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Flowers in the Grass

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Robin has a michevious streak which leads to a not-very-happy Zoro. [ZoRobin]

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Trees full of pink blossom lead the way down a dusty path. The sun was rising slowly from the horizon and the Going Merry bobbed slightly in the morning light.

No one stirred on board; everyone was still in dream land. All, except one. Nico Robin was always up early; she would slowly creep out of her room and enter the galley silently - making her cup of morning coffee she would hum an unknown tune as her nakama slept peacefully. Today, however, Robin thought it would be nice to go for a walk. It was a small island they had docked on, and none of the villagers seemed to mind a strange ship in their harbour. They got on with their business.

Nami had warned Luffy not to cause any trouble. There were wanted by too many people already. Robin climbed elegantly down the rope ladder and caught the book that was thrown overboard by one of her mysterious hands.

She soon spotted the quiet little trail, surrounded by blossoms. This was a spring island. Warm days and warm nights, perfect for relaxing. Not having to worry about the strain of travelling or the fear they were going to be ambushed by Marines.

Robin followed the track and it was not long until she came to a clearing. A lush meadow filled with little flowers ready to bloom. There were a few early morning birds by the water's edge, who were bathing in the warmth. Robin knelt down and picked a red flower. She had never seen a flower this vibrant; slotting it into the pages of her book she sat down to read.

A little while later, Robin was disturbed by some faint noises that had sounded like heavy breathing. She sat up and looked around. Far to her right, there was a dark figure lying on the ground. If not for their chest rising and falling, they would have looked lifeless. Upon closer inspection, Robin noticed three very familiar katanas propped up against said figure. A mischievous grin spread across her face.

Robin closed her eyes and imagined three or four arms sprouting next to the head of the figure. They picked some nearby flowers and weaved them into the green mesh of hair. Feeling quite accomplished, Robin rose up and headed back to the Going Merry - in time for breakfast.

When she returned, only Sanji was awake; though faint muffles were coming from the crow's nest above her head.

"Good morning, Robin-chan~" Sanji swooned. "Would you like some coffee?"

"Yes please, Cook-san. Did you know there was a meadow further in-land? We should eat lunch there."

"That's a splendid idea; I'll set about making some bento." And Sanji headed back towards the kitchen. Robin took up her place on deck and sipped her coffee that Sanji had brought her a moment ago. She looked down the dusty path and heard the sound of sleepy footsteps coming closer. Sure enough, the footsteps were followed by a very disgruntled looking Zoro. Robin bowed her head towards her book and took no notice as Zoro jumped over the edge.

"Mornin'." A voice came from behind her. He pulled up a chair next to the table. A slight breeze rustled Zoro's short hair. Robin saw each flower had been removed from said mane. She smiled and returned the greeting. They both looked towards the mast as Usopp lost his footing on the bottom rung and hit the deck with a thud.

The galley door opened and Sanji emerged with a plate in one hand and a flask in the other. "I thought you might want some more coffee, Robin-chan. And I brought you-.." Sanji paused and stared at Zoro with a disgusted frown. "Where'd you come from?"

Zoro grunted and leaned back in his seat. "Oi, Marimo. You can help me with lunch. Robin said she found a meadow where we can picnic." Zoro sat up, looking at Robin contemplatively. "Did you hear me, seaweed for brains?"

"Yes. Yes, whatever." And Sanji soon disappeared. Zoro turned back to Robin, "Whereabouts was this meadow?" He shook his head as a single red petal fell to the deck.

Robin smiled and closed her book. It wasn't all that interesting anyway.
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