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Leading The Way

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Zoro is lost.. again. And needs a helping hand to find his way back to the ship. [ZoRobin]

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Zoro turned down another empty street. He had been searching for a way out of this town for too long. His bare arms were red raw and he was starting to lose feeling in his toes and fingers.

Snow crunched under his sodden boots, and he groaned as more snowflakes started to fall gracefully from the sky. He wasn't even certain there were on a winter island, but he thought it best not to argue with the temperaments of the Grand Line. His goal was to find Going Merry, or another member of his crew.

He turned round another corner. Any footprints that had been there previously were now filled in with the new falling snow. He sighed. The snow was now viciously thrashing his ears and nose, which were glowing red.

Zoro was getting frustrated. His once green hair was glinting white under each street light. He glanced back, his footprints were filled in already.


Any chance of finding his way back to Going Merry was futile. He faced the nearest door, preparing what he would say to the disgruntled owner. He didn't know the exact time, but the lack of lighting proved it was quite late.

He blinked. An arm had appeared in the doorway. It was pointing in the direction he had just come. Zoro, needing any way out of this labyrinth, followed the directional arm, finding more along the way.

After a series of "helping hands", he had found his way to the harbour. He was met by a shivering Usopp, and hungry Luffy, and very disgruntled Nami, and a smug looking Sanji.

"Get lost, marimo?" Sanji was enjoying this.

He grunted and climbed aboard Merry, followed by the rest. He looked towards the deck. More snow. Zoro turned around and stepped inside the galley. Robin was sat at the table. She looked up at him and smiled.

"Thanks." Zoro gave her a gratuitous smile and reached over to the rum.

"Don't even think about it, fucking marimo." He had been back five minutes and already he had been kicked in the head. Robin chuckled and closed her book, unable to read during the fight that was carried out in the kitchen.


Zoro was sat up in the crow's nest under a blanket. His head was still sore where the shitty cook had kicked him before. He jumped slightly as something tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and saw a bare arm protruding from the woodwork, soon followed by an arm carrying a thermos. He looked down over the edge and saw Robin grinning up at him. He smiled back and went back to his watch, unscrewing the flask and taking a gulp. He savoured the taste of the coffee as it warmed his throat.
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