would follow a single piece until it landing, then crane his neck up again and watch that piece. While everyone was going about their business: be it cooking, training, repairing, navigating or general miscellaneous activities, Nico Robin sat in the galley, gazing out of the window, also watching the snow dance in the air, as if being twirled by an invisible partner. Her breath was condensing on the window before she had realised how close she was, and how long she had actually been watching the little, blue-nosed reindeer.

She got up, taking her flask of freshly-made coffee with her and pulled up a chair beside Chopper.

"I used to do this back home, when Doctorine was treating someone down in the village." Chopper wiped the remaining droplets of snow from his nose as he turned to tell Robin his story.

Since they had rescued Robin, and recruited a new crew member - as well as an old one - life on the Straw Hat's ship was smooth sailing. It was as if nothing had occurred en route.
Luffy and Usopp would frolic in the snow of the Grand Line temperament. Nami would bash them over the head when she had had enough. Sanji would give Zoro a swift kick to the head when he wasn't pulling his weight, and Robin would read, sit and drink coffee wherever she saw need be.

"I tried to count them once." Robin said, after sipping her coffee. Chopper looked questioningly at her. "It was impossible. But it kept me occupied."

They both turned, narrowly missing a stray snowball coming from Usopp's direction. It smashed against the galley door, which led to that being slammed open and a long string of profanities coming from the cook's mouth.

Robin chuckled, and took another sip of coffee. Chopper watched as the coffee slipped past her rounded lips into the mouth, down her slender throat.

Chopper blushed and looked into the sky again, trying to take his mind off of things. Robin smiled and stuck out her tongue. Chopper saw this and gasped.

"Quite nice." She said, retracting her tongue and smiling again.

Chopper stuck out his tongue, and soon they were leaning back on their chairs, seeing who could catch the most snowflakes on their tongue.


"Sanji-kun, come and look at this."

"Haii~~, Nami-san!"

Sanji and Nami stood, noses pressed against the window, watching Robin and Chopper, catching snowflakes on their tongues. Nami laughed as Chopper fell backwards off his chair, but was put upright by another of Robin's appearing arms.

Sanji looked at Nami, and fluttered his eyelashes. "Will you join me out in the snow, Nami-san?"

He held out his arm and Nami hooked hers around it. They casually walked past Chopper, and Nami patted him on the head, glancing ever so slightly at Robin, who had forgotten her coffee and was grinning as her out-stretched tongue dripped with melted snow.
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